Best Treadmill Mat: Top 5 Treadmill Mats In The UK

Bringing your fitness workout home? Experimenting with the idea of a gym at home but worried about potential damage to your house? Converting an area of your home to a workout space with all the equipment of a commercial gym can be convenient and time-saving, especially if you are regular with your exercise. 

While it can be awesome to do that, you run the risk of spoiling the flooring or decor with those heavy, bulky machines and training tools. That is certainly not desirable and can not only mar the look of your place but also end up costing you handsomely in repairs in the long term.

Especially with a machine such as a treadmill, you need to make extra sure you have taken care of your flooring before you install it on your plush carpet or vinyl floor. Nothing does this better than a treadmill mat. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about treadmill mats to pick the right one for yourself. There is also a buying guide and list of frequently asked questions at the end to take care of all your queries and concerns.

Best Treadmill Mats In UK [2021]

The sheer variety of treadmill mats on the market can get puzzling. You don’t need to worry about it, as we have done our best research to curate a list of the best treadmill mats available out there. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about the best mats to make the right choice for your needs.

1. RevTime Treadmill Mat

  • Durable and sturdy rubber build
  • Water-resistant and non-conducting
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Vibration and shock absorbent 
  • Noise-reducing capacity
  • Relatively less thick
  • Expensive

A large size mat with a length of 78” and width of 36”, the RevTime Treadmill Mat is spacious enough to accommodate even a commercial treadmill with ease. Other than treadmills, it is also designed to be suitable for other training equipment like a cycling bike or rowing machine.

What makes it the perfect base for heavy gear like treadmills is its rubber construction. The reinforced and sturdy EPDM and SBR rubber make it considerably more durable than a foam mat. These are long-lasting synthetic rubber varieties that are also water-resistant and non-conducting. 

The surface of the mat is anti-skid, making sure the treadmill stays firmly in place and doesn’t move with intense workouts. Weighing at 13.5 lb, it is heavy enough to be non-movable when in use. 

Its minimum thickness of 3mm offers enough buffering to effectively protect your flooring from wear and tear. The variant with 5mm thickness is also available. It is suitable for all types of floor surfaces, from hardwood to carpet. 

Along with the floor, the mat also protects the treadmill by absorbing vibrations and shocks. This also helps reduce noise levels, making it all the more suitable for home use.

Final Verdict

The combination of durable rubber construction, shock-absorbent, water-resistant and anti-skid surface, along with its noise-reducing capacity and large size, make the RevTime Treadmill Mat one of, if not the best choice for a treadmill mat in the market at the moment.

2. SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

  • Durable and heavy
  • Suitable for all floor surfaces
  • Available with multi-packs
  • No unpleasant plastic smell
  • Slip-resistance wears over time
  • Not ideal for rough treatment

The SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat is a tough and durable solution to shield your carpet or floor from the ravages of being in direct contact with heavy equipment and mechanical parts of training machines. Its vinyl build ensures there is ample cushion between the floor and the treadmill.

Besides ensuring effective protection of the floor, the mat also preserves and prolongs the life of your fitness equipment by keeping the dust and dirt from making their way into mechanical parts and the belt. 

With its size of 30 inches by 72 inches, the SuperMat can be used to keep ellipticals, cross-country trainers, and cycling bikes apart from treadmills. It comes in five different sizes to allow you to choose the right one for your treadmill size or other equipment.  

The length of 72 inches can prove to be short for some gear, so be careful to note the mat dimensions when making the purchase.

The thick construction of the SuperMat helps dampen vibration and machine noise keeping disturbance at the lowest, which makes it ideal for home use. Its surface provides a firm, stable grip for the equipment and your shoes, making the experience more efficient and comfortable. 

The vinyl surface proves to be more effective in preventing dents and damage when compared to thin rubber or foam mats. It also prevents the dust and debris from the carpet or the floor from affecting the motor of the treadmill, thereby keeping it up and running for longer.

What is better is this durable vinyl surface is also easy to clean and maintain. Further, its build and material are completely free of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, making it safe to use even in homes with pets and children.

Final Verdict

The SuperMat offers just the right combination of pocket-friendly cost and superior quality. Its vinyl surface offers unique advantages over rubber or foam mats. The availability of multiple sizes allows you to pick the one most suited to your needs.

3. BestXD Treadmill Mat

  • Relatively thick
  • Available in a pack of four
  • Space-efficient 
  • Effective noise and shock absorption
  • Inexpensive
  • Limited use for other exercise equipment 
  • It doesn’t shield the floor from water spills

If you are looking for an alternative to a standard, full-sized mat, BestXD Treadmill Mat is your answer. It comes in six smaller, square-shaped tiles, meant to act as a cushion for the four feet of the treadmill instead of spreading out under the entire machine.

Specially designed for use with treadmills, it is the most inexpensive option on the list. The alternative design stands out from the standard mat look and helps you cut down on the cost of a full-sized mat. 

