V-Fit Cross Trainer Review

Everyone wants to have a perfect body shape as well as improved cardiovascular fitness. A V-Fit Cross Trainer can be the best equipment for enhancing the general upper and lower body conditioning. 

V-fit MCCT1 Magnetic Cycle and Elliptical Trainer is among the top V-Fit cross trainers that can provide the desired results. From the advanced cockpit to oversized footplates, this equipment has numerous beneficial features.

Keep reading this V-Fit cross trainer review to know how this cross trainer is better than others.

How We Made this Review?

Doing a product review is a challenging task, and it is essential to serve the reader with every minute detail. Realizing this thing, we did our review only after talking with several experts and gathering information from the users of this product. 

Experts explained to us every facet of this cross trainer and how it has acquired a top position in this segment. Also, users shared their experiences and pros and cons related to it. 

That’s how we made our V-Fit cross trainer review for this specific model.

Things to Consider Before Buying

It is very crucial to look at certain aspects before buying a product. Ignorance of this thing can ultimately affect you and leads to the wastage of money. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing a V-Fit cross trainer:


Cost is among the topmost aspects to consider before buying this exercising equipment. The reason is that most of the cross trainers are expensive, and it gets difficult to pick the best one at cheaper rates. However, with a little bit of research, it is possible to find a perfect cross-trainer at a reasonable price. 

This research work will also help you to find two products with similar features but at different prices. It will save you money and improves health without putting a burden on the pockets.


The specifications of any equipment are directly related to its performance. Improved and modern features can enhance the users’ experience of using the product. This similar thing also applies to the V-Fit cross-trainers. 

Lack of proper features can exert undue stress on the arms and body. This can become a reason for immense pain and also not provides the desired shape to the body. Therefore, it is important to look at the equipment’s features before making the final selection.


Usability is another important factor to analyze before purchasing a cross-trainer. It means the degree to which certain equipment is fit for usage. If a cross trainer is not adequate and doesn’t match the requirements of the user, then it is of no use and will provide the opposite results. This can even degrade your cardiovascular health. 

It is essential to ensure that specific equipment must have a compact design, quiet operations, and proper build quality. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is capable of delivering great outcomes and fulfils all the expectations of the user.

Features and Benefits


The V-Fit MCCT1 combination magnetic 2-in-1 cycle-elliptical trainer has a compact and space-saving design suitable even for homes. It is a dual-action machine having the combination of a cross trainer and an exercise cycle. It has a magnetic resistance system that ensures a smoother and quiet ride to match your fitness level.

The presence of oversized non-slip footplates or pedals, which are further adjustable and comes with a large padded seat making it suitable for different users. When it stands, you can use it as a cross-trainer, and when you sit them, it acts as an exercise bike.

Further, it has a seven function LCD exercise monitor from which you can get to know about your calories burn, pulse readings, and odometer. Moreover, it has a solid structure that allows the user of up to 110 kg or 242 lbs. of weight.

LCD Exercise Monitor

The product has an LCD exercise monitor. This monitor has seven functions and offers you the ease of exercising. It can display odometer, distance, speed & time functions, temperature, heart rate, calories burned, body fat & hand pulse readings. 

It enables you to track your daily progress and to work on it accordingly. It helps to attain the required level of fitness.

Advanced Motions

This V-fit cross-trainer is a fully-functional elliptical trainer that can work in both forward and reverse directions. This makes it great for enhancing cardiovascular fitness and body functioning. This system allows you to work on your fitness levels and can strengthen your balancing potential. 

This exercise cycle is excellent for burning calories. These advanced motions put lesser stress on your hips, ankles, and knees. This machine primarily focuses on your lower body parts.

Additional Features

Apart from the above specifications, this v-fit cross trainer offers several other facilities to the user. It has a strong tubular frame made up of steel with a finish of chip-resistant to provide the desired results for years. 

You can modify the PU height and saddle according to your comfort levels. This versatile machine has an eight-level adjustment so that you can move from one simple level to another challenging stage.


  • 7 Functions LCD exercise monitor 
  • Eight levels of adjustable magnetic resistance 
  • Quiet and smoothest operations 
  • Non-slip and oversized plates for maximum security 
  • Robust steel frame for durability 
  • Foam grips for a comfortable workout


  • The performance of the flywheel pulley is not efficient.

Available Alternatives for JLL CT300 Cross Trainer

XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

  • Advanced LCD for precise monitoring.
  •  Adjustable deep padded seat for extreme comfort and support. 
  • Solid steel frame body and chip-resistant paint. 
  • Bi-directional movement for hamstrings and quads. 
  • Fully-drove adjustable resistance and chain-driven flywheel. 

XS Sports CT700 Magnetic Deluxe Elliptical Cross Trainer 

  • Adjustable 8-levels of 5.5kg magnetic flywheel. 
  • Maximum user weight of up to 110kg 
  • Assembly instructions and tools are included in the box. 
  • Front wheels for easy transport around your home.
  • Perfect combo of an elliptical trainer for all levels. 

Dripex Cross Trainer Machine  

  • Advanced design with larger anti-slip pedals 
  • The sweat-resistant surface of handlebars. 
  • Advanced LCD digital monitor for continuous health statistics. 
  • Smooth and quiet elliptical motion for a comfortable workout. 
  • 16-levels adjustable magnetic resistance

Final Verdict

Here comes the end of the V-Fit cross trainer review. We have picked a cross trainer for our review that we find good enough to satisfy the needs of an individual. It includes several modern and advanced features capable of providing desirable outcomes. 

However, the issue remains with its flywheels. It creates a few problems during heavy workouts. Therefore, you can go for any of the above three alternatives as all possess quality features. The only thing is their costs that can be different from one another.

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