Best Treadmill Under £500: Top 5 Budget Treadmills In The UK

Do you want to buy a treadmill, but wondering about its high price? If yes, then a treadmill under £500 can be a perfect choice for you. It is possible to obtain premium quality with a low-budgeted treadmill. 

A vast range is available that can provide you with an amazing workout experience. Therefore, to help you find the best Treadmill under £500, we present you with the best treadmills in the UK with a buyer’s guide at the end.

Best Treadmill Under £500 in the UK [Reviews]

In this section, we will discuss the detailed reviews of the best Treadmill under £500 in the UK. After conducting extensive research, we selected the five products based on their star ratings, price, and customer reviews. Read along to know the best treadmills under £500 that match your expectations.

1. Fit4home Electric Treadmill Folding Running Walking Machine

  • Solid construction
  • Foldable and stylish design
  • Wide running surface
  • Three-level manual incline
  • The maximum user weight is 110 kg.
  • Anti-static properties and a noise reduction material
  • Expensive model
  • Poor after-sales service

The Fit4home Electric Treadmill is the most stylish and strong Treadmill available at a reasonable price. The contemporary features make it easy to use the machine and can be placed in the home without taking extra floor space.

The Treadmill offers a foldable design that allows you to fold it out when you are ready for the workout and fold it away when you are done with your exercise. For enhancing the machine’s safety, the two safety locking features are available. They don’t let it fall over when placed in an upright position.

Equipped with pulse sensors and an LCD monitor, the Treadmill monitors your heart rate, distance, and calories with a single touch. You can easily choose from 3 Quick Start buttons or one option from the 12 pre-set programs. Apart from it, it has a side running surface. This allows you to perform your exercises comfortably and focus only on your workout. Further, the presence of a groove belt improves the grip and furnishes long-lasting quality performance.

This Treadmill comes with a stylish and modern design. This provides durability to the machine and is perfect for your fitness goals. Moreover, it has a noise-reduction component and anti-static properties that eliminate unnecessary noise, which is necessary for a peaceful jog.

The Fit4home Electric Treadmill comes with a three-level manual incline that enhances your endurance and burns more calories, as compared to a treadmill without an incline. This puts less pressure on your knees and provides you with improved cardiovascular fitness.


  • Weight: Super-Lite; 28 kg
  • Design: Stylish and contemporary design with a strong build
  • Speed: Top speed of 12km/h and extra slow pace of 0.8 km/h
  • Dimensions: 140×65×135 cm
  • Monitor: Equipped with LCD monitor and pulse sensors

Expert Reviews

This electric Treadmill can tone the glutes and legs of the runner and burn calories significantly. With a three-level manual incline and innovative groove belt, the Treadmill reduces bounce and put less strain on the knees.

Why We Chose This Product #1

The robust and contemporary Fit4home Electric Treadmill Folding Running Walking Machine comes with unique traits than other treadmills of its range. Moreover, foldable design and broad running area make the treadmill beneficial for every health-conscious individual.

2. CITYSPORTS Treadmill 440W Motor, Electric Walking Machine Bluetooth

  • Built-in Bluetooth Integrated Speakers
  • Running belt with non-slip lawn texture
  • Lubrication sign
  • Fast, strong, and durable
  • Ultra-thin walking machine
  • Silent and portable
  • The remote control doesn’t work properly.

The CITYSPORTS Treadmill 440W Motor is a perfect solution for exercise at home. There is no more need to bother about the gym membership because a treadmill with modern features will be present at your house. From LCD display to Bluetooth & speaker, this Treadmill can provide you with the most comfortable and joyful workout.

It is an ultra-thin treadmill that is easy to store and is suitable for both offices and households. The presence of transport wheels makes it a portable and space-saving treadmill. Next, the silent belt and motor allow you to do a silent workout without disturbing family members or office colleagues. The elegant design complements your home decor.

This Treadmill allows you to choose the speed between 1 to 6 km per hour, and you can adjust it conveniently through remote control. You get to know about the existing speed, burned calories, steps walked, and distance traveled. This enables you to modify your workout schedule according to your physical conditions.

