Best Mini Stepper Machines: Top 5 Mini Steppers In The UK

Stepper machines are a great way to work out in the comfort of your home. These small steppers can easily fulfill the needs of a moderate daily workout routine. But if supplemented with other options, it can also suit the requirements of a more serious athlete workout. And what else can go well to accomplish your 2021 fitness goal in the pandemic than a good home workout? 

Mini steppers, with their compact and lightweight models, offer a perfect alternative to the full-sized steppers. These may not offer the same comfort or features but do fulfill your goal of working out. Even better if you are a cardio person. 

If you’re looking to invest in a mini stepper, but the very many varieties at the market are confusing you, then you’ve come to the right place. Our experts did their thorough research to find you the five best mini stepper machines available in the UK

Best Mini Stepper Machines In The UK [Reviews]

To choose the best option available in the UK market, we’ve curated a list of five mini steppers for you. We think these options will lead you to a ‘healthy’ choice overall in terms of robustness, advanced technology, performance, and value for money. 

Our experts also kept in mind the most general concerns buyers face when choosing a small exercise machine. To make the best decision, this article will also assist you in solving the frequently asked questions and how you should pick the best-suited option from this curated list towards the end!

1. L NOW Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper

  • It’s portable and lightweight, weighing just above 7kg
  • Compact exercise machine to save storage space
  • A quiet non-turbulent machine
  • Comes with the resistance band
  • Built-in step counter
  • No resistance adjustment option.
  • Costly than average mini stepper machines

The L Now’s mini stair stepper is a stylish workout machine with the dimensions of 55.88 x 38.1 x 29.21 cm. This small, neon green machine is made of high-quality material and suggests long-lasting durability. 

Apart from the convenience of working out from home, this machine offers high-tech features to ensure the best experience. L NOW mini stepper comes with additional removable training bands. With the help of training bands, you can do low-impact aerobic exercises and tone your chest, shoulders, and back.

Additionally, this step machine comes with large textured foot pedals making it convenient for all sizes as well as non-slip.

With a fitness tracking monitor, you can track the total steps, duration of exercise, and total calories through the LCD monitor. This measuring gadget makes following a workout plan easier, effective, and more reasonable.

We’ve chosen the L NOW Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper number one on this list due to its durable design and advanced features. Its compact design and functions make the purchase worth it for your 2021 workout goals. You can also workout your whole body with the additional straps!


  • Total body workout: This high-quality adjustable stepper works on over 20 different core muscles.
  • Height Adjustment: This mini stepper comes with an inbuilt height adjustment knob. One can easily adjust the step motion height for short bursts or long steps as per their convenience.
  • Wide Pedals: This feature ensures that the height range of the pedals decreases with every counter-clockwise turn you take. 
  • Smooth Motions: This mini stepper is built with a hydraulic drive system. Smooth stepping motions while exercising will provide a natural workout experience at your home. 

2. DeskCycle 2 Mini Exercise Stepper

  • The best stepper for desk workouts
  • Clever electromagnetic mechanism working on an aluminum disc
  • Rubber feet to ensure stability
  • Smooth rotations
  • Well-built and stylish design
  • The movement of the legs is limited as compared to the real bicycle.
  • Weights medium heavy at 10kg

New Desk Cycle 2 is the most recent model offered by DeskCycle2, which comes in white color. It is an alloy steel machine, which makes its unique selling point. The product dimensions of 62 x 51 x 31 cm make it small enough to fit under most work/study desks. 

DeskCycle2 is an advanced version of their popular standard DeskCycle mini exercise bike. It incorporates a similar magnetic resistance from their product called the “MagneTrainer.” We suggest the DeskCycle2 for your office workout session due to its versatility and range of a commercial exercise bike. This product is specifically designed for office or home purposes wherein you can workout by your desk.

To make the product more dynamic, DeskCycle2 has adjustable legs for a hassle-free desk workout experience. With every purchase, you will get a Desk Display Extension Kit for free. This allows you to place your display on the desk while exercising, to easily monitor your exercise progress. 

If your aim of 2021 is to maintain your fit body even while working at a desk job, then Desk Cycle – 2 offers a perfect solution. We found that this mini bike/stepper can cater to your fitness needs in every situation. 

The lowest level of resistance setting makes it an easy workout, even for the elderly. In addition to burning calories and maintaining health, usage of this mini stepper while working also helps you boost productivity and mood.


  • Provides magnetic resistance: This will ensure the smooth operation of the machine. This smooth pedal motion is healthy for your joints and allows natural movements of muscles. 
  • Adjustable Leg: It allows you to set the maximum pedal height at two different levels. Unlike DeskCycle’s earlier model, you can set the maximum pedal height to 25.5 cm or at 23 cm to fit under low desks. 
  • Office friendly: Along with the smooth pedal motion, its whisper-quiet mechanism also offers quiet operation, thus, making it ideal for office use.
  • 5 function display: This 5-function display helps you monitor your workout speed, duration of exercise, and total calories burned. In addition, you also get an online calorie calculator to keep your diet and workout in the sink and plan your exercise routine. 
  • Offers different resistance settings: This mini fitness stepper offers more than twice the resistance range than that of other competitors. The calibrated resistance setting allows a variety of exercises from easy to difficult possible.  

