6 Best Front and Side Delt Exercises

Have you ever thought about why it is often said that exercise is way better than running? Or it is often said that exercise is more effective than running. Exercises are made with a special focus on the development of specified muscles.

You might have an interest in growing perfect and strong shoulders. There are chances that you might be doing intense exercises, but the output would have been less than you expected. There is a chance that you might not be doing exact side delt exercises. 

Ever wondered why some people have good front and rear muscles but not round and vast shoulders? The reason is they have worked hard over rear and front body muscles, but side exercises are less than they have done.

It is important to undergo the best front and side delt exercises for complete and uniform growth of your body. Our focus is to guide you through some of the best exercises that could help you. So here are some of the best ones.

1. Arms Raise in Side Plank Position

You would probably know about the plank exercise. For a perfect round and strong shoulders, a side plank exercise is among the best ones. How? Well, in this exercise, almost all the weight of your body is tilted towards your shoulders and arms. This enables you to balance