The Treadmill understands the threat that it has from children. Due to this reason, it comes with a child lock function that can be unlocked only by the user through the remote control. It gives maximum security to the device. Moreover, it has Bluetooth integrated speakers. This allows you to enjoy exercise with your favorite music.

In addition to the above traits, this walking machine is completely lubricated. It gets necessary to add the lubrication oil to the machine whenever the cumulative mileage reaches 100 km. You will get an indication in red when the refueling need arises.


  • Maximum Capacity: 110 kg
  • Speed Range: 1-6km/hr
  • Transport wheels: Saves space and allows easy movement.
  • Dimensions: 1340×590×125 mm

Experts Reviews

The best Treadmill under £500 comes with integrated Bluetooth speakers and easy-to-use operations. Certain factors help to provide the desired results. The variable speed from 1-6 km/hr makes it easy for a beginner to use the Treadmill.

Why We Choose this Product #2

Being perfect fitness equipment, the Treadmill under £500 must have advanced features suitable for every person. The child lock function, integrated speakers, and lubrication sign make it a highly rated product.

3. CITYSPORTS Folding Motorised Treadmill 500W Motor with Adjustable Speed

  • Fast, strong, and durable
  • Easy to use operations
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Upgraded brushless motor
  • Noise reduction and stable operation
  • Improper belt alignment
  • Issues with folding

Featuring an LED display, the CITYSPORTS Folding Motorised Treadmill offers various quality traits that maximize the productivity of your workout. Slim in size, this Treadmill is portable than any other office equipment.

The sleek design of this folding Treadmill is an addition to your home interior. It can easily fit under the furniture while the Treadmill is not in use. It offers a speed range of 1-6 km/hr, which is beneficial for the beginner. It further helps in improving cardiovascular fitness.

Comes with a powerful 500W motor, this Treadmill is strong enough to fulfill the needs of an individual. It has a solid construction and is strong & durable when it comes to performance. This folding Treadmill has a maximum user weight holding capacity of 100kg.

It is easy to use the Treadmill as it can be easily controlled through remote control. You can alter the speed using this technique. It allows you to select the speed based on your physical capabilities and exercise need. The LED display shows the time, distance, speed, and amount of calories burnt.

This Treadmill has a low-noise motor and belt that allows you to do exercise without irritating your family members. Moreover, it is also suitable for the office, and you can also perform the exercise during your working hours.


  • Weight- 26.2 kg; can hold a maximum of 100kg.
  • LED Monitor- Easy to evaluate the progress by looking at calories burned, time, distance, and speed
  • Speed Ranges– 1 to 6 km/hr
  • Dimensions- 147×59×15 cm

Expert Reviews

The CITYSPORTS Folding Motorised Treadmill offers you a broad range of specifications that can make your workout sessions beneficial and effective. The Treadmill is an excellent alternative to your daily home workout requirements and available at an affordable price.

Why We Chose This Product #3

Available at an affordable price rate, the CITYSPORTS Folding Motorised Treadmill 500W Motor offers every benefit that an individual wants to have in its initial days of exercise. This aspect makes it a favorable part of this product, and you can purchase it for effective exercise schedules.

4. Sportstech F10 Treadmill Model 2020- German Quality Brand

  • Less-noise walking machine
  • Durable 1HP DC motor
  • Next-generation modes
  • Fast folding for effortless storage
  • 5-layered special surface with extra side treads
  • Transport wheel for easy movement
  • Too thin track to walk
  • Poor stability

Every individual expects to begin their workout session by running on the Treadmill. For beginners, it is difficult to proceed in the beginning, but it gets easy with an appropriate treadmill model. The Sportstech F10 Treadmill Model 2020 is designed especially for beginners and recreational athletes. They can prefer this model for simple gait training and jogging.

The Sportstech F10 Treadmill includes several features. It includes an ultra-silent engine that is made using high-quality copper and has a perfect structure. This increases the life of the engine and results in almost no noise production. Further, it has a 5-layered running surface that is optimum for a joint training session on the Treadmill.

This Treadmill further offers a heart rate belt that can measure your heart rate accurately. This belt provides precise heart-rate measurement during your entire workout session. It enables you to have adjusted and optimized training.

