Best Weight Bench: Top 5 Weight Benches In The UK

Tired of those recurring and expensive gym memberships? Research shows that a good quality weight bench will facilitate working out every part of your body. It will allow you to steer clear of injuries and bad techniques. 

To help you make the most of your strength training, we have listed the top 5 weight benches. 

Best Weight Bench In The UK [Reviews]

The market is filled with a plethora of weight benches which can make your buying decision complicated.

To help you find the weight bench with ideal features, we have reviewed the best five weight benches. We have considered the features, budget, pros, and cons of each. 

1. AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench

  • The ergonomic design allows you to boost the strength and health of your bones
  • The foldable design offers a space-saving functionality
  • The thick pipes deliver a stable support 
  • The height adjustment is fast and convenient
  • The backrest is not erect enough

This Ativafit Adjustable Weight bench has a 7-level backrest adjustment and ergonomic design. It comes with multi-purpose functionality and backrest positions. It allows you to workout without any injuries and hassle.

The foldable design is ideal for people with small living spaces. This weight bench facilitates a full-body workout and trains your back, abs, chest, and shoulders. It will allow you to drastically build the upper body strength.

The weight bench comes with a high-density comfortable foam padding that prevents bad postures. It offers a weight capacity of 330lbs. The thick pipes provide stable support while you perform various types of workouts.


    • Adjustable: Completely adjustable and foldable design
    • Weight capacity: Weight-bearing capacity of 330lbs
    • Design: It comes with an ergonomic design and saves your home space 
    • Comfort: High-density foam pads at the back

Final Verdict 

This product offers the right blend performance and design. The compact and foldable design is the main plus point of this weight bench.

Why Is This Our #1 Product? 

The Ativafit weight bench creates the ideal balance between performance and price. It has the best features, sleek design, and easy assembly.

2. FLYBIRD Incline/Decline Adjustable Weight Bench

  • It will fully cushion your legs during the exercise
  • The non-slip foot cover with an enlarged rubber cover will provide enhanced safety
  • The durable and comfortable leather pads are made of an odourless, breathable fabric
  • The structure is a bit narrow for people with extra-wide shoulders

The Flybird weight bench is one of the most durable and stable products on the market. The unique triangle structure and heavy-duty commercial-grade steel built ensures optimum stability. 

This weight bench offers incalculable safety and space-saving features. It doesn’t require any assembling and is incredibly easy to carry. 


  • Comfort: Durable leather seats provide added comfort 
  • Strong Built: The 1.5mm heavy-duty thick steel pipe will maintain the safety 
  • Weight Capacity: 500lbs 
  • Cost-Effective: It comes with a 9.7 inches thick backrest and 1.8” soft foam
  • Adjustable: Fast adjustment with 6 different back positions

Final Verdict 

This weight bench qualifies as one of the best quality products with an affordable price tag. The 70% space-saving feature and extra-thick backrest make it an ideal product for all workout enthusiasts.

Why is this our #2 product? 

The adjustable bench design with a unique triangle structure will guarantee maximum safety and strength. The 4 different seat positions and 6 back positions offer the perfect fit for all-body type.

3. YOLEO Foldable Incline/Decline Weight Bench

  • The PU leather cover with dense foam padding provides a comfortable workout
  • The leather structure and steel pipe provides a durable and binding design
  • It cuts down your storage space up to 50%
  • The seven adjustable levels allow you to align the bench as per your needs
  • The elastic cordage facilitates arm workout
  • The anti-slip roller pads boost your safety
  • It may seem a bit high off the ground

The weight bench from YOLEO is ideal for training on your shoulders, abs, back, chest, and more. The high-density soft padding will secure your body and eliminate muscle pain.

The soft leather structure with dense foam padding will allow you to comfortably perform multiple exercises. The alloy steel frame body guarantees greater durability and safety.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Special Features: Non-slip and foldable design
  • Incline Positions: Seven back pad positions 
  • User Height: Up to 6 inches

Final Verdict 

The YOLEO weight bench comes with seven different backrest pad positions to cater to your varying exercise needs. The ergonomic and comfortable design will reduce muscle fatigue while working out. The heavy-duty steel construction will provide optimum value for your money.

Why is this our #3 product? 

This weight bench is incredibly affordable yet highly functional. It comes with a one-year guarantee and thick pads to offer greater value for money. 

4. Winnow Folding Heavy Duty Weight Lifting Bench

  • This 4-in-1 weight bench allows chest presses, bench presses, push-ups, ab muscle training, and leg exercise
  • The adjustable barbell height and secured hand grips provide increased safety
  • The dip-station facilitates comfortable pull-ups
  • The non-slip sturdy rubber feet will prevent scratches on the floor
  • The support bars are not adjustable

This 4-in-1 bench from WINNOW comes with innovative mechanics to improve your overall fitness. It facilitates all-around strength training. 

This adjustable weight bench comes with a dip station and intelligent folding system. You can seamlessly adjust the bench anytime for incline and flat workout positions. It allows lifting at every possible range without any restrictions.