Made of rubber, one tile weighs just 0.33 lb but can be used for a machine weighing as much as 1100 lb because of its high-density build. The square tiles can be conveniently placed and maneuvered without the hassle of snagging or bunching. 

It is thus compact yet effective at protecting the floor as well as the equipment by absorbing vibrations.

Since each tile is half an inch thick, it is sturdy enough to work as an effective shock absorber, preventing dents and damage, firmly hold its place, keep the machine from sliding around, and evenly distribute the weight of the treadmill. 

The high-density construction increases friction and dampens noise levels as well. However, since these are small, square tiles for the four feet of the treadmill, they don’t protect your floor or carpet from water spills and sweat. 

Because of its design, it is limited to the use of a treadmill mat and can’t be used for other fitness equipment like a bike, rowing machine, or elliptical. A noteworthy perk of the BestXD Treadmill Mat is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and customer service assurance.

Final Verdict

The BestXD Treadmill Mat is the perfect budget-friendly, space-efficient treadmill mat for home use. With a thickness of half an inch, it is exceptionally noise and shock absorbent. The only caveat is it can’t be used for all kinds of exercise equipment other than the treadmill.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill Mat

  • Lightweight 
  • Relatively cheap
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy to clean
  • Less thick 
  • Prone to wear over prolonged use

The Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill Mat is crafted out of high-density reinforced EVA foam to provide a durable solution to your need for a cost-effective treadmill mat. Its foam construction makes it lightweight and easy to move around while being cheaper than vinyl or rubber mats.

It protects your floor or carpet from scratches, dents, or drag marks from heavy, regular use of your fitness equipment. Besides protecting the surface of the floor, it also prolongs the life of the equipment by absorbing shocks and vibrations and preventing friction with the ground. 

The foam surface of the Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill Mat is water-resistant and non-slip. This firmly holds the equipment in its place, preventing it from sliding around during intense workout sessions. It shields your carpet from water spills and sweat as well.

Although relatively thin with a thickness of 4.2mm, it has been reported to perform well at keeping the carpet or floor from getting dented. Another feature of the mat is that it is easy to clean and maintain, thus ideally adapted to regular, vigorous use requiring durability and easy care. 

It works just as well when used for other fitness equipment like exercise bikes or ellipticals. Since it is available in three different sizes, you can choose to go for a portable, compact option or one big enough for a full-size treadmill.

Final Verdict

The Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill Mat is a budget-friendly option among the treadmill mats. Although non-slip and water-resistant, it is slightly thinner than the other options on the list. It is, however, lightweight, easy to clean, and available in three sizes.

5. Ultrasport Multi-purpose Fitness Mat

  • Easy to roll out and pack up
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Anti-skid
  • Odor-neutral and soundproof
  • Dirt repellent
  • A little thin for heavy use
  • Amenable to wear and tear over time

The Ultrasport Multi-purpose Fitness Mat is easy to lay under the treadmill and works well to protect the floor and the machine.

It has a robust, anti-skid texture to firmly station the treadmill in place and offer a sense of stability and sturdiness. Its surface is abrasion-resistant, which is beneficial for the durability of the machine. 

Its thickness of 6mm is sufficient to shield the floor from moderately-weighted exercise equipment. Its surface is warm and comfortable for your feet. 

A durable treadmill mat, it is designed to protect sensitive flooring as well and can be used with devices other than a treadmill, like spinning bikes, weight benches, and cross-trainers.

These features make it a good choice not only for the protection of the carpet or flooring but also for the long-term maintenance and durability of the treadmill or other equipment.

Additionally, this Ultrasport mat is odor-neutral and soundproof, effectively reducing the noise levels during equipment use, making it a thoughtfully-designed option to consider for home settings.

Its dirt-repellent quality also protects the machine from dust and debris on the floor or carpet. It comes in three sizes, each with a thickness of around 0.6 cm.

Final Verdict

The Ultrasport Multi-purpose Fitness Mat is a good option for medium-sized machines. Anti-skid, soundproof, and odor-neutral, it offers a useful combination of features at a reasonable price. For long-term and heavy use, however, its thickness is not ideal.

Best Treadmill Mats: Buying Guide

Now that you have taken a look at the best treadmill mats on the market right now let’s move on to the factors you should keep in mind when picking the one for your treadmill. 

While a lot of treadmill mats come with different combinations of useful features, knowing what you need and what to look for is important to make the right choice suited to you.

Size of the Mat

Functionally, this is a crucial consideration. The mat should be the right size for your treadmill. More than just fitting it, it should leave some space along the margins to account for the possibility of slipping. 

Although most mats are 3.5 feet by 6 feet in size, it is important to measure your equipment before making the purchase to avoid any size issues later. 


The thickness of the mat determines how effectively it will shield the floor. If your house has delicate, sensitive flooring or a carpeted floor, a thick mat would fit the bill better. 

Most mats are ¼ inches thick, but thicker varieties can also be found for heavy-commercial grade treadmills. The noise-dampening capacity of the mat also depends on its thickness and material. 

