Best Turbo Trainer: Top 5 Turbo Trainers In The UK

A turbo trainer is an excellent resistance machine to stick to your exercise routine during the winter months. It gives you much more control over your routine and takes lesser time when compared to biking on the road.

We took the time to look for the best turbo trainers that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Read ahead as we review each in-depth for you. 

Best Turbo Trainer In UK [Reviews]

1. Yaheetech Turbo Trainer

  • Compatible with many bikes
  • Silent operation
  • Smooth on the bike wheel
  • Solid and unshakeable
  • Not great for conical handlebar

This is a magnetic turbo trainer that has a very solid construction. It comes with a good quality magnet and can support up to 120 kg. The alloy-roller o the trainer is corrosion-resistant. 

The turbo trainer is also known to be quite hard due to its powder coated high carbon steel stand. Together, all of these materials make it a sturdy stand. It also has a cable-attached adjuster with a mounted handlebar that is very simple to twist. 

Our eyes are on the magnetic resistor that is easy to adjust in seconds. Hence, you will be able to switch between sex resistance levels quickly. You can then tailor the speed and resistance to suit your needs. 

We find this turbo trainer rather compatible as it fits well with 700C wheels and those between 26 inches to 29 inches. However, the bike you use will need a rear quick release wheel. This is because the trainer comes with a rear quick release wheel. 

Hence, your biking experience will be much more convenient. The universal quick release also ensures that you expend little effort. The turbo trainer is also an excellent choice because of its noise reduction resistance wheel.

This works to keep it working silently and smoothly. It cuts out the sound that comes from spinning and gives you a quiet environment to exercise in. Hence, your training activities won’t bother anyone around you. 

It also ensures that your bicycle wheels are not harmed. The wheel offers smooth resistance so that the lifespan of your bicycle is extended. 


  • Sturdy Construction: Hardness for supportive spinning
  • Cable-attached adjustor: Easy switching between six speed levels
  • Universal quick release: For convenient using experience

What the Experts Say

This is a very sturdy turbo trainer, and we recommend it even for your mountain bikes. It is an excellent product that is meant for indoor training. It may be slightly noisier with a mountain bike on it, but you can easily fix this by turning up the volume on your music high.

Why We Put This Turbo Trainer on Position #1

This turbo trainer offers great value for money and is very easy to assemble as well. We believe that it is an excellent option for anyone living in an apartment or any shared space.

2. UNISKY Bike Trainer

  • Compatible with mountain and road bikes
  • Light and portable
  • Easy set-up
  • Good release mechanism
  • Long-term use may leave marks on the floor

This turbo trainer comes in an alloy steel frame and in an elegant black body. It will look great wherever you place it. It also comes with a dual locking system that makes it easy to keep your bike in place. There are two knobs on the left and right of the trainer.

You will find one big knob outside and a relatively smaller one inside on each side. These reinforce the locking mechanism to put the bike firmly in place. In addition to this, it also comes with a dual support structure. 

We have found that this turbo trainer keeps your bike from wobbling. It has a front-wheel riser block and a wide frame to keep you balanced. You will also find adjustable anti-slip rubber feet and a steady base. 

These make the trainer work right even on uneven flooring. It remains stable on any surface and prevents movement as well. The trainer works well to prevent any noise as it is meant for riding in indoor premises. This may even be your home. 

To do this, it enables smooth spinning. However, we find that the noise varies on the tread of your bike tires. The turbo trainer can also be folded and hence makes for easy storage. It is also portable for the same reason. 

You can use it with any bike between 26 inches to 28 inches or 700 C wheel. As long as your road or mountain bike is normally sized, you won’t have to invest in a new one.


  • Smooth spinning: Allows for smooth and continuous exercise
  • Double lock system: For safe and sturdy positioning of the bike
  • Wheel riser block: Prevents bike from wobbling
  • Anti-slip rubber feet: For stability on all floors

What the Experts Say

The pictorial instructions that come with this turbo trainer are more than enough as it is very easy to set up. When closed, it takes very little space and is recommended for smaller homes. 

Why We Put This Turbo Trainer on Position #2

This turbo trainer is a best seller and comes with amazing ratings and reviews. With good noise reduction and smooth spinning, we believe that you can use this trainer anywhere. From your home to a camping space, you can take your pick. 

3. HOMCOM Indoor Bicycle Magnetic Foldable Turbo Trainer

  • Progressive resistance
  • Very strong
  • Very easy to store
  • Great value for money
  • Plastic handles are not very sturdy

This product is all about the excellent magnetic resistance it offers. It comes with five internal resistance settings to allow for this. These help you increase your speed safely and gradually as you exercise and ride. 

