Best Vibration Plate: Top 5 Vibration Plates In The UK

Are you having a rough time recovering from a workout injury? A vibration plate can help you throughout the recovery and even help you stay fit. These plates are one of the best home equipment to keep you fit. 

But choosing the right vibration plate can be quite difficult. Below are the best vibration plates to maximize your workout at home. 

Best Vibration Plates In UK [2021]

1. Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate Pro Model

  • The machine has 180 intensity levels 
  • It is suitable for beginners and professionals
  • The plate comes with built-in speakers and 
  • It does not make any sound while in use
  • Its LCD shows accurate time, speed, and power
  • This vibration plate comes at an expensive price

The first spot on our list goes to the Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate. It is silent workout equipment, having a 2000w noiseless motor with a peak power of 3900w. Bluefin uses highly advanced technology to manufacture this vibration plate. 

With this plate, you will get 180 levels of power options. That is why this plate is suitable for beginners, professionals, and even athletes. 

The in-built Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to your favorite songs and enjoy the workout. Moreover, it comes with five automatic programs that will you throughout your weight loss journey. These ten-minute programs have different power levels and vibration types to make your workout more efficient. 

The Bluefin Fitness vibration plate has an integrated LCD screen display to help you monitor your workout progress. You can track your energy level and timings while you are using the machine. The button system on the console allows you to manage the program, power, and time of your workout. 

This vibration plate is capable of carrying 150kg. It targets the areas with stubborn fat and increases your muscle mass. You can use the Bluefin wobble machine at your home or keep it in your gym as it is easy to assemble and use. 

The best thing about this machine is that it comes with a fully-featured exercise and diet guide to help you accomplish your fitness goals. 


  • Dimensions: 109.2cm L x 61cm W x 159cm H
  • Monitor: Built-in LCD display 
  • Intensity: 180-speed levels Programs: 10 workout programs
  • Peak Power: 3900W
  • Motor: 2000W
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150kg  

Final Verdict 

The Bluefin Fitness vibration plate pro model is the best workout equipment you can find in the market. Whether you are a beginner in a gym or an elite athlete, this vibration plate will help you achieve all your fitness goals.  

Why is this our #1 product?

This vibration plate is number one on our list as it has all the features you need in workout equipment. The price might seem slightly higher, but this vibrating plate gives you excellent value for your money.

2. Bluefin Fitness Ultra Slim Vibration Plate

  • This ultra-slim vibration plate is easy to customize and use
  • It has user-friendly controls for a smooth workout  
  • The machine is compact and offers a silent, peaceful workout
  • It helps to increase the mass of muscle 
  • This plate comes with 180 levels of intensity 
  • The user guide is confusing and not well-detailed 

This vibrating plate is another machine by Bluefin made with advanced technology to help you lose weight. Its compact design makes it one of the best vibration plates available in the market. 

Apart from that, it features 180 levels of vibration speeds, allowing you to select the right speed that challenges your limits. Even at lower levels, this machine will increase the difficulty level as you gain more strength. 

In strength training, you need weights for the workout. The Bluefin ultra-slim vibration plate has resistant bands that will help you increase whole-body strength. You can work on both the lower and upper body while using this plate, making your workout sessions more effective. 

It comes with five in-built programs to select as per your workout requirements for the day. Moreover, it won’t make any sound while you exercise and read a book at the same time. It will help you concentrate during a serious workout session. 

Since the machine has no handle to hold onto, you can practice and improve your balancing skills. In case you need support, place the plate close to a wall or a table to maintain balance. Furthermore, the vibration plate is anti-slip, so you don’t have to worry about losing your balance. 

You can connect your phone to its Bluetooth speakers and make your workout session even more enjoyable. 


  • Dimensions: 40cm x 68cm x 15cm 
  • Weight: 17 kilograms
  • Intensity: 180 levels
  • In-built Programs: 5 automatic program
  • Maximum weight capacity: 15 kilograms

Final Verdict 

This vibration plate can be an excellent addition to your home gym. With its compact design and lightweight, you can easily store it in your home or move it from one room to another. 

Why is this our #2 product?

The Bluefin Ultra Slim vibration plate bags the second spot as it has the highest number of user ratings across the world. The plate offers a lot of premium features at a reasonable price value. 

3. EVOLAND Unisex's Vibration Power Plate

  • The plate has a compact and ultra-thin body 
  • It comes with a one-year warranty period
  • This plate is lightweight and easy to carry
  • The machine comes with an LCD intelligence monitor
  • It also supports Bluetooth and USB connect  
  • The instruction manual is confusing 
  • Its speaker produces low-noise 

TEVOLAND Unisex’s Vibration power plate is one of the most powerful exercise equipment available. Its compact design will not affect your workout in any way. 