The innovative easy-fold system allows quick movement of the running surface. This system allows easy and quick clipping of the running surface and can be stowed away in a single action. It has an automatic lubricating system that helps you to improve your running abilities.

Further, it is equipped with extra-large and stable side surfaces that help to avoid injuries. The presence of a less-noise and durable 1HP DC motor. This new-generation Treadmill has event videos, coaching, and multi-player mode that enables you to enjoy the training and have a healthy and joyous workout.


  • Dimensions- 126×63.5×24 cm
  • Weight- 27kg; maximum user weight of 120kg
  • LCD Display- LCD Display with blue backlight and displays time, distance, and calories
  • Speed Range- Up to 10km/hr
  • Programs- 12 pre-programmed programs and 1 user-based program

Expert Reviews

The medium-ranged walking machine, the Sportstech F10 Treadmill Model 2020, offers numerous quality specifications, along with modern modes and pre-programed programs. Overall, easy folding and speed adjustment make it perfect for daily exercises.

Why We Chose This Product #4

Designed for the convenience of beginners, the Sportstech F10 Treadmill Model 2020 comes with easy to use and advanced features that are visible on its LCD screen. The presence of easy control and speed adjustment makes it a useful treadmill for those who have just started to do exercise. Moreover, it protects your knee with its pack up power and toughness.

5. Nero Sports- Foldable Electric Motorised Treadmill with Bluetooth

  • 12 Auto programs and one manual program
  • Powerful 600 Watt motor
  • Easy storage through the folding facility
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy to use operations
  • Lightweight and space saver
  • The belt is short and narrow
  • Dangerous at higher speeds

The Nero Sports Foldable Electric Motorised Treadmill is an excellent method to exercise at home conveniently. It is ideal for losing weight or achieving a perfect body shape. From powerful motors to auto-programs, this modern Treadmill can help you to improve cardiovascular fitness and toning lower body muscles.

This walking machine comes with an easy to use an on-board computer with an LED display. It can measure and display existing pace, time, distance, scan mode, and calories level. In addition to this facility, it also offers 12 auto-programs and a manual mode. You will also get the emergency stop tag and a suspension system that can provide a comfortable workout and is further easy to use.

This Treadmill has a powerful and robust 600 Watt motor suitable for heavy workouts. The motor is also backed by a lifetime warranty that you can use without any hassle. This warranty is not limited to motor only. You will also get a complete 2-years warranty on the machine frame and its parts.

Made using tough tubular steel, it has great strength and furnishes durability to this equipment. It can be easily folded, and hence, is easy to store. This makes it an excellent solution to do a workout at home and even at the workplace. The speed also varies from 0-10km/hr, and you can alter it according to your convenience.


  • Dimensions- 126×120×60 cm
  • Weight- 24kg; can hold a maximum of 150kg
  • LED Display- Shows calories, time, distance, and speed
  • Warranty- Lifetime warranty on motor and 2-years warranty on frame and parts
  • Speed Range- 0 to 10km/hr

Expert Reviews

A treadmill can furnish appropriate outcomes when it is equipped with advanced and easy to use features. The adjustment of speed makes it adequate for beginners and displays everything on the LED display.

Why We Chose This Product #5

Being a reasonable treadmill with all necessary features, you can enjoy the workout during every session and that too without any trouble. Moreover, it justifies its price value, and hence, makes this treadmill model worth considering.

Treadmill: Buying Guide

Before buying any product, including a treadmill, you have to consider those factors that might affect its quality. Since you have to spend your hard-earned money on the equipment, it has to be the best one. 

You will be risking your physical development if you do not put enough thought into some important factors before buying a treadmill. As you want a treadmill under £500, look for the following features to make the best decision:   


The motor is the key element of a treadmill that allows a quiet running experience. A powerful motor can endure higher speed limits without making any noise or causing any troubles. The power of the motor depends on the type of workout you prefer. 

Therefore, it is necessary to determine how you will be using the machine once it gets inside your home. 

If you only want to walk on the Treadmill, a 2.5 HP motor will work just fine. For both jogging and walking, buy the machine with at least a 3.0 HP motor. But if your workout includes heavy running and lots of effort, a motor with 3.5 HP or more is the ideal choice. 