3. Ultrasport Swing Stepper

  • Offers multiple levels of difficulties
  • Inbuilt simple and integrated training computer
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Automatic display settings
  • It comes with the expander bands.
  • Affordable and comes with two color options (Black & silver)
  • The hydraulic fluid in the dampers may heat up with use.
  • A slight thudding sound may disturb your workout.
  • Average built quality. 

The Ultrasport Swing Stepper comes with a wireless training computer and works on batteries. It is a metal-framed stepper with the dimensions of 43 x 39 x 22 cm, so it should be easy to store it in limited space. This machine itself weighs 7.35 Kilograms and is a solid, cost-effective investment. 

Its inbuilt high-quality shock absorbers make it an optimum training machine. Additionally, the machine has an automatic switch-off mechanism and can automatically change the display while using different functions. 

This product is CE certified, making it a trustworthy and affordable home gym equipment. The stepper allows both up and downward movements, as well as movements to the sides with a twisting motion.

This mini stepper by the Ultrasport is definitely our best pick among the affordable mini stepper exercising machines available in the UK. The brand has tried to offer every possible ‘advanced’ feature at a low price. 

Although the built quality was not up to par with other stepper machines on the list, we have to say it does its job just as well. If you’re on a tight little budget but still want to get that healthy built body, then going for this mini stepper will be a perfect choice for you.


  • Sturdy steel manufacture: Ultrasport Swing Stepper is made with a sturdy metal frame. It is capable of handling up to 100 kg in weight. 
  • Automatic display: This mini stepper has an inbuilt training computer that shows the training time, step count per minute, as well as the calories burned while working out. This information can be accessed through its console with automatically switchable indications. 
  • Offers changeable resistance settings: The degree of resistance can be adjusted individually depending on the user’s state of form. This makes the machine user-friendly and can be used by both beginners and trainers at home. 
  • Full support for the body: Its large surfaces support the feet without the worry of balance issues while working out. This Ultrasport stepper has anti-slip edges to ensure safety when training. 
  • Full body workout: This swing stepper comes with elastic bands for additional training of the arm and shoulder area. The stepper effectively works out the muscles of the legs, thighs, abdominals, and the entire lower body. 

4. HOMCOM Mini Stepper Exercise Stepper With Arm Toner

  • Durable material
  • The high load capacity of 440lbs
  • Travel and luggage friendly
  • Full body workout possible with extra resistance cords
  • Swing stepper allows you to work for different muscle groups. 
  • There is no tension adjustment.
  • Can get quite noisy
  • Small foot pedals can become a problem.

The machine itself weighs 9.2 kg and comes in at 45 cm x 42 cm x 21 cm size. The swing stepper helps you work out different body muscles of the side as though you were skating. This new product from the HOMCOM shall be your best pick in terms of durability. 

This stepper comes with soft bands to help you with a more balanced training. Its unique design will make sure your workout easy and without straining or putting pressure on the joints. Overall, one can effectively tone their thighs, hips, pecs, arms, chest, back, and stomach with the help of HOMCOM. 

Quality of the material ensures smooth steps without the need to oil the machine. HOMCOM mini stepper promises that a 30 minutes workout shall reap the benefits equalling 1.5 hours of walking. Our experts found its ability to stay put regardless of flooring very impressive. Its alloy steel body makes it a solid long-term investment for sure.


  • Practical design: HOMCOM improved on its previous designs to make this mini stepper’s structure stronger and lighter. 
  • Twister stepper: This mini stepper imitates the natural climbing movements. The twist-action helps in low-impact aerobic workouts to tone your abdomen and buttocks. Due to the twist stepping action, it creates the impact of a high-frequency workout, thus beneficial in weight loss. 
  • LED Display: The LED display console will help you keep track of Total Count, Calories, Rep Count, as well as the time and speed of your exercise. This way, everyday goals can be saved. But due to its small screen size, it’s difficult to see while working out.
  • Smooth and sturdy mechanism: HOMCOM stepper is made of alloy steel, which is sturdy, reliable, and safe to use for a long time. This also makes the machine very lightweight to carry on a trip or store without hassle. 
  • Creative multi-fitness approach: This mini stepper comes with two resistance bands. If you want to skip between doing aerobics and cardio, this mini swing stepper will keep you entertained. 

5. HOMCOM Mini Stepper

  • Big enough for comfortable usage
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • The resistance bands lead to a good cardio workout.
  • The pistons can make noise and get hotter.
  • Limited durability

HOMCOM mini stepper promises an effective low-impact aerobic workout. With the dimensions of 56cmx 50cm x 21cm and a mixture of steel and plastic body, it is an affordable and practical design model. This HOMCOM stepper weighs 9.3kg and offers great balance while working out. 