It also comes with a foldable metal frame that is strong and will last you a long time. It is also reliable and will help you in saving space. You can fold it down after use and put it away anywhere you prefer. 

It is also very easy to use. For this, it comes with a front-wheel riser block and a quick-release skewer. In addition to this, the turbo trainer also operates extremely smoothly. Hence, you can expect each exercise session to be fruitful. 

You can keep your focus on working out and less on the mechanisms of your bike. It comes with rubber feet that keep the turbo trainer in place as you exercise. Hence, the unit will remain stable, and you will stay safe.

You can go ahead and use this for tyres 26 inches to 28 inches or 700 C. Hence, you will be able to find that the back tyre stays securely in place. It is also compatible for a quick release function. It can also hold onto a maximum weight of 150kg. 


  • Stiff frame: Supports the bike very well
  • Micro-adjust knob: to fine-tune your wheel as well as tire size
  • Stable base: For a good balance
  • Rubber Feet: To prevent scratched floors

What the Experts Say

If you are a weather cyclist and like to avoid the cold, this is the right turbo trainer for you. It takes as little as 5 minutes to set up, and you are good to go. You can simply set it up in front of your TV or anywhere you prefer for a good exercise session. 

Why We Put This Turbo Trainer On Position #3

We highly recommend this turbo trainer because of its good ratings and the excellent value for money it offers. It is also a space-saving option for anyone looking to exercise within limited space. It also fits your bike easily and won’t give you any fitting woes.

4. PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer

  • Quiet turbo trainer
  • Very stable bike
  • Good quality and durable
  • Realistic experience
  • Will have to get off to change resistance

This is an indoor bike resistance trainer that allows you to use your regular bike just as you would an exercise bike. You can do all of this from the comfort of your home. Hence, it is an excellent way to not skip out on the exercise and get fit easily. 

It is compatible with wheels between 26 inches to 28 inches and 700C wheel sizes as well. If you like switching between indoor and outdoor use, you don’t have to worry about a fussy release mechanism.

The bike will release from this mechanism quickly and easily as well. It also comes with a quick release skewer that is designed for the rear bicycle hub. It ensures that your bike fits into the trainer conveniently and safely as well. 

This turbo trainer is also very easy to assemble. It is made of heavy-duty aluminium and steel construction that will keep it lasting for a very long time. There is a nut lock as well to prevent the tyre from slipping. 

It also has a speed knob, quick release adjusters. You won’t have to worry even if your bike has no quick-release wheels. You just have to twist the knob on each side, and this will help widen the gap. This will help the nuts on either side of the wheel fit just right on the trainer. 

Do note that this turbo trainer will not make much noise as long as you use the right tyres. 


  • Quick-release spindle: to allow all bikes to fit in
  • Steel and aluminium construction: for heavy-duty use
  • Nut lock: Prevents tire from slipping
  • Silver body: Looks aesthetically pleasing

What the Experts Say

This is an excellent turbo trainer as it is very easy to assemble and use. If you find that it is noisy, simply switch from a mountain bike tyre to a road bike tyre. This will help reduce noise. 

Why We Put This Turbo Trainer in Position #4

We recommend this turbo trainer because it is compatible with most bikes, even those that don’t have quick release wheels. Hence, it makes for a great addition to your exercise equipment as well. You can place it in your garage or home to make good use of it. 

5. Saris CycleOps Indoor Bike Trainer

  • Easy to use
  • Small and sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Ease to store and move
  • Not easy to assemble

You will have to connect the rear wheel of your bike to this trainer. This is all it takes to begin to use this turbo trainer. You can now get onto your bike and begin to pedal. You will get five adjustable levels when you use your bike on this. 

You can then go ahead and adapt each ride to a resistance level you prefer. Hence, you can progress in your exercise journey over time. You can use your common road bike frame with this bike trainer. The good news is that you will also be able to use your mountain bike.

It comes with a steel quick release skewer and can be used even with rear dropout spacing. These can be 120mm, 130mm, and 135mm. If you are riding at a speed of 20mph, you can expect noise levels of 72 to 76 decibels. 

Hence, you can expect it to keep quiet as you exercise. This makes it a great option if you often have guests over or if you share your space with roommates. 

There is also a turn knob that is very convenient to use. You can adjust tyre fit to unit here with ease. Once assembled, this unit is very convenient. However, it may take some time to get this turbo trainer properly assembled. 

Pay attention to the instructions as many people find that this is not a straightforward process. It is also small and stable and can be used by younger and older people alike. You can also easily store it away after use. 


