Best Home Multi-Gym: Top 5 Compact Multi-Gyms In The UK

Some people are fitness freaks but find it impossible to go to the gym in their busy schedule. It is better for people who want to maintain a fit lifestyle and balance their work to opt for home multi-gyms.

To help you make a sure decision, we have picked five of the best home multi-gym in the UK and included a detailed buying guide.

Best Home Multi-Gym In UK [2021]

1. Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym with Weight Stack

  • Versatile exercise accessibilities with built-in attachments
  • Adjustable seat with back pad
  • Low and high pulley with different attachments
  • Compact unit with low use of space
  • Assembling may take-up time
  • Not suitable for users below 6′
  • The instruction manual is not clear

One of the top-most compact home multi-gyms is the Marcy Eclipse HG3000. This space-saving unit is very sturdy and is extremely durable. An advanced unit with several exercise capabilities is the dream home unit for the fitness freaks out there.

Equipped with a vinyl weight stack of 68 kgs, this is great for people who are into weight training. This unit lets your work different parts of your body in one single place. If you are looking for a home multi-gym unit that can provide you with full-body workout the HG3000 is the one for you.


  • Dimensions – 172 cm x 91 cm x 210 cm
  • Unit Weight – 120 kg
  • Weight Bearing Capacity – Maximum 135 kg / 21 stone / 300 lbs
  • Seat – Adjustable
  • Exercise – Legs, Curls, Pull-down, Rows
  • Warranty – Lifetime on Frame and 3 Years on Parts

Expert Reviews

Based on the features and exercise capabilities present in the unit, this is by far the best home multi-gym unit present in this list. With its compact and space-saving feature, this unit can be set up in any space in your house.

The best thing about this home multi-gym unit is its ability to let you conduct a full-body workout using a single unit.

Why Is This Our #1 Product?

The Marcy Eclipse HG3000 may be the high-priced product on this list, but it is also the one with the most features. With its amazing attachments and features, this unit can be used by professional fitness experts and amateur users alike. 

2. Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar for Home Gym

  • 14-gauge steel sturdy construction
  • Angled arm-rest and back-rest is very comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Stable H-shaped base
  • Push-up bars
  • Assembly manual is not clearly described
  • The front grip of the pull-up bar not used


  • Dimensions – 135.89 cm x 48.51 cm x 18.29 cm
  • Unit Weight – 28.01 kg
  • Weight Bearing Capacity – 200 kg
  • Pull-Up Bar – Adjustable
  • Exercises – Arms, Shoulders, Back, Chest and Core
  • Warranty – 3 Years

Expert Reviews

With an adjustable back-rest and pull-up angled bar, this affordable product can be a great inclusion to your home. You can even check out some online videos to see how you can make this unit more versatile.

Why Is This Our #2 Product?

The Sportsroyals power tower is the perfect example of a lesser-known brand providing high-end services. Despite this power tower belonging to a budget-friendly range, it does not lack in durability or sturdiness.

3. Magic Fit Power Tower Multi-Function Pull Up Bar for Home Gym

  • Eight height adjustment levels
  • Sturdy construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Multi-functional
  • May not be able to sustain heavyweight

Our list’s next product is another power tower from Magic Fit, which is the cheapest product in there. This power tower may be very cheap, but it provides a wide range of exercise options. Moreover, the ergonomic design of the unit makes it a favourite of many expert fitness trainers.

You can use this unit for calisthenics training, doing pull-ups, push-ups and other lower and upper body exercises. With the soft back-rest, you can carry out any exercise with optimum comfort. There are elbow pads in the unit, so you do not have to wear gloves while exercising. Moreover, this unit is very compact, so it does not take up much space.


  • Dimensions – 29.1″ x 40.9″ x 68.8-90.5″
  • Unit Weight – 28 kg
  • Weight Bearing Capacity – 330 lbs
  • Tower Height – Adjustable
  • Exercises – Upper and lower body work out
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Expert Reviews

The cheapest product on this list but equipped with many interesting features is perfect for all users. Despite this being a power tower, you can use it for both upper and lower body exercises. This versatile unit also has eight height adjustment levels so every person can use it.

Why Is This Our #3 Product?

The Magic Fit power tower is a compact unit that can be placed anywhere in your house. Moreover, you do not have to break the bank to invest in this product. You can use this product for several types of exercises, making it a versatile unit.

4. ONETWOFIT Power Tower Adjustable Fitness Workout Station

  • Stable U-shaped base
  • Base included push-up bars
  • Budget-friendly
  • Height adjustable
  • Steel-tube sturdy frame
  • Low-quality PU leather used in the back and arm-rest
  • Front grips missing in a pull-up bar

Another power tower with a small footprint is the ONETWOFIT power tower. This unit has a sturdy U-shaped base that does not wiggle up to 330 lbs user weight. There are a pull-up station and an adjustable height which makes it suitable for all users. You can also do push-ups using the L-shaped bard.