  • Structure: Adjustable and Foldable 
  • Material: Alloy steel and Durable PU leather
  • Configuration Update: Non-slip and durable hand grips with thickened barbell rack
  • Special features: Safety knobs

Final Verdict 

This weight bench from WINNOW is a star product owing to its comfortable cushions and non-slip feet. It allows you to lift your dumbbell at every possible range. The foot strap and dip station offer added advantage to the product.

Why is this our #4 product?

WINNOW weight bench allows you to perform multiple workouts seamlessly. The adjustable barbell rest with safety knobs will eliminate the risks of injuries.

5. JX Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench

  • This weight bench is adjustable and adaptable
  • You can attach the bench to half cages and squat racks
  • It allows barbell and dumbbell exercises
  • The additional set of resistance bands will increase your strength
  • The durable and solid tubular construction provides greater longevity
  • It comes with a maximum weight capacity of 440lbs
  • The height of the bench may seem a bit high when it is positioned flat
  • The cushioning is not of a premium quality 

This weight bench is one of the most budget-friendly products available in the market. It comes with the excellent build quality and incredible versatility. With 5-adjustable positions and ample support, this heart is a stunner for the price you are paying. 

The PU leather surface and comfortable, high-density performance will boost your performance. The anti-slip covers allow you to perform hip thrusts and lat pullovers without any injuries. 


    • Adjustability: Five levels of adjustment
    • Weight capacity: Max user weight of 265lbs
    • Resistance: It comes with an additional set of resistance bands
    • Comfort: Cushioned seats
    • Storage: Built-in wheels for convenient and easy moving 


Final Verdict 

This bench is ideal for a full-body workout and can be adjusted accordingly. The high-density padding and tubular construction guarantee robust durability and functionality. The compact design and affordability make it a top weight bench for beginners and intermediates.

Why is this our #5 product?

While most workout benches are only adjustable, this bench from JX Fitness is also adaptable. The extra resistance bands and high-quality construction will allow you to effectively perform your exercises.

Weight Bench: Buying Guide

Now that we have listed the top weight benches, it’s time to go through the important features. The design and budget should not be your only consideration while buying a weight bench. Essential factors that require your due consideration –


Your weight bench should allow you to gain muscles and build-up muscles effectively. You must choose a weight bench that can survive maximum user weight without compromising performance. The weight bench should offer optimum performance at all training positions and angles. 

You must also look for the maximum load or weight that can be supported by the bar rest. The weight bench must be sturdy, strong, and comfortable. You must refrain from cheap equipment while making your purchase. Opt for a weight bench that offers a minimum user weight capacity of 200lbs.

Safety and Comfort

You must consider whether the weight bench is capable of providing comfort at different workout positions. 

Opt for a weight bench that is adjustable both in size and height. You must also consider the cushioning type and thickness. Refrain from too soft padding as it can cause muscle imbalance. 

You should stay away from poorly manufactured benches. A weight bench with a bad-quality built can wobble while you are working out. You can also opt for additional safety knows and catches. 


A good quality adjustable weight bench will provide these three common bench presses – flat, inclined, and declined. Adjustable benches offer greater value for money as they allow you to work out in three different positions. You can adjust the weight bench as per your workout needs.


It is essential to opt for a weight bench that will completely take up your available space. You must consider the area of your house before buying a weight bench. Read the dimensions of the weight bench and check whether it can be folded or not. Foldable weight benches will allow you to save your available home space.

Set-up and Assembly 

Easy assembling should be one of your top considerations while buying a weight bench. Make sure the product offers a hassle-free setup and assembling feature. You should not spend hours assembling the product every day. 

FAQs About Weight Bench

Why Do I Need a Weight Bench?

The best weight benches are ideal for training at home. These benches will not dig a hole in your pockets. Weight benches are available in various sizes and shapes to facilitate various workout routines. These versatile pieces of workout equipment will help you to stay in shape while boosting your strength.

What Are The Different Types of Weight Benches? 

Utility benches are the most common type of home weight benches. These come with adjustable hinges that will allow you to modify the back support angle. You can sit up at an inclined angle or lie flat depending on your workout requirements. 

Multi-function benches are also trending these days. They have extra built-in equipment to facilitate various types of exercises. You can also opt for weight benches that can easily adapt to your style of workout.

Barbell benches are another type of weight benches. These come with a built-in rack which allows you bench press without any restrictions. 

How much does a good quality weight bench cost?

Weight benches are unimaginably affordable. You can find the basic models for as low as £50. However, these models lack quality features and sturdy construction. You can find some decent quality weight benches within the £85-£100 range.

Are Weight Benches Worth The Price?

A high-quality weight bench supports workouts that boost endurance, strength, and muscle size. You can exercise while staying in the comfort of your home. These benches allow you to effectively perform a full-body workout without paying hefty gym membership fees. Most of these weight benches are easy to store and offer multiple exercise functions.

Should I Buy an Incline Bench or Flat Bench?

Incline Bench presses will put more stress on the upper body. If you are interested in developing your upper muscle more, it is recommended to opt for an incline bench press. However, if you wish to boost your overall strength and muscle, we advise you to opt for flat bench presses. 

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