  • Low noise level: 72 to 76 decibels at 20 mph
  • Attractive: Black aluminium body
  • Versatile: Can be used with road or mountain bike
  • Good Resistance: Five adjustable levels

What the Experts Say

This turbo trainer is very stable and will help you keep your knees and legs strong. While the resistance is good, you may have to use the last ones for good tension. It is also recommended because of its small size that makes it easy to store. 

Why We Put This Turbo Trainer On Position #5

We like this turbo trainer because of just how convenient it is to use. The set-up may not be as easy. However, once you put it together, it is a breeze to use. It is also a quieter option than many other turbo trainers on the market.

Turbo Trainer: Buying Guide

A turbo trainer simply serves as a resistance platform over which you can exercise. It allows you to structure your biking session and give you that realistic feeling when you ride. Read ahead as we discuss some things to consider when you purchase a turbo trainer. 

Type of Turbo Trainer

There are a few different types of turbo trainers available on the market. Read ahead as we discuss these.

Magnetic Trainers

These turbo trainers use the magnetic field force to support your biking activities. The rear wheel of your bike will be set against the roller on the trainer. The magnetic unit will offer some resistance. 

This, in turn, will increase the force on the unit. Hence, it will create variations in the resistance that you are providing. To do this, there will be a trigger switch available. You can get this mounted on the handlebar for easy access. 

We also recommend magnetic turbo trainers as they offer better control.

Virtual Reality Trainers

Another turbo trainer available is the virtual reality trainer. In this case, your computer ca be connected to the unit that is providing resistance to your bike. The connectivity allows you to ride various racing courses and even join some competitions against other racers.

Your computer will direct the resistance on the turbo trainer. Hence, this resistance will be compatible with the race you are currently participating in. It is an interesting way to use a turbo trainer but can be an expensive option. 

Many of these trainers also work with Bluetooth and are compatible with many software.

Fluid Trainers

In a fluid trainer, you will find a fluid-filled chamber inside which is a propeller. When you see a fluid trainer, you will surely notice the cooling fins that will show on the fluid chamber. The resistance on this is much more stable and steadier than magnetic systems. 

You can change gears on your bike. This will allow you to modify the resistance as you prefer. 

Air Trainers

If you are looking for a cheap option, this is the best type of turbo trainer for you. However, these tend to be rather noisy. Further, they don’t come with resistance. Hence, you will have to change the gear on your bike to make the best of them. 

You won’t be able to adjust them either. It is essentially an air resistance unit that makes use of a turbofan. 


This is one of the most important things you should pay attention to. You can begin assessing this by looking at the kind of bike you have. Most turbo trainers are compatible with road bikes. 

On the other hand, you may have a mountain bike. In this case, we recommend that you should look into whether the turbo trainer is compatible with a mountain bike. You need not worry too much as most mountain bikes are compatible.

You can simply use a training tyre or a slick tyre. You will have to fit this to the rear wheel, and you are good to go. Ensure that the tyre is pumped up with enough air. With this, you should be able to enjoy your exercising session. 

Frame Systems

The design on the frame and the mounting will affect the kind of turbo trainer you buy. You can use a turbo during the winter months or even warm-up before a race. Hence, you may want it to be portable so that you can take it to the racing premises. 

If portability is key, look for a turbo trainer that is foldable. Further, such a unit will make storage very convenient as well. If you live in a small apartment with space constraints, this will be a great option. 

Mounting of the Wheel

The mounting system on your turbo trainer is crucial as well. When you get a turbo trainer, you will have to put a quick release rear skewer in place of it. The turbo driver then locks the wheel. It does this by clamping onto the skewer. 

You should see to it that the wheels on your bike are compatible with this system in the turbo that you purchase. If you have a good model that is ergonomic, setting it up will be very convenient. 


Another consideration when you buy a turbo trainer is the noise level on it. If you live with roommates or have close neighbours, noisy turbos are a big no. You will have to actively look for trainers that provide smooth spinning and noise reduction. 

Once you do this, you can ensure further noise cancellation by placing a mat beneath the trainer. You can simply use a yoga mat to do this, and it will help reduce the noise. 

Accessories on the Turbo Trainer

One of the things you should consider is a few extra accessories. 


You may want to opt for a riser for the front wheel. This is necessary for anyone who wants to create a real racing feeling. It is mainly because the rear wheel is held a few inches high by the turbo trainer.

You can now opt for a riser that will prop the front wheel up for a more levelled ride. Some trainers come with a riser. If not, you can also use a book or any block made for the same use. 