You can carry out your fitness regime using this versatile power tower to assist in lower and upper body exercises. Moreover, you will not have trouble finding a suitable place for this power tower due to the small footprint.


  • Dimensions – 47.2″ x 35.8″ 80″ – 87″
  • Unit Weight – 59.5 lbs
  • Weight Bearing Capacity – 330 lbs
  • Tower Height – Adjustable
  • Exercises – Lower and Upper Body Exercises

Expert Reviews

Ignoring the cheap PU leather that has been used in the back and arm-rest, this product is worth the money. Perfectly capable of being a great companion to your workout routines, this unit can be set anywhere in your home.

Why Is This Our #4 Product?

A very budget-friendly home multi-gym, this power tower from ONETWOFIT will be the perfect gym companion. Now you can cancel your gym subscription and indulge in different fitness routines with this great and sturdy unit.

5. Sportstech Premium 50in1 Multi Gym

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Several exercise options
  • Comfortable material
  • Compact size that fits in most spaces
  • Weight stack should have been heavier

Sportstech is a very well known name in the fitness world, and the premium 50-in-1 multi-gym is no different. This unit comes with defined instructions on the back which shows the different exercises you could do. Several stations let you carry out almost 50 exercises, just like the name suggests.

The material used in the construction of the unit is very high-quality and made from EVA padding. This ensures that you do not experience discomfort while exercising. Moreover, this unit is compact even with so many stations which help you find a suitable spot in your home.


  • Dimensions – 1896 x 2116 x 2196 cm
  • Unit Weight – 137 kg
  • Exercises – Bottom, legs, shoulder, biceps, abdomen and back
  • Material – Durable and high-quality EVA padding

Expert Reviews

Despite the huge capability of exercises and so many work station variations, this multi-gym is not priced over the top. You will find this is an affordable range and can be bought by most users. This unit is perfect for people who are looking for all-in-one fitness solutions.

Why Is This Our #5 Product?

Even though this product is last on the last, it is nowhere less than its competitors. With an affordable price range and several exercise accessibilities, this unit is a good addition to your fitness schedule.

Best Home Multi Gym: Buying Guide

If you plan to invest in a multi gym for your bedroom space or plan to have a huge home gym, you will need to consider certain aspects before purchasing it. It would help if you researched before buying any product.

One needs to perform research before buying a home multi-gym, too. A home multi gym is a vast system or workout station that immensely benefits your health and makes you stronger. If you are familiar with lifting weights and working out with equipment, you can use a home multi gym and gain maximum benefits out of it even without a trainer.

But, if you hurry and buy a multi gym that ends up not being ideal for you, it will waste money and time.  To make things much easier for you, we are listing out the aspects you need to look out for before buying a home multi gym. You can just run through this list while you are deciding on the one to purchase. 

The Size

The multi-gym has hefty machines.  You need to think and plan for a space in your house where you will place it. It may seem very dreamy and wonderful to have your multi-gym at home, but you also need to think of the practicality of so much metal. 

You may look at a multi gym and like it, but considering that you will shift it inside your home; you need to envision it being in an area suitable for it. Considering the height of your doorway and ceiling is necessary. It would be suitable if you considered this to ensure that the multi-gym machines can fit into the door without hindrance. 

Weight Stack

Before you buy the home multi gym of your choice, make sure that it has enough weights. As you get stronger every time you lift, you will add additional weight to the existing ones. Adding weight is a way to increase endurance and gain maximum from your weight lifting journey. 

For instance, if you are already into weight lifting, purchasing a multi gym with 80 kgs is ideal. However, it is best to buy a multi gym with weights between 60 and 70 kgs if you are just a beginner. 

The Maximum Weight of the User

Every machine, including a home multi gym, will have a maximum recommended user weight. There is a maximum suggested user weight given for your safety. You need to check the equipment’s maximum user weight before purchasing the home multi gym of your choice. 

The Price of the Home Multi Gym

People usually don’t miss out on checking this particular factor. However, the home multi gym you are interested in might be very eye-catching, and you might overlook the price. You must purchase a multi gym for your home worth the price, containing all the features you are looking at. 

The multi-gym price might be less, but the quality of equipment it contains might be of low quality. If you are just a beginner, you might want to invest in a home multi gym that is not very expensive. Not wanting to invest heavily is understandable, considering that you might want to look into this field before investing too heavily. 

If you are purchasing a home multi gym from online websites, it will be effortless to compare prices between 2 or more home multi-gyms manufacturers. 

The Intensity

If you are an amateur fitness lover who has just entered into the world of lifting weights and exercising, you may want to invest in a home multi gym with just one single station machine. Such a device will include only a single seat for you to perform all of the exercises. 

A single-seat workout station can be purchased even if you have less space for too much equipment. If you have more users to exercise at your home’s multi-gym, you can invest in a home multi gym with multiple or dual stations.