This machine will help you in a whole-body workout, resulting in a lot of fitness benefits. It will assist you in burning fat, increasing muscle tone, and strengthening the whole body. 

The design features an LCD intelligence monitor, Bluetooth speakers, and a USB port. You can connect your smartphone with its Bluetooth speakers and listen to songs as you work out on the plate. 

EVOLAND Unisex’s vibration plate will be the best budget-friendly addition to your home gym. Not only weight loss, but this machine will improve your circulation, strengthen your muscles, and even reduce your stress levels. Only 10-15 minutes on this vibrating plate every day can bring you closer to a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

This plate is compact and ultra-thin, allowing you to store it anywhere and save space in the room. It only weighs 9.5 kilograms, so you can easily carry it outside for your workout. 

The company gives you 12 months to replace your product and a money-back offer within 30 days of purchase. So, you don’t have to worry if your vibration plate comes with defects. They also provide you with 24/7 after-sales service in case you have any queries regarding your vibration plate.   


  • Dimensions: 53cm × 32cm × 12. 5cm
  • Weight: 9.5 kilograms  
  • Size: Compact and thin  
  • Intensity: 180 levels  
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150 kilograms 

Final Verdict 

The EVOLAND vibration power plate gives you maximum benefits at the least price possible. It will be a great option for those who are looking for low-priced exercise equipment. 

Why is this our #3 product?

This vibration plate is number three on the list due to its low price and remarkable features. You can even take this plate outdoors as it is small and only weighs 9.5 kilograms.  

4. Confidence Pro Vibration Plate

  • The plate is fast and efficient 
  • It gives you a wider range of motions than other plates
  • It has multiple speed settings 
  • This plate has handlebars for support 
  • The user guide does not help that much  
  • It makes small, annoying noise while in use

Confidence brings you a well-designed vibration plate to help you lose weight and increase your muscle strength. It has a large size and weighs about 28 kg, but you can push it around your room to finds its most suitable place.  

You can start with low-impact exercises, including squats, planks, push-ups, and bridges, on the Confidence Pro vibration plate. It will improve your blood circulation even if you are only standing on the plate while using your phone. 

The machine features a user-friendly console that displays all the options and settings you can select as per your workout. The P2 settings will target weight loss and fat burning. You can exercise with this setting for 10 minutes every day to boost your weight loss journey. 

This vibration plate contracts your muscles even if you are only sitting on it. Without even moving your body, you can tone your muscles and then focus on more challenging exercises. 

With its 50 speed settings, 200-240/50-60hz frequency scope, and 600W of power, you can expect a significant loss in your weight. 

However, this vibration plate produces a small sound while in use, which might distract its users. Also, the user guide is hard to understand and keeps the user from trying out new exercises on the plate.   


  • Dimensions: 735 x 695 x 1220mm
  • Weight: 28 kilograms
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150 kilograms 
  • Maximum power: 600W
  • Programs: 3
  • Speed settings: 50 

Final Verdict

The Confidence Pro vibration plate has some extraordinary features to enhance the quality of your workout sessions. With its wide range of motions and speed settings, you can take your workout to the next level.    

Why is this our #4 product?

This vibration plate holds the 4th position on the list as it proves to be effective and efficient workout equipment. However, the irritating noise produced by the plate is a major drawback and distracts the users. 

5. Mirafit Vibration Plate

  • The handle and roller wheels allow easy moving 
  • It is capable enough to carry 150 kg in weight
  • The machine comes at a reasonable price 
  • Its compact design saves a lot of space 
  • It has a big learning curve 
  • The power cord is short 

The Mirafit vibration plate is popular among those trainers who frequently get injured during the workout. It is an excellent machine to help you recover from your injuries and get back to the gym. 

The plate comes at an affordable price yet has plenty to offer to its users than many expensive ones. It can carry 150 kg, like most of the high-priced vibrating plates. With nine programmes and 99-speed levels, this plate will make the workout more effective. 

An interesting feature of the Mirafit vibration plate is its 3-foot positions that allow you to walk, jog and run. You can use it as a mini treadmill and enjoy the benefits of both machines in one. For stability, you can use the detachable resistance bands during cardio workout sessions.  

However, you cannot connect your smartphone to the plate as it does not have in-built speakers. But the easy-to-use wireless remote will help you adjust the settings as per your workout. Moreover, the machine does not make any sound, ensuring a quiet and peaceful workout for the trainer. 


