8 Best Vibration Plates Exercises

A vibration plate is one of the most effective tools renowned for physical exercises. This equipment is in continuous to and fro movement that engages your whole concentration with the device. The reason is the movement of the surface that engages you to focus your muscles and strength

You may have a rough idea of how to do some of the best exercises using this vibration plate. It is a guidance that can be put to use for physical exercise. So if you are new to this, then we are sure that you would get irritated after watching the number of exercises. 

A vibration machine can considerably produce excellent results in a short period. But it is highly recommended to use the plate with the best exercise. Otherwise, it could be frustrating. We aim to help you reach the best exercise.

It is good to maintain fitness, but the right exercise and the right equipment can aid you in this process. It is best to use some combination of the specific exercise that includes stamina, flexibility, and strength. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert on vibration plates. Our guide would provide you with some of the best exercises.

1. Squats

Exercise is healthy for mental and physical health. For fitness, squats are one of the most recommended exercises of all time. Squats can be easily exercised using the vibration plates as you only need to hold the long holders while the plate vibrates. 

For squats, you have two sets of options. In one position, you can use the hands and move them outwards for holding the long comfy bars. On the other hand, you can simply stretch your hands for an ideal squat position. 

Keep your back straight as it is quite important. The weight of the entire body should be on the thighs. In other words, your posture should be like that of a chair to ensure the complete development of thigh muscles. 


  • Stability control over the body 
  • Intense fitness exercise.
  • Sound and dynamic body posture
  • Vibration acts as a catalyst in fitness

2. Lunges

Lunges is another exercise that can be carried out effectively using vibrational plates. In this exercise, the major game is footwork. The ideal way is to place the foot in a forward direction over the vibrational plate. The backward leg would bend, leading to built-in stability.

The best way is to lift the heel and place the force on the toe for complete stability and intense exercise. The overall posture is like taking a big step forward but maintaining yourself in that position. 

If you are concerned about placing hands, then the ideal recommended position is on hips. However, you can also place your hands in any position you like. Your weight should be centered when it is in the right posture. The movement of the body is based on hips, not on legs. There are chances that you might feel pain in your knees or toes. You need to correct your posture then.


  • Soft and comfortable holders for hands
  • Adjustable vibration speed
  • Development of lower body muscles

3. Planks

Planks is nowadays a famous exercise because of their direct effect on the body. There is no difficulty in understanding this exercise. You only need to leave the whole weight of your body on the forearms.

Place the forearms on the vibration plate. Afterward, you need to lift the body while placing the weight on your forearms. You need to make sure that there shouldn’t be any damage to the back or forearms while exercising.

In addition to this, the vibration of the plate forces you to maintain the balance of your position. For this purpose, the entire weight of the body should be centered for a perfect balance. The duration of the position depends upon our durability and how far we aim to achieve fitness. You need to imagine your body as a plank for a perfect position.


  • Fitness of chest and shoulders
  • Easy and effective exercise
  • Increases ability to control body weight

4. Shoulder Stretch

Fitness doesn’t mean that only the thighs of the chest need to be strengthened and kept up to mark. You need to work on every aspect of your body for a complete and healthy life. Shoulders can also be stretched using vibrational plates.

For this exercise, you probably need a pair of hand straps. Some of the vibration plate kits have hand straps, and if not, you can easily get them from the market. Hand straps are widened by you while controlling the lower body against vibration.

Just stand on it and make sure your feet are at equal distance from each other. A hip distance is considered suitable for this cause. Pull the straps away from the arms, and shoulder blades should be stretched back as much as they can.


  • Strong development of shoulders
  • Control over body balance
  • Stretching of arms muscles.

5. Raising Heels

Do you wish to increase the control of your body? The control of body weight is considered to be one of the important factors in a complete fitness process. You cannot claim to be fit when you cannot even handle your own body.

Similarly, vibrational plates can help in maintaining the necessary balance and body weight. This exercise is not difficult; rather, it is the endurance of your legs, muscle, and your toes. It is good to stand straight and align with the shoulders.

After standing straight, you can place your hands on bars for ease. Further, you have to lift your heels and put pressure on your toes. This would stretch the entire back muscles of your body and maintain balance under the pressure of vibration.


  • Development of calves
  • Control over the weight of the body
  • Intense exercise leading to the burning of fats

6. Push Up

Even if you are a beginner, we are sure that you had tried this exercise even when you were little. Almost every person is well aware of push Ups. The only difference here is the presence of vibrational plates that makes it even tough.

Place your hands on the plate and form your body in the form of a plank. Lift the lower body using the feet. You just have to firmly move downward until your chest reaches the plate and then move upwards.

It is recommended on the vibrational plate because it helps in the speedy development of muscles and maintains tougher exercise even if you are a pro. It is lifting of the entire body up and down that makes this exercise evenly tougher than usual ones.


  • Handling of body weight
  • Development of muscles of chest and shoulders
  • Unstable surface leads to higher fitness.

7. Quad Stretch

This exercise here is considered as the one which could hurt your knees because of the pressure on them. So normally, it is recommended to use a cushion or a durable soft mat where you will place your knee on a plate.

You have to face away from the equipment and put one leg on a plate with a knee. The other feet would be on the ground to maintain the balance. You have to place the pressure on your hips and force the front foot forward.

Focus on keeping the back straight as much as you can; otherwise, it may damage the knee and cause pain. As far as the hands are concerned, it is ideal for placing them on your hips to ensure the right posture.


  • Development of quadriceps
  • Formation of the posture of the body
  • Best for losing weight

8. Leg Crunches

We believe if you are a lover of tough exercise, then this one here is going to be your favorite. The majority of exercises are on hands or on legs meaning that weight would be applied to them. 

This exercise here is different in this regard as the weight is applied to the hips and backbone of your body. It would completely develop your hip muscles and able to maintain the entire weight of your body with your full focus and strength. You have to sit in the center of the vibrational plate so that it becomes the center of body weight.

Simply place your hands on the plate in case you might go out of balance. Elbows need to be bent to lean back and move up.  You have to raise your legs as high as you can to keep them in the air.

The load of the weight needs to be on the abdominals and back of your body. For losing weight, we recommend this exercise as well. Afterward, you have to move the legs down and up while relaxing the entire body.


  • Easily losing of fats.
  • Development of back and hips muscle

Final Words

The number of exercises that can be performed using the vibrational plates is more than these. These are some of the basic exercises that you can easily perform to keep your body healthy and fit.  It helps in the easy and fast development of muscles and acts as a catalyst in maintaining body posture.

If you feel strain or pain on your body joints or muscles, then it means that you are not properly posturing for exercise. You need to figure the proper method for avoiding pain. We hope this would have helped you reach good exercises. You can also recommend us. Thank you. 

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