How to Clean Your Boxing Gloves: 7 Easy Steps

Boxing gloves are cushioned gloves that a fighter uses for boxing matches and practices. These gloves are the essential fighting equipment that protects the fighter’s hands and an opponent’s face from getting hurt during a boxing match. 

Due to the cushioned stuff of the gloves, they absorb more sweat and can get stinky due to the bacteria. To prevent this problem, you need to clean them regularly in between uses in order to keep them odor-free and long-lasting. 

There are many methods to clean the gloves, and some are tailored for the specific material used in the glove. So it would be best if you know what material is used in your boxing gloves. 

1. Soak Them in the Saltwater

The most common way to kill all the bacteria that may be left behind in your gloves is to soak or wash them in saline solution or saltwater. 

For that purpose, take a container that has size big enough to hold them. Fill the container with hot water and submerge the gloves completely. Pour about 50 grams of salt into the container. Mix the salt in the water thoroughly. Put the gloves in the container and soak them for 24 hrs. 

This solution will decompose any bacterium that’s hidden in your gloves. After 24 hours, take out the gloves from the container and let them dry for 1 to 2 hours, or this period may vary according to the material your gloves are made of. 

Soaking your gloves into the saltwater solution will eliminate the bacteria and bad odors from them.  This is an inexpensive and significant way to maintain your glove’s cleanliness and freshness. 

Note: This method could be unsafe for the gloves made from sensitive material (that doesn’t react well with saltwater). 

2. Freeze Them After Washing

One of the best ways to kill the bacteria inside your boxing gloves is to freeze them. Freezing them would also help remove that damp smell from your gloves. 

For that purpose, put your gloves in a plastic bag and zip it. The plastic bag will protect them against cold temperatures. Now put them in the freezer and let them freeze for about 24 to 48 hrs. 

After the given time, take them out from the freezer and then from the plastic bag. Let them dry in a well-ventilated and spacious area. 

Freezing the gloves would completely eradicate the bacteria. 

3. Stuffing Method

Several boxers stuff their gloves with such materials that help air them out and absorb most of the moisture from the surface. Some also use glove dogs for this purpose. Glove dogs are specifically tailored to avoid bacterial growth in the boxing gloves as well as to increase the lifespan of the gloves. 

Glove dogs are a pair of cotton-filled bags with cedar chips. Their main purpose is to draw the bacteria out of the boxing gloves, and the cedar chips help decrease the moisture. Additionally, the cedar chips also keep the gloves fresh and odor-free. 

Any material that is capable of drawing the bacteria out can be used as a temporary glove dog. Various boxers also use a newspaper to stuff the gloves, while others recommend using bar soap. Some also use their socks to stuff the gloves filled with cedar chips. 

4. Use Hand Wraps

Wearing hand wraps is a wise decision. They protect not only your hands but also the gloves from catching the moisture from your hands. Hands are that part of the body that sweats the most. So, during a fight, the boxing gloves not only absorb shocks but also the moisture of your hands. With time the absorbed moisture will cause the bacteria to grow inside the gloves. 

The hand wraps will help block the moisture from getting into the gloves and accumulating bacteria. They will prevent the gloves from absorbing the sweat or moisture from your body. 

5. Deodorising 

None of the deodorizers are guaranteed to keep your boxing gloves hygienic and fresh. Deodorizers are precisely designed to minimize the moisture retained in your boxing gloves. Moreover, they also eradicate dangerous germs and bacteria that could lead to an infection. 

For this purpose, put them inside the gloves when they are not in use to keep them clean and fresh. They are helpful, especially when you have gloves that are designed in such a way that they cannot be cleaned properly. 

6. Drying

Wiping your gloves after every boxing match and drying them could be proved much effective. Wipe the gloves with a soft cloth, dry them with a towel, and then dry naturally. 

Moist environments grow bacteria and germs. By drying the interior as of your boxing gloves will eradicate the bacteria and germs from the surface. 

Just make sure to dry them completely by hanging them in a well-ventilated place where they are left with sufficient air and regular rotations. 

Note: Putting the boxing gloves in a washing machine or a dryer will ruin their material. 

7. Don’t Let Them Sit in a Gym Bag for Long

Wet and warm environments thrive bacteria and germs. And these conditions are easily formed in the Gym Bag of your when you keep your freshly fought boxing gloves. When you put your boxing gloves in a gym bag right after a boxing match, it could lead to bacteria growth and may increase germs inside the gloves.  

It is best to keep the boxing gloves separate from other gym equipment.  Keeping your boxing gloves in these conditions will lead them to bad odor, and it may ruin their material.  

Final Verdict 

Just as shopping hand wraps and glove bag cleaning solution is important, the far most important thing to do is wipe and dry your boxing gloves. Keeping boxing gloves clean, fresh, and stink-free is a must. 

By following the cleaning tips mentioned above, you will maintain the freshness and cleanliness of your boxing gloves. Remember, a boxer may never defeat his opponent with a bad odor of his boxing gloves but will disgust you. 

So in order to build a good impression, you must keep your glove odor-free and clean.

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