The sturdy nature of the product keeps your pace steady. The plastic footpads and a steel body framework make it lightweight and portable to use. Its simple design is easy to clean and low maintenance. 

If you want a mini but comfortable design that is big enough for a person of high stature, then you should definitely consider buying HOMCOM mini stepper. To cut down the cost of manufacturing, HOMCOM has rather compromised on the durability of the product. 

But if you’re new to the mini stepper game and want a good bargain deal, then picking HOMCOM mini stepper is totally worth it.


  • Practical Body: HOMCOM mini stepper is made with a steel frame. It is a practical design with hydraulic cylinders and non-slip, textured footpads. 
  • Training Ropes: This mini stepper comes with two training ropes for arms training. Among other accessories, it includes a floor mat to protect the floor from wear and tear. 
  • Adjustable Tension Knob: This function helps you change the pedal height from 10 to 38cm and swing motion from 15 to 25cm. This way, users can manage the change in the intensity of daily workouts. 
  • Options of Tracking The Progress: This HOMCOM mini stepper allows scan/repeat function. This means you can easily track your progress without any extra application. The electronic readout display shows step count, elapsed time, and the total calories burned. 

Mini Stepper Machine: Buying Guide

Here are the main things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the best mini stepper machine.

Consider warranty and durability

Different brands offer different warranty periods. If the product does not come with a warranty card, then it means it won’t last very long. Consider this purchase as a long-term investment in your health and make a good decision. 

Motorized or Manual Stepper Machine

Manual stepper machines are smaller and a lot cheaper than Motorized machines. But electric stepper machines are more fun to use with a variety of added functions. A tech-driven mini stepper can benefit you more in terms of tracking the workout and boosting the mood.

Built-in Technology

A medium price range mini stepper will have an LCD. This displays the data of your performance like the total calories you’ve burned, your heart rate, total steps, duration of the workout, and distance covered. 

The more expensive machines also have the option of choosing a workout program that fits your best interests. It is always better to make use of technology to strategically achieve your fitness goals.


Like its name, a mini stepper should be compact in size and lightweight. Its portable design will enable you to move your stepper after every workout. 

If you live in a studio apartment, then space becomes a huge issue for working out at home. Hence size and weight should be kept in mind while making a purchase. 


Before you go and buy the cheapest mini stepper out there, you also need to consider its quality. While the price may not at all times resonate with quality, but you would not want chest pain while working out on a rough, noisy machine. 

You don’t have to buy the most expensive stepper machine, but choosing a medium price range is recommended. 

FAQ's About Mini Stepper Machines

Mini steppers VS a mini cycle, which one is good? 

Stepper machines replicate the action of walking up the steps but offer more convenience, safety, and comfort than actually climbing the stairs. Mini steppers basically work on your lower body to tone your legs and thigh muscles. But if your mini stepper is coming with resistance bands, then you can get the added benefits of working out your upper body as well. 

While mini-cycle also majorly engages with the glutes, quads, and hamstrings muscles of the lower body, the impact is low because you’re seated while working-out on a mini cycle; it’ll only help you to a limited degree.

How do stepper machines compare to treadmills? 

Both stepper machines and treadmills will focus largely on your lower body and as a set of cardio workouts. But steppers are more compact, budget-friendly, and a lower-tech. 

Many varieties do not even need batteries for the steppers to work, unlike the motor run treadmills. Stepper machines are quieter, and even a full-sized stepper machine is conveniently smaller than a treadmill. 

Are mini steppers bad for your knee?

Definitely no. But like every other exercise, safety comes first, and we would suggest you not go overboard on working out. Then it can definitely hurt you. 

But besides that, stepping machines are actually gentle for your knees. This is because you would not be touching the surface with your knees, and all your body weight is centered around both your legs. These machines are less intense mountain-climber machines and are suitable for elderly and very unfit people as well. This quality of mini steppers makes them flexible to use.

Can I lose weight with a mini stepper machine? 

Certainly, mini steppers can be a great start to exercising. Even if they’re small, mini stepper machines offer a good lower body workout, helps burn calories, and can be easily combined with other exercises. If you’re just starting out exercising, then their tension settings will surely benefit you in getting good cardio or aerobic workout. 

For someone with a high-intensity workout routine, you can pair mini steppers with resistance bands and ropes for a full-body workout. 

It is a good option for an affordable weight loss journey. If you prefer a home workout and are facing the problems of a tight schedule, then fitting a mini workout session can be the best possible route for you. Lose those extra pounds without going out!


In this mini stepper machine guide, we’ve considered all the important points to make sure you make an informed decision. If you’ve read the article this far, then you might as well go and bring that mini stepper at home. I hope we have made choosing the correct mini stepper machine easy for you.

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