  • Dimensions: 68 × 38 × 14.5 centimetres
  • Colour: Black or Orange
  • Intensity: 99-speed levels 
  • Programmes: Nine pre-set programmes
  • Portability: Comes with handles and roller wheels 
  • Peak Power: 2500W
  • Rated power: 1000W
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V or 50hz
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150kg  

Final Verdict 

The Mirafit vibration plate is a budget-friendly machine with multifunctional features and a great appearance. You can take this vibration plate anywhere as it is not much heavy and has a compact design.  

Why is this our #5 product?

The Mirafit vibration plate stands at number five because of its noteworthy features offered at a low price. But the big learn curve and the short power cord can be a downside for the users. That is why it is last on our list for the best vibration plates.

Product Buying Guide

As there are so many options available for vibration plates in the market today, choosing just one out of the entire lot is not that easy. You need to have the right amount of knowledge and all the other necessary information ready. 

Therefore, to make things easier for you below mentioned are all the important factors that you are to consider when buying the best vibration plates. 

Size of the plate

You must have seen vibration plates available in two different names in the market these days. However, they are the same thing but are provided differently for marketing reasons. One type of plate is known as the platform vibration plate, which is used on gym equipment platforms. 

For instance, the plates that you see on treadmills resemble vibration plates to an extent. These plates are also used in spas for different types of cleaning and massage therapies. 

The other types of vibration plate are known as the mini vibration plate. This plate is used on smaller objects that don’t require the use of straps or consoles. 

Therefore, the size of these two plates would differ majorly. The platform vibration plates are much bigger than the other type. And the selection of either would depend on your requirement. 

Motor quality and size

When you buy a vibration plate, you notice a certain motor running inside it. Ensure that this motor is strong enough to run the equipment you are using it for. As the motor would control the kind of vibrations your plate would provide, it is important to keep a close check on its quality.

You should also ensure that the vibrations on your plates are smooth. You would not want your plates to annoy or disturb you while you in the middle of your workout. A good quality motor would also keep the noise down and will not bother your neighbors. 

The motor size is another important aspect that will decide the kind of vibration you would get. A motor big in size would be able to support even large plates, while a small motor would just give in very quickly. 

Weight of the user

Many people forget to consider this aspect of vibration plates when they are out shopping. Since these plates are what you would be exercising on, their strength would make a huge difference in your workout. 

The plates you go for should have enough strength to accommodate you without going weak even after a year. Many plates with low-quality materials give in way too quickly and waste your money. 

When visiting the store, you would come across plates that can bear certain loads. Make sure to choose the one that can accommodate at least five to six kilos more weight than yourself. This would ensure you get to use the machine even after you gain some weight in the long run. 

You should also note that the amount of weight your plate can handle would depend on the quality of motor used in it. The larger the motor, the heavier the weight it can carry. 

Vibration types

If you want to get the best experience out of your vibration plates, you should consider the type of vibration your plates produce. Depending on your preference, you can make your choice. 


The oscillating vibrations do not go from up to down and down to up. Their movement is more sideways than perpendicular. These movements do not work like a seesaw but provide a more horizontal movement inside the plate. 

Due to this, the user can maintain a position for a longer duration. While you keep still, the plate moves and hence keeps providing you intense workout sessions. 

This kind of vibrating plate is very popular among salons. If you regularly use these kinds of plates to lose weight, you will get to experience some tones, muscles, and low body fat in just a few weeks. 

The lower body would start to get in much better shape just because of the oscillations in this kind of plate. 


Going by their name, a tri-plane vibrator produces vibrations that go along three planes. These plates do not just produce vibrations that move from one side to another. But these plates also have movement in the perpendicular direction too. 

Due to these directions, a tri-plane can provide you a very intense workout session and help you reduce weight much quicker. Tri-plane plates are what gyms prefer as they induce much more commitment towards your fitness goals. 


The frequency of the plate also matters a lot when you are exercising on a vibration plate. When considering this point, do remember that if you buy a plate that has a lower frequency, it will work for gentle workouts. 

However, if you are looking for equipment that can help you with intense workouts, going for a piece of equipment with very high frequency. The higher the frequency, the better would be the workout.


Warranty is a very important factor that you should never miss while buying exercising equipment. Make sure the vibration plate you buy has a manufacturing warranty of at least a year. 

A warranty below this period may cost you a bit expensive in the long run. While buying your equipment, going through each feature is very important to avoid complications later. 


