Best Home Gym Mirrors: Top 4 Studio Mirrors In The UK

A home gym isn’t complete until the walls aren’t covered with large mirrors. Your fitness routine has a great effect on your entire body. So you need something to glance upon your entire body.

Adding a gym mirror not only adds elegance to your gym but also motivates you. When you glance at your whole body in the mirror while working out, it motivates you to keep working to achieve your fitness goals. 

As it is said, that real motivation comes from your inside. Our experts have selected the best choices for your workout space at your home.

Best Home Gym Mirrors In UK [Reviews]

In the current scenario of carrying out our activities from our homes. We cannot neglect the importance of fitness. Recently the need for setting gyms in our homes has increased.

But we do not have a fitness trainer to tell us at what pace we are going. So consider adding large mirrors just like at gyms. This way, you can have a complete overlook of your physique.

1. Large Mirror Glass by MirrorOutlet

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to mount on walls.
  • Free delivery, free return, and free exchange services available
  • It must be handled with care as sharp cut edges of the mirror can injure your hands.

This Mirror Outlet product is a large mirror glass. It comes with the dimensions of 6ft height and 4ft width. This mirror weighs about 23 kilograms.

It is a frameless mirror, and you can mount it on your walls. The silver colour makes it a suitable choice for all colour combinations. It is supplied with screws, washers, and screw head caps. 

The mirror comes with predrilled 4 holes which ease the task of hanging on your walls. This will go perfect for your home, gym, or dance studios.

Its wide interface can give you a wide and detailed outlook of your body. You can fix it in a horizontal position.


  • Finishing:  It has frameless finishing, so no framed structure is present.
  • Material:  The mirror is made up of Glass material
  • Colour:  It has a metallic silver colour
  • Dimensions: 183cm X 122cm
  • Weight:  It weighs around 23 kg


The satisfied customers have suggested it as a good choice for a home gym and garage. This is simple to fit on your walls and effective for a workout.

It is a worth buying home gym mirror for increasing your word spacing. Moreover, it will keep you updated about your progress with your daily workout.

2. 4mm Glass Mirror 6ft x 4ft 1828 x 1220 Large Gym Dance Studio Bathroom Bedroom Mirror Sheet

  • The product is delivered with great care.
  • Comes with additional options of backing
  • You can add screws, drilled holes, and end caps to your order.
  • You may require an additional workforce to handle it or move around.

This is a Sign Materials Direct product which is available in silver colour. It is available in a rectangular shape with dimensions of 6ft height and 4ft width. It has a thickness of 4mm.

It has polished finishing. It has 4mm of plain mirror glass. It can be used for bathrooms, bedroom walls and gymnasium, corridors, and dance studios. It enlarges your space due to which area looks more spacious.

The mirror’s varying width and length enable it to be used in both horizontal and vertical manners. So, you can place it according to your height as you require.


  • Adjustable:  It is adjustable and can be cut to the required size.
  • Colour:  It has vibrant Silver colour.
  • Material:  The material of the mirror is Glass.
  • Shape:  It is available in Rectangular shape.
  • Dimensions: 1828mm x 1220mm.
  • Thickness:    4mm.


It is a great quality product. The customers have given it several positive reviews and ratings. It is a little thin and can be fitted with mirror clips. It is also stated as a durable and long-lasting product. 

It offers a more spacious outlook to your area. It is easy to stick and can easily adhere to your walls. So, while looking for a good gym mirror in a reasonable price range, it would be the right choice.

3. Acrylic Mirror Sheets

  • Lightweight and portable
  • It’s Anti-shatter and scratch-resistant
  • Cheaper than a usual glass mirror
  • To get a clear image, you have to walk up real close to the mirror.

Acrylic Mirror Sheets are high-quality mirrors with a protective film. High mirror grade gives a reflection as a glass mirror does. It is light weighted, safe, cheaper than a glass mirror. Due to the high-quality material used, it doesn’t shatter easily. 

Acrylic Mirror sheets are also called child-proof safety mirrors due to their impact and high scratch resistance material. Acrylic mirror sheet is suitable for industrial, retail and domestic uses. 

They are also suitable for gyms, dance studios, changing rooms, schools and much more. These mirror sheets are available in A3 size (420 × 297 mm). Due to its thinness, it can be drilled and screwed into a place. 

Before using them, remove the protective film from the mirror.


  • Made from high mirror grade: Gives a reflection like a glass mirror.
  • Lightweight and portable: It weighs only 280 g, which makes it lightweight and portable. 
  • Scratch Resistance: It is made from a highly resistant material. 
  • Size and Thickness:  A3 – 420 x 297mm, 2mm
  • Dimensions: 42 x 0.2 x 29.7cm

4. Large Mirror Glass Gym

  • Silver backing
  • High light Refection
  • Suitable for a home gym
  • You may cut yourself because of the sharp edges.

Large Mirror Glass is a frameless mirror that you can mount on your walls. The silver colour makes it a suitable choice for all colour combinations. It is supplied with screws, washers, and screw head caps. 

It’s a large mirror glass that comes with 6ft and 4ft (1220 x 1830 mm) height & width. It is made from thick glass about 3mm. These mirror sheets have cut edges. So, you should wear gloves while picking it up.  

The mirror comes with predrilled 4 holes which ease the task of hanging on your walls. This will go perfect for your home, gym, or dance studios.

