JLL IC400 Pro Review

With much excitement, we bring you a detailed review of the JLL IC400 Pro. This spin bike has the heart of the people because of the pro-bike experience it offers at an affordable price. 

This review is the best read to understand why JLL IC400 Pro is the perfect indoor bike for your fitness routine.

How We Made This Review

The JLL IC400 is an extraordinary package that delivers performance equivalent to that of the pricier version available in the market. After thoroughly testing the previous version, IC300, we were sure about what to expect. And fortunately, those expectations have been fulfilled by the older sibling, IC400. 

We gather a lot of expert-level data before putting together this detailed review for you. After talking to fitness experts and analyzing user reviews, we got an exemplary first impression of this ultimate spin bike. 

JLL are UK based manufacturers who are known to bring out durable and quality products in their market. They have lived up to their customer standards by bringing the desired longevity and toughness in every equipment they manufacture. 

We feel that the JLL IC400 Pro is not just a good-looking bike, the internal build is also exceptionally good. It has a solid construction that gives you a piece of gym equipment worthy of lasting a lifetime.

Things To Consider Before Buying


The key highlight of this bike is its cost. JLL IC400 Pro is a bike that delivers a professional-grade exercise experience at affordable prices. It might not be the cheapest bike available in the market, but for the reliability and excellent performance it offers, it is worth the price.

You can opt for a cheaper bike, but it might lack some of the other features, thus making the exercise experience a bit less satisfying. Why not invest once in something good? 

You can get the model at a great price on Amazon. 


When it comes to features, this bike is packed with the most advanced and amazing features for the given price range.

It comes with a 22kg flywheel that is driven by inertia. It is heavy-duty, which makes it really close in performance when compared to commercial gym bikes. With usage, it has been seen this model holds the ability to outperform such commercial bikes as well. 

The bike runs on a rubber band belt-driven system. When compared to a chain-driven system, this bike is quiet in its functioning. So, you can have a great exercise session in the morning without waking your entire family up. The use of a rubber system reduces the maintenance of the bike significantly.

Another amazing feature of the bike is the magnetic resistance. The electronically controlled magnetic resistance offers a higher range of exercise levels for the workout. You are restricted to a certain number for the resistance level. With the magnetic resistance, it’s totally up to your desire how much higher or lower resistance you want to be subjected to. 

Coming to the storage of this bike, it is not foldable like any other model. You will have to allocate a permanent place for the bike to sit. But fortunately, because of its sleek structure, it does not take a lot of room. The bike is quite lightweight, only 53kgs, and it comes with transport wheels. So, it is convenient to move the bike from one place to another. 


The JLL IC400 is not just a bike for the pro spinners, it also makes a perfect choice for beginners. If this is your first time trying a spin bike, this model can prove to be a great choice. Even if you are a veteran in spinning and you are looking for more challenge, this is the bike for you. 

As mentioned earlier, the magnetic resistance gives a controlled exercise experience where you can increase or decrease the resistance as per your liking. The flywheel is super smooth with its functioning, making the entire cycling experience highly joyful and satisfying. 

Every part of the bike is adjustable as per the person who wants to use it. We tested the bike with users ranging from 5’3″ or 6’2,” and this bike fits their physique to perfection. The height of the saddle, as well as the handlebar, can be adjusted perfectly to match your convenience.

Features And Benefits


The design of the JLL IC400 is supremely spectacular. It comes in a sleek black finish that makes it a treat for the eyes. The black body of the bike is complimented with a red plastic molding that brings out its stunning look.

The machine is perfect for those fitness freaks who are technologically savvy. It has a compact size that takes a lot less ground space than the other bikes of this range. Though it cannot fold, you can place it in any corner of your room and drag it out while exercising. 

The sturdy handlebar and ergonomic pedals add to the beauty of this magnificent piece of exercise machinery. 


The console on the bike is smart. The monitor of the bike is compatible with the iConsole+, an app that can be downloaded for free for both Android and Apple users. You don’t require any third-party app to monitor your vitals while you exercise on the JLL IC400 Pro. 

The monitor is widescreen in LED format. It records the time of exercise, speed of spinning, distance covered, power, calories burnt, and the RPM that the wheel hit. All these details are displayed on the screen clearly without any crowding of information. 

The scanner installed on the handlebar helps you monitor your heart rate throughout the workout. You can also set your own tablet in the holder for using it for multi-player or scenery mode. 

The resistance control is quite simple and easy. You don’t have to rely on a limited range of resistance while exercising. The magnetic resistance system allows you to change the resistance as per your strength. The range offered is wide enough to accommodate a beginner as well as a professional. 