Apart from the factors mentioned above, you should also consider the other benefits that you will get with the vibration plates. For instance, you could be getting accessories such as a cushion for the plates. 

These cushions are very good at absorbing sweat and control all the moisture during workouts. You could also get a remote control, depending on the kind of plate you bought. A mini plate would just have display buttons on its body. 

However, platform plates would need a remote control for better handling. Along with these accessories, you may also get a workout booklet with all the exercises that you could perform for better results. 

These booklets also provide you with instructions and tips that you could try on while working out on the vibration plates. 


Are vibration plates really good for weight loss?

Depending on the kind of vibration plate you have chosen for weight loss, you will get the results accordingly. As has been mentioned above, the plate and its functioning would depend on its size greatly. 

Moreover, the kind of motor used in it will also decide how powerful the vibrations would be produced and, therefore, have an impact on your weight loss. If you want to go for a very heavy workout and lose a lot of weight quickly, go for plates with higher frequency.

However, if you want a light workout session for regular fitness, the low frequency would be just fine.

Can the speed levels of a vibration plate be adjusted?

If you have a vibration plate that has a speed adjust feature, you can change the speed of the vibration whenever you want. However, the speed would usually mean the intensity of the vibrations it produced. 

As speed is found in platform plates that are used in treadmills and other gym equipment, you will not find it in vibration plates as they just produce vibrations. Be it a platform vibration plate or a mini plate, you would always have buttons to customize the settings. 

Depending on the kind of workout you are looking for, the intensity would be set. However, make sure to go through all the safety aspects before changing the intensity to too high, as this could lead to a muscle pull.

What is the warranty on vibration plates that are usually provided?

The kind of warranty you get for your equipment would greatly depend on the company or brand you are buying it from. To improve the warranty aspect, certain middlemen provide a warranty on their behalf even if there is no warranty from the manufacturers.

However, make to check the company warranty very carefully before making a deal. A reputed company or brand provides a warranty of at least 6 months to a year. In this period, if you notice any manufacturing issues, you can go to the store and return the equipment.

In this way, you also get your entire payment back. For some stores, you may have to exchange the product instead of getting back your money. 

Is oscillating plate good for losing weight?

A vibration plate of the oscillating kind would be good for losing weight if you do it regularly while also trying some exercises apart from using the plate. As an oscillating plate would move in sideways, the intensity of the workout is not to a very good extent. 

The vibrations in this plate are produced in just one plane and therefore are not enough for a very heavy workout. You would notice your weight reducing. However, the transformation may take time to show. 

A vibrating plate with a tri-plane, on the other hand, would show you results much faster. As it produces more intense vibrations, the body goes through a transformation in less time. 

Vibrating plates work best for which part of the body?

If you want to lose weight from your thighs and belly, these plates will work well. You would just have to exercise gently on these plates, and you would start to notice a transformation in a short while. 

The lower portion of your body being closer to the plate will be more affected by the vibrations. Therefore, your muscles in the legs region would start to tone up quicker than the rest of the body.

Although you will notice your belly getting flat gradually if a regular workout is maintained.

 Do I get a diet plan or workout instruction booklet with the vibration plate?

There are many companies in the market today who stay very enthusiastic about sending free accessories to their customers on selling their gym equipment. As a vibration plate comes under this category, you are likely to get free accessories such as an instruction booklet free. 

However, a diet plan would have to be bought separately. You may also find a booklet with all the tips necessary to perform a certain exercise using the vibration plates. 

What accessories am I likely to get free with this plate? 

A bunch of free accessories would be available for you with your vibration plate. You could get a complete list of things out of which you will have to select two or three goodies that you are allowed to take home. 

Accessories such as remote control, instruction manual, or exercising tips can be expected if you have bought an expensive vibration plate. If you are buying the plate from a store instead of buying it online, you may get in for some store credit and other free stuff.

 Do I get my money back in case of a faulty machine?

If so has been mentioned on the packaging of your equipment, the store you have bought it from is liable to give you back the money in exchange. However, make sure to return the product before the warranty ends. 

Otherwise, the store would not accept a sold product, and you will lose all your money to the faulted product. In case the store doesn’t support the money back offer, you could get a new machine in return.

Or, you could even buy something completely new instead of a vibration plate. You may also let the store add some part of the amount as store credit and use it later when a new and better version of your vibration plate would arrive. 

Can I store the vibration plate by keeping it on its side?

As no packaging mentions keeping the plate in its normal position at all times, you could store it on its side. By doing so, you would save up on a lot of space and manage the plate easily. Moreover, this would not create any problem with the balance of this product. 

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