Deck Size

A treadmill’s deck size determines how comfortable your running sessions will be on the machine. The size depends on your height, how you use the Treadmill, and the space available in your house. 

If you are of short or average height, a 20” × 55” running deck will work for both jogging and running. On the other hand, a wide treadmill allows more space for running and works better for tall runners. In this case, the ideal running deck size would be 22″ × 60″. 

If space is a problem and you cannot fit a big machine in your home, many treadmills can offer you a narrower deck size. A treadmill with an 18″ × 51″ deck is the most suitable option in this situation. Moreover, you can fold these machines to store them easily. 

Incline and Decline

Incline and decline features in a treadmill make your running workout more of a challenge than just moving your legs. Running on a flat belt does not require much effort. That is why treadmills have incline and decline functions. 

These functions will give the exercise a simulation of real-life situations. The simulation will make the workout more challenging and less boring. If you want an intense running session, look for both these options on the Treadmill.  

Running on an incline treadmill will have a greater effect on your calves, glutes, thighs, and ankles. Whereas exercising on a declined one will tone your legs and develops a different set of muscles.  

Most treadmills under £500 have an incline function but not the decline one. Some machines have neither of these great functions. So, what Treadmill is best for you depends on whether you need inclination and declination on the machine or not. 


Just like the motor, speed is an essential feature to look for before you make a decision. It usually depends on what achievements you want to accomplish with your Treadmill. 

An advanced treadmill can go up to 15 mph, and some might even reach 20 mph. And then there are some that have a maximum speed of 12 mph. Beginners might want to start slow, making low-end machines better for a start.  

If you are a dedicated runner who likes challenges, you have to consider speed as a crucial factor before buying a treadmill. The higher the speed it can achieve, the higher will be the price of the Treadmill. Therefore, be sure about the speed limit you want in a treadmill. 

Weight Support 

The weight support is as much crucial for a treadmill as any other factor. It means the maximum weight a treadmill can support on its running belt. The machine that can handle higher weights will provide you with a noiseless running experience. It will be sturdier than other treadmills. 

Look for a machine that can sustain more than your current body weight. It is the best way to decide whether the equipment is sturdy enough for your workout sessions. 

Powerful treadmills have the capacity to hold a user weighing between 100 to 200 kg. You can buy the one that supports at least 50 kg more than your weight.  


The console on a treadmill displays the data related to your workout. The information includes speed, distance, calories burnt, the program used, heart rate, and much more. 

Some advanced treadmills come with Bluetooth connectivity that allows the user to keep track of their progress. However, your £500 budget will not cover these types of machines. 

A built-in message board that guides you through the workout is also an additional feature in modern treadmills. 

If you do not want advanced features, a simple console will work fine. For more benefits, like wireless connectivity, you may have to increase your budget slightly. 

Extra Features 

Some treadmills come with extra features that are not as important as the ones mentioned-above but guarantee a smooth workout. These include speakers, phone holders, bottle holders, and other similar additions.  

If you only want a simple running workout, ignore these inclusions and go for a treadmill that meets essential requirements.  

However, some runners need songs while running to stay focused on the workout. Some people even like to watch movies during their workout sessions. If you are among them, buy the Treadmill with a headphone jack or Bluetooth connectivity. 

So, look for those additional features that make your running experience enjoyable. These extras will pull you towards the Treadmill, and you will exercise more than usual. 

Even the smallest of things, like design and color, might be important factors for different individuals. Serious and dedicated runners might ignore these features depending on their preferences. For beginners and amateurs, they might build their interest in running and exercising.  

Therefore, you have to set your priorities straight and then go to a shop to purchase the Treadmill. 

FAQs About Treadmills

This section includes some frequently asked questions about treadmills. Their answers will give you a better understanding of these cardio machines. 

Is running on a treadmill better than running outdoors? 

To simplify, both Treadmill and outdoor running have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer to run outside for fresh air and an open roof, while others like to work out at home.   

Moreover, it depends on individual goals as well. If you only need to maintain your physique, a treadmill would be enough. On the other hand, outside running is more beneficial for those who are training for race events. 