Its wide interface can give you a wide and detailed outlook of your body. You can fix it in a horizontal position. 

It weighs about 17.4 kg. Your delivery driver may need your assistance to unload this heavy thing. 


  • Wide Interface: Due to its wide interface, you can view your whole body with just one glance. 
  • Perfect for the home gym: Its best for a home gym, considering its high light reflection
  • Dimensions: 1220 x 1830 mm
    Weight:  It weighs about 17.4 kg

Product Buying Guide

For both trainees and trainers, when searching for mirrors for your gyms, some points must be considered so that you choose the right mirror for your workout. This goes well for either setting gym at your home or for commercial gyms.


The two most used types of materials in construction are; glass and acrylic. So let us see the features of each;

Glass mirror

Such a type of material is the most frequently used. This provides a clear image and is a bit expensive. Its height and thickness can vary. For regular workout and commercial gyms, it is the most reasonable choice.

Acrylic mirror

This type of mirror is comparatively less in price. But still, it does not affect the durability of the mirror. The acrylic mirror does not give as clear a picture as obtained with a glass mirror. Because of distortion in the image when using acrylic.

So for a detailed view of your physique, a glass mirror is a more compelling option. 


The mirrors should be hard and durable so that a small strike may not result in big damage to the mirror. But glass is very sensitive to any strike or hitting, so that any small accidental encounter can result in irreversible damage. 

Generally, acrylic is regarded as more firm mirrors, but an equal amount of precaution and care is required.


The main purpose of the mirrors is to get a precise and clear view of your body. So this feature cannot be compromised. Mostly all types of gym mirrors are efficient in their image formation.

But placing them under a sufficient light source enhances the clarity of the image. Moreover, the acrylic mirror has a little distortion in making clear images. Low iron glass gives a more enlightened view, so it is recommended if you want to set up your gym in a basement area.

But in normal conditions, other options are also suitable. They are equally durable and give equally good results.


Two types of finishing are mostly available; One with a frame and one without a frame. Definitely, a framed finishing gives a more neat and classy look. But it also depends upon your choice or need.

The framed mirrors cannot be put together, so if you plan to attach multiple pieces to form a large mirror area, this choice will not work out. In that case, go for the ones which are without a frame. But handle with care their sharp cut edges can cause cuts.


You can have a flexible mirror that will be a portable choice. Or the ones that fixed with the wall cannot be moved around. That more depends upon your way of usage. You can use them in both ways.

The flexible ones do not have a good image due to poor image quality. That may work for beauty purposes. But when you need an enlarged view, this does not yield a good result.

Mounting to wall

You can mount it to your wall and fix it at a place with screws. Some come with predrilled holes for easy installment, as mentioned in our list. You can also lean them against the wall and still can get a clear picture.

While adjusting the mirror on your wall, fix it at some height from the ground. This will enable even heightened persons to get a full view of their bodies. 

As reflection occurs at an angle, and you are standing at a distance from the mirror, this gives a full view of your body.


Taking the right precautions is necessary to prevent any damage. Therefore use tight drywall anchors instead of ordinary screws as they fix your frame tightly at a place.

Also, look for j moulding as the mirror weight rests on it, preventing it from falling. To prevent the scattering of glass pieces due to any strike, prefer using safety coating at the back. This adheres to the pieces and prevents them from scattering on the ground.


What are the benefits of adding a mirror to your home gym?

There are many things to consider while designing your home gym. One of the best aesthetic options is putting mirrors or covering your home gym walls with large mirrors. 

Mirrors on the wall can enhance many specifications of your home gym. A few of them are:

  1. By looking at your whole body while working out could enhance your motivation to lift more weight. 
  2. It also helps improve your techniques. 
  3. It spreads light across your home gym.
  4. It makes space look larger. 

What is the purpose of using mirrors in a home gym?

Mirrors are not just for admiring one’s physique. They are of great purpose. 

They could be proved as a workout trainer when there is none available, and of course, it’s cheaper than a trainer. You can keep an eye on yourself and see if those reps are properly done. Any part of you being lazy could easily be spotted right in front of you on the large mirror. 

You surely can determine your progress by looking at those big mirrors. You can easily see yourself how much better you are going through all your workout routine. 

Which is the best; glass mirror or acrylic mirror?

Acrylic mirrors are not just cheaper than glass mirrors, but they are also lightweight. They can also be used in open areas since they don’t attract dust and dirt as glass mirrors do. 

But the real question here is that if acrylic mirrors are that good, why aren’t they used in big commercial gyms and dance studios? 

It’s because their reflection quality decreases day by day. Also, sometimes distorted image appears on them because of their slimness. Something you wouldn’t want to compromise. 

However, glass mirrors being heavier and expensive doesn’t compromise the quality of the image. 

What’s best for a home gym; standing mirrors or hanging mirrors?

Choosing between a temporary mirror and hanging mirrors, you should definitely go for the second option. 

Standing mirrors can easily be placed anywhere with just a little space they need. They are more expensive and heavy than a common mirror. They don’t have the right shape or height. So they are not suitable for a home gym, as you cannot see your whole body while working out. 

On the other hand, hanging mirrors or fixed mirrors are easily adjustable, easy to put up, and takedown. You need something to hang it on. 

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