Also, if you are at an advanced level of weight lifting or exercising, you can invest in a more extensive home multi gym with multiple stations. These various stations tend to have many more options for exercising heavier and a higher number of weights.

It is also advisable to consider placing a home multi gym in an open and airy room. Exercising in the fresh air will give you more oxygen and make you feel fresher. 

Adjustable Seats

An important but often skipped factor to check for is whether the home multi gym you choose for your home has an adjustable seat or not. Especially if you are not the only person who plans to use it, there needs to be an adjustable seat. 

Many home multi gym models tend to have a fixed seat. A fixed seat can be a hindrance to being comfortable while working out. Also, your work out sessions might not even be beneficial if the height is not right. 

A Workout station with a not adjustable seat is especially a problem for those whose height is lesser or greater than the average height range. 

The Pulleys and Cables

You might be wondering what pulleys and cables have got to do in a buying guide. 

Well, did you know that pulleys, as well as cables, tend to play a crucial role in the operation of a multi-gym? The weight you select can seem a lot heavier than it is supposed to be. The weight can seem heavier if the model you have purchased uses nylon and plastic having poor cables. 

Nylon and plastic can add a lot of friction and an extra amount of resistance when working out. It can even injure you while working out. 

There can also be a grinding kind of motion if the equipment is of poor quality. Poor quality equipment, especially during training makes training very uncomfortable for the user. You need to ensure that the equipment you buy constitutes good quality material to work out without injuries. 

FAQs About Home Gyms

Is It Worth Investing In A Home Multi-Gym?

Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is very important if you want to increase your lifespan. However, everyone can’t attend the gym every day. In this fast-paced life, people find it hard to take extra time to go to the gym. Despite that, they do not want to ignore the importance of exercising.

Another reason why many people avoid going to the gym is the monthly expenses that are quite high. Keeping all these situations in mind, investing in a home multi-gym is a more cost-efficient option. Not only this, but you can save a lot of time if you have a multi-gym at your home.

If you are serious about fitness, then this multi-gym will be a great way to take care of yourself. You can work out at your own time and with different exercises. The multi-gym is designed in such a manner that you can do almost every exercise that you would have done at the gym.

The multi-gym is a one-time investment, and there are no expenses every month like your gym. Moreover, you can work out whenever you want without compromising on your work or your fitness.

What Should Be Present In A Home Multi-Gym?

Multi-gyms are of different types and would include different things. Some multi-gyms include a lot of features, and you can do numerous exercises on it. Even though this can seem attractive and cost-efficient to you, investing in such a multi-gym may not always be the best idea. On the other hand, some multi-gyms offer a limited range of exercises like a power tower.

 The features and exercise accessibility of the multi-gym would depend upon your preference. You need to see if the multi-gym you are looking at can support the exercises you want to do. Most multi-gyms should offer you exercise accessibility for legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest.

This is a general requirement of most people; however, you might want more or even less. Check out suitable units for your needs and that is the one you should go for. There is no one-size-fits-all in multi-gyms, and everything depends on the user’s discretion.

If you are into resistance training and weightlifting, you can look for heavy-duty units that offer such features and exercise accessibility.

How Much Should A Multi-Gym Cost?

Home multi-gyms are available at variable cost, and it will depend on what the unit is offering you. Some multi-gyms that offer limited exercises can be budget-friendly while some advanced units will be on the higher end of the price bar. However, the price of a unit can also differ according to the bar.

For example, a power tower provides a limited range of exercise capability. However, a power tower belonging to a local brand and one belonging to a high-end brand will have a vast price difference. The difference here will be the quality and durability of both products. Of course, the power tower belonging to the high-end brand will have more longevity.

Similarly, a power tower and a weight stack multi-gym will have a difference in prices due to the difference in these products’ exercise capability. Therefore, the cost that you will pay will depend upon the unit that you are choosing. It is always smarter to go for a branded unit, whether it is an advanced one or a power tower.

You need to ensure that the unit you are buying is worth the money you are paying. It will be bad for you to go for a cheap unit and then throw it away after a few uses.

How Much Space Will A Multi-Gym Take Up In My Home?

The unit that you are buying will have the space requirement mentioned. Before buying, you can decide whether you have that space available in your home. However, that should not be the exact space that you leave for your multi-gym. There are many other requirements that you need to adhere to when you buy a multi-gym.

Depending on the unit, you need to leave ample space to exercise and move around freely. The unit should not be completely stuck to the wall since this could hinder the equipment and your movement. You should be able to extend and stretch your body completely while exercising.

When placing the unit, ensure that it is directly not exposed to harsh sunlight or rainwater. This can create uncomfortable situations for you when you are exercising. The home multi-gym should be placed in a comfortable space where you and your family can exercise without any issues. Also, remember to leave space on all sides of the multi-gym so that you can go around it and clean it.

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