Treadmills might be the better option for runners who are coming back from injury or recovering from on. Try out both options, and figure which one is better for your needs. 

What are the benefits of having a treadmill at home? 

Running on a treadmill at the gym or your home are two different things. Here are the reasons how having a treadmill at home is more beneficial for you:

  • A treadmill is a long-term investment – cheaper than annual gym memberships and lasts longer. 
  • It is available 24/7, lying in some corner of your house. You can run whenever you spare a few hours from the busy schedule.  
  • You don’t have to be self-conscious as no one will be looking at you, unlike in a gym. 
  • No need to change into gym gear. Just wear your trainer shoes and get on the Treadmill. 
  • You can record the workout data and compare it with previous ones to track your progress.    
  • The console will show you the burnt calories after every run. It will motivate you and help you burn some extra to boost weight loss.
  • No matter if it is raining outside or a thunderstorm took over, you can run without worrying about it. 
  • Run-on the Treadmill after coming back from work to de-stress your mind and body.  
  • Listen to songs, watch movies or TV shows while running on a treadmill by connecting it with your laptop or phone. 
  • You can walk with a cup of coffee in hand.   
  • Even if you have 5 minutes to spare, jump on the Treadmill for a short walk. 
  • A folding treadmill saves loads of space. 
  • Incline function will help you burn more calories by making the walk harder than on a flat belt. 

What are the different types of treadmills?

There are four different types of treadmills available in the market. Select the one from the following as per your needs:

Manual Treadmill

Manual treadmills work as you walk or run on the running belt. They do not require any electricity because it is your walking that causes the machine to move. It prevents you from falling or having any accidents as the Treadmill will only operate when you jog or walk on it. 

A manual treadmill comes with cushioned handles that provide you with comfort while using the machine. Its running belt is more durable than other types of treadmills. If you are a beginner, this would be the best option to get used to running. 

You can get these treadmills within the range of £100 to £200. The lower the price, the fewer features this Treadmill comes with. 

The manual Treadmill also has some inevitable shortcomings that would make it a less preferable option for buyers. They do not have a console to show you the speed, calories burnt, distance, and other data.    

Motorized Treadmill

Motorized treadmills, also known as electronic treadmills, are sturdier and larger than manual ones. These machines are not portable due to their large size and heavyweight. You will have to empty some space and place it in your house permanently. 

Motorized treadmills are excellent for commercial purposes because of their heavy-duty designs. People working out in gyms and health clubs might demand a sturdy treadmill, making this one the ideal option for them. 

Modern electronic treadmills come with touchscreen monitors that make the workout experience better. You can even watch workout videos on its screen that comes in sizes as large as 22 inches. They have MP3 player ports for you to listen to songs and watch movies while walking on the Treadmill. 

They also include incline function that ranges from 6% to 40% to make your workout even more exciting.   

Hybrid Treadmill 

You can get these treadmills designed with an elliptical, stair-climber, and even a stationary bike. It allows the user to use different exercises while working out. Switch back-and-forth between two exercise equipment with ease. 

Every hybrid treadmill has its own different features and functions. One might have large cushioned seats, while the other comes with programmable LCD features that measure your speed, distance, heart rate, etc. 

The transition from one exercise to another is simple with the user-friendly instructions that come with the machine. 

The purpose of a hybrid treadmill is to provide you with the benefit of two exercises with one piece of equipment. It saves money and space that other machines could have taken up. With a hybrid treadmill, you will get high-quality and effective workout sessions without spending a large amount. 

Folding Treadmill

A folding treadmill has a foldable running deck that allows you to store the machine while not in use. It comes with attached wheels so you can move it without putting in much effort. These treadmills will work best if you have a smaller house or not enough space for an electronic one. 

Folding treadmills have a locking system that ensures the extra safety of the machine. They also make cleaning the home much easier as you can fold it back whenever you want. The build quality of these treadmills is top-notch. Its foldable frames do not affect its stability. 

Some folding treadmills have a distance display that tracks the revolutions of the running belt throughout your workout. It allows you to check how much distance you have walked after every run or walk. You can change the elevation settings of the belt with its incline function.  

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