Full Body Compound Workouts For Strength & Muscles

What if we tell you what you can do right now that can have an immediate and positive benefit outcome on your body and brain. Well, the answer is exercise! You must be thinking that how can a workout that will make you tired afterward, and your body soar and ache later can do all this to your body.

Well, this is all possible with exercise and is proven with research. So when they say that exercise keeps you healthy, it does not particularly talk about a slim and smart-cut tone body. This can be anybody of any shape and size. As far as you are working out in a routine and giving your body time, your body will talk back and respond.

How it will respond is by boosting your brainpower to work better. Helps you stay awake and active. Feeling light and good about your body is the best feeling one can have. A healthy body functions properly, and exercise helps you strengthen your body inside out.

A good exercise routine helps you build a strong core and healthy body. Along with boosting the immune system and regulates bodily functions that keep your body working. With age, our body does get weak, and that is not at all a good feeling at all. 

For this reason, one should have a complete and full-body workout.

1. Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are one of the best, if not the best, exercise to increase the upper body strength for upper back and arm muscles. This exercise also contributes to your core development. This is one of the most convenient exercises as well, given that you can work your back and arm muscles along with the core using just a bar and your own body weight.

However, this does come with a price, as pull-ups are generally one the most difficult exercises to master. Most of you may still be struggling in achieving the right technique to increase the number game in your pull-ups.

The right way to start, or if I say do you first pull up, is to do it ethnically correct without straining your body. First, you need to start with the scapular pull-ups. What this is going to do is that it is going to focus on the lower traps that will give strength to your pull-ups.

Slowly working it upwards, stretching your core and lower traps, providing a base for your whole-body weight to rely on. Now with this warmup, you can pull your full body upward till the bar, and doing so will help you strengthen your full body.

2. Barbell Back Squat

Squats is the best exercise yet, along with other exercises and equipment’s makes it the full-body workout. Also true that when it comes to the lower body workout, squats are the king also. In the meantime, this exercise is also notoriously known to cause the most injuries if not done properly.

This doesn’t mean that it is not a good exercise for strengthening your core and lower body. You just need to be cautious as to how you execute the squat. Avoid the common mistake made by people of going too low in the sitting position. You need to make the pelvis as natural as possible surrounded the bottom position of the squat.

Start with taking two steps wider leg position like if I say shoulder wide apart or a little more. The hip position should be like sitting back with your hips without bending your knees. So pushing yourself backward and then decent into your squat position allowing your knees to align with the toes.

The back position at this point with the barbell is very important. At this point, keeping it straight and aligned without staring at any muscle is the key point here.

3. Lying Leg Curl

I know we are talking about full-body workouts but trust me, you need to make your exercise schedule in a way that you give a break to your upper body and workout with the lower body, and then the other day do the upper body exercise and give rest to your lower body.

Sometimes you don’t have the accessibility to the gym. Especially in the current situation, you should start your workouts at home with the available resources and equipment in hand. For this exercise, you only need a dumbbell, to be precise.

Leg day is a term used for a workout that is specially designed for strong legs and calves. You need to work out for your ham streams. A good workout for your ham streams means stronger knees, and we all need stronger knees and legs.

So start off by lying facing towards the ground place the dumbbell between your toes and feet to have a proper grip and support to hold it. Tight in your core, lift both the feet with knees touched to the ground, positioning them right above the knees.

Repeating this in 2 to 3 reps will be enough as a beginner.

4. Standing Overhead Press

In this compilation of exercises, the overhead press exercise is one of the best ones for well-developed rounded, broad shoulders. A powerful and great-looking upper body adds extra spark to your personality.

Therefore, to grow these muscles for a better-looking personality, the overhead press should be a stapling exercise in your daily routine. This not only effectively helps you targeting the upper body shoulders but also other upper body muscles as well. 

As it is very much clear with the name suggested to this exercise how it works. First, you need to place the bar aligned straight on the shoulder, holding it right next to your shoulders side with hands.

Now slowly lift the bar overhead tightening the core and stretching the bicep muscles. Bring it down to the shoulder position with the elbows aligned parallel. While lifting the bar over your head, lean back your head a little and push out your chest for the resting position of the bar.

This way, you will lift the bar straight above, not bending around your head every time you lift the bar. 

5. Face Pulls

This exercise rather does the same job as the overhead press. But it works differently, and the working that goes behind is also different. So, expecting this exercise to work the same and give the same result would be wrong as it will tone the body shape differently.

This exercise is for the upper body and especially the back and shoulders. The exact area that it targets is deltoids and around the rotator cuff. Who can say no to sharp-cut muscular back shoulders?

For this exercise, you need a plie to adjust it according to your height and then set the rope to pull. With the stretchable rope, you pull the rope back towards your face. With the rope contraction power, you apply force, and that helps in toning the muscles of your back and shoulder.

Sometimes when you don’t have the proper guidance and equipment to work with. You can rip your muscle or can have a permanent or temporary injury to the muscle or spinal cord. But with proper guidance and technique, you can have the desired look with your hard work that you will put in.

6. Bench Press

If you have heard this that if you want to have a bigger chest, you have to bench. This is actually right because we know that bench press is highly effective in increasing the inches on your chest.

Although it is not about the amount of weight one is lifting increases the inches on the chest, but it is the right way of performing the bench press. It is also shown in the studies as well when two test study cases were used to prove this point.

Also, there are these genetically blessed people who get the most result out from even less workout. This means two people working on the same routine of workout might show different results just because some muscles show the better result in one individual than the other.

But following some pro tips, you can change this. The first one is opening up your chest more so that your chest performs more, carrying all the weight directly without involving other muscles at this point.

Laying straight on the bench with slightly pushing the chest out you’re your shoulder blades pinching at the back. Creating an arch that helps in achieving the best and safe results. Lift the weight upward and lower it slowly on the level of the bench. 

7. Barbell Drag Curl

Suppose you are someone who does not exercise regularly and only watch exercises, then you might think this like the overhead press. The look might be similar, but the execution and results from it are totally different.

The overhead press is lifting the weight from the shoulder over the head. But drag curl is lifting the barbell up and over your shoulder into the bottom of your neck. This workout is for your abdomen, chest, shoulder, back blades, biceps, triceps, and overall arm muscles.

It is a complete full upper body workout for those who go to the gym and have a proper trainer who can guide them as to how much weight is fine and how to properly lift this weight over without injuring any part or muscle of the body.

Final Verdict

If you use these exercises on a daily basis, starting off with one exercise a day, we can guarantee you that you can have a tone, sleek, and healthy body in no time. Obviously, the time for the result to show may vary on the size of your body and how you want your body to look.

All in all, a regular workout with these combinations of exercises can show you the effects in one month’s time. You will be able to see your body change, and this change can also be the source of motivation.

Finally, exercise should be as mandatory as eating because both are co-related to each other. You need them to have a healthy lifestyle. Thus, helping you overall in achieving superb focus in your daily life and live a good life.

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