When it comes to maintenance, the JLL IC400 proves to be a cakewalk. The most important element that requires maintenance is the chain system that keeps the cycle running. You have to make sure it is perfectly oiled and dust-free so that the wheels don’t get jammed. 

However, in the case of the JLL IC400 Pro, the chain system has been replaced by the rubber system. This reduces the maintenance effort to a great extent.

 To top it all, you don’t have to trouble your family or your neighbors with the clunky sound of the chain system. The rubber system is not just smooth and maintenance easy, it is also silent. 

When it comes to cleaning, just wipe the machine off with a damp cloth, and the job is done. It will remain shiny, just like a fresh bought piece, for a very long time. 

Other features

It has a three-piece pedal crank, which makes it tough and of higher quality. 

The handlebar can adjust to six different positions, making riding comfortable and suitable for anyone and everyone. The seat can be adjusted to multiple positions as well. You can have six adjustments horizontally and 10 adjustments vertically. 

The assembly procedure is very easy. You can assemble the whole bike in about twenty to thirty minutes, straight out of the box. 

It also comes with a 12-month warranty, providing an additional safety net to its already sturdy and durable construction. 


As per our observation, we feel the bike has quite a few outstanding qualities associated with it.

Great design and low maintenance

The design is aesthetically pleasing, bringing out the beauty of your home gym or workout area. Its compact and minimalistic design makes it easy to store it in a corner. 

The tough rubber system instead of the chain system is sleek and quieter even during high speed and high resistance. 

Easy to assemble

The assembly of the bike is quite convenient. Though it is easy to pull up the entire construction, it is advised to assemble the bike at the place of installation. The weight might turn out to be a bit heavy for a few to move. 

Reliable and technologically packed

The solid construction makes JLL IC400 a very reliable and safe model. You can exercise at high speeds without the risk of the bike falling apart and causing injuries. 

The onboard computer system is clear and easy to understand. It provides all the necessary vitals data that is needed during a workout. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the bike with an external application for a better experience. 

The built-in emergency system will halt the bike immediately in case a crisis is sensed. It also comes with a bottle holder so that you can have access to water easily. 


The seat can be uncomfortable

Though the seat is designed with superior quality material, the size of the same can prove to be a bit uncomfortable for a few. 

Pedals can be improved 

The pedals are of good quality, but there still exists scope for improvement. The pedals come with anti-slip bumps. These are perfect for using a bike with shoes. But if you want to try its bare feet, the experience might turn out to be a bit uncomfortable. 

It might get squeaky at high speeds

Some user observation has shown that the bike gets a bit squeaky when the speed or resistance is increased. 

Available Alternatives For The Product

JLL JF100 Home Exercise Bike

The JLL JF100 is another great home exercise bike by the same manufacturer. This bike is also a budget purchase for the ones who are newbies to spin bikes. 

This bike is smaller in size and quite compact, making it a highly convenient choice for shared home space. The flywheel of the bike is only 4kg, so it might not be as beneficial for the ones who are looking for a challenge or are professional in a spin bike. 

However, if you are a beginner with a space crunch and looking for an affordable option, this makes a perfect choice. 

JLL IC100 Pro

The JL IC100 Pro is yet another sibling to the JLL IC400 Pro. This is another great choice for beginners who want to get the feel of the spin studio at home. 

The flywheel is slightly heavier than the previous model, 6kg, providing additional resistance for a better exercise routine. The machine provides for an option to amp up the resistance to a challenging level, making it a good enough choice for fitter users. 

The light flywheel makes portability easier, making it effortless to slide the machine once your workout is over. 

Echelon Connect Sport Bike

The Echelon Connect Sport Bike is a good budget pick for the Peloton-style spin bike experience. You can connect the bike with the Echelon app that is filled with amazing workouts that you can easily follow on your phone or your tablet. 

This Connect Sport Bike has a lighter flywheel that makes portability easy. The pedals come with cages that prevent your feet from slipping while you are cycling at high speed. This bike is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate fitness people. 

Final Verdict

As per our expert opinion, we believe that you cannot find a better model than the JLL IC400 in this price category. 

With this price tag, you are getting a plethora of exemplary features that you might not get in any other bike. This bike does not just hold value for money, it also provides a superior quality, professional-grade workout experience. 

The robust build and durability offered by the manufacturer simply exceed all expectations. 

If you are looking for a spin bike that provides you the gym experience, JLL IC400 is the bike to go for. 

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