Sweat and Water Resistance

The treadmill mat you use needs to be water-resistant to prevent the workout space from reeking of sweat over prolonged use. It is also important to protect your carpet or floor from getting spoiled, especially in the case of wooden flooring.

Be careful to make sure the mat you go for is waterproof to derive its best utility. 


If the treadmill keeps sliding around during heavy workouts, it will not only damage the flooring but can also lead to injury by throwing you off balance. 

A non-slip textured surface is necessary to firmly hold the treadmill in place and offer you a safe workout space. Be sure to check the properties of the mat surface to ensure this before buying.

FAQs About Treadmill Mats

Are treadmill mats strong?

Considering the various materials and components that are a part of a treadmill mat, they come out strong and powerful after production. They are made for machines weighing around 200 pounds and therefore are not at all easy to move around. They are usually made out of strong rubber layers, which together form a resistive surface.

The mat so produced can take in all the roughness you provide it. As they are produced to provide you comfortable exercising sessions, you will not notice any signs of wear and tear on them, no matter how fast you run on them. 

Are both the sides of a treadmill mat textured?

To provide better resistance to wear and tear from the machine as well as the user, the mats are usually kept textured from both sides. However, both the surfaces don’t have the same texture. One side of the mat has a pebble texture, while the other side has a texture that looks like a weave. 

The best thing about this texture is that if you keep this mat on the floor and exercise, it will not harm or scratch or floor. It will provide you proper grip or the much-needed friction for better balance.

Is this mat thick enough?

Treadmill mats are about ¼ of an inch thick. This thickness of the mat has been provided by keeping in mind the need to protect the floor and also to provide you with a perfect platform while you exercise. The mat is thick enough to not let you feel the surface beneath it. 

No matter you keep it on the floor or the machine, you will have a stable base to carry on your exercises. Some may even use an indoor bike on top of the mat. This can make you believe in the right thickness of the mat. 

Are these mats good and durable enough for a treadmill?

As these mats have especially been made for treadmills, they would be strong enough to handle your exercises and runs on the treadmill. They are textured from both sides and are produced in layers. These layers of high-quality rubber are joined together to make up the right kind of carpet that you would find very useful for a treadmill. 

The mat of any other kind except these cannot sustain on a treadmill. They eventually wear out and are difficult to maintain. 

Can these mats be used as cushions on a treadmill?

As these mats are made out of high-quality materials, you can use them as a cushion under your feet on a treadmill. They will keep your feet perfectly safe and will not let any ulcers or wounds occur while you walk or run on the treadmill. 

Thanks to these treadmill mats, you will not have to worry about your feet getting dirty as well. Moreover, these mats also make it a lot easier for you to exercise on the treadmill. 

Does any discoloration form on the floors due to treadmill mats?

As the rubber used in these mats is free from any fake colors, you don’t have to worry about them discoloring or coloring your expensive floor tiles. These treadmill mats can take in strong loads, and even during the pressure, you will not see your floor losing the color.

However, this discoloration of the floor also depends on the quality of floor tiles you have at your home. If they have low-quality coating, you will start to notice the color coming on to your carpet. 

Do these mats slip?

One of the best things about these mats is that they are textured on both surfaces. This means the friction between the mat and the treadmill or the mat and the floor would be maintained properly. This will also give you the scope of exercising with all your energy without fearing to slip. 

There are two textures that you will find on the surface of the carpet. On one side, you have the pebble texture, while on the second surface, you have the weave-like texture that lets you have a great grip over the floor. This means that even if you don’t have shoes that have friction producers beneath, you will not fall from the carpet. 

Do these carpets have any unwanted odor?

As the rubber used in these carpets is quite high-quality, you don’t have to worry about them having any unwanted odor. You generally find odor in carpets that have cheap quality rubber that rubs on to other surfaces and starts to produce odor. 

Mats with odors can spoil your fitness schedule. An unwanted odor will also make it difficult for you to breathe freely. This would be a major inconvenience in your exercise. These mats, however, do not have such issues.

Are these carpets good for dumbbell racks?

Carpets that have ‘feet’ work great for dumbbells. Even if the dumbbell you buy doesn’t have feet, you can easily keep them on the mat for some amount of time. Also, this would depend on the kind of carpet you have bought and where you have bought it from. 

If the mat is made out of strong rubber and has more than one layer of such rubber, you are in luck. These mats do not provide quality easily and would let you put heavyweights such as dumbbells on them. If you require to keep dumbbells on the carpet, you can go for thicker treadmill mats too.

Are treadmill mats moisture resistant?

Depending on the kind of treadmill mat you have bought, the moisture resistance would be provided. The material of the mat makes a huge difference when you buy it. If you have a treadmill mat that resists moisture, you will not have to worry about you sweating over it.

To buy a moisture-resistant treadmill mat, look for the category specifically. Also, it would be very easy to clean and maintain. Just one wipe over the mat, and you will be good to go in no time. 

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