Spare Wheel

You can get a training tyre or a spare wheel to protect the tyre on your bike. This is largely because the roller on your turbo will be made of metal. Over time, the friction is likely to cause wear and tear of the tyre. 

Hence, a training tyre can help prevent this and can increase the lifespan of your bike’s tyre. If not for this, your bike’s tyre can also get flattened. The training tyres are made from harder rubber and will be able to take the friction from the turbo trainer better. 

Turbo Trainers FAQs

Do Turbo Trainers Damage Your Tyre?

Yes, most turbo trainers have rollers that can overheat your tyres during periods of high friction. It is especially true for standard road bikes. Hence, it is better if you opt for a training tyre to keep your bike tyres safe. 

Many people spoil their road bike tyres in a matter of weeks if this precaution is not taken. 

How Can I Distract Myself on a Turbo Trainer?

Indoor cycling on a turbo trainer can prove very boring if you don’t have the right distractions. To help the time go by, you can watch sceneries on video or listen to some well-paced music. You can also call a friend up and speak to them.

Many people also listen to audiobooks as they train.

Can I Hydrate Myself While Using a Turbo Trainer?

Yes, you can hydrate yourself when you use a turbo trainer. If you are using it for long periods, you can simply keep some water handy. Add some electrolytes to it as well. This can be as simple as salt. Some people prefer to drink energy drinks while on their turbo. 

How Can You Train On a Turbo Trainer?

To train well on a turbo trainer, make sure to include 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up. You can do this at a steady pace with some quick spinning thrown in. After the warm-up period, you can start cycling for 20 minutes for the main exercise. 

At this point, you should exercise at the highest power that you can keep going for 20 minutes. Follow this with a short cool-down session, and you are good to go. 

Is Turbo Training Harder than Roads?

No, turbo training is harder than training on the road. This is mainly because you can’t hide anywhere when you are using a turbo trainer. On the road, you may be able to stop at a traffic signal or take a breather when the road goes downhill.

However, this is not true for training on a turbo trainer. You will have to focus on spinning and reach your goal with no distractions in sight. 

Does Training on a Turbo Trainer Equal Road Training? 

You will spend about 10% of your time on the road freewheeling. Further, anytime the road goes downhill, you may be spending even up to 40% of your time freewheeling. Hence, a lot of effort is wasted on the road. When you compare the two, you will find that an hour of turbo training can equal about 2 or 3 hours cycling on the road. 

When Can I Train on a Turbo Trainer?

The advantage of opting for a turbo trainer is that you can go ahead and train whenever you prefer. When you have other commitments like work and family in the picture, you will be able to spend little time on training. However, a turbo trainer will give you a window of opportunity at any time. 

The training time is also much shorter indoors. Hence, it is the perfect option for busy bees. 

Can I Improve My Biking Skills on a Turbo Trainer?

Yes, many people use a turbo trainer to practice and warm-up before their events and races. For instance, you may be climbing uphill during the main event, and this includes a different set of muscles. 

To train for this, you can lean back a little and raise the front wheel on your trainer. Go ahead and get enough practice. You can also improve your pedalling technique in this way. 

Are Turbo Trainers Worth It?

Yes, turbo trainers can help keep you safe if you live in areas where there are harsh winters. During this time, you don’t want to stop your practice simply because the outdoors is not an option. Instead, your turbo trainer can help you keep up with your exercising regime. 

Hence, it ensures your safety by preventing you from catching any flu or colds from outdoor cycling. 

Are Turbo Trainers Loud?

Yes, your turbo trainer may be loud. However, a direct-drive trainer tends to be much softer than a wheel-on trainer is. The floor beneath your trainer can also affect this. If you have a wooden floor, you will be able to hear the vibrations loudly.

However, a concrete floor or any other solid flooring is bound to absorb the vibrations. You can also use a special training mat to control the noise. 

Do I Need a Riser for My Turbo Trainer?

No, a riser block is not a necessary purchase for your trainer. However, you will have to use some prop to level your bike and get the front tyre as high as the rear one. If you ride in this manner, you may exert excess pressure on your arms and groin. 

A riser is a good option to level your bike, but even a sturdy book should do the job just as well. 

How Tight Should I Keep the Rear Wheel Against the Trainer?

You have to ensure that the rear wheel is tight enough so that it does not slip out of the turbo trainer. However, you will also have to ensure that it is not so tight that there is extra pressure on the tyre. Just when it stops slipping, twist it about halfway. 

This should give you the optimum level of tightness. It is also just as tight as the trainer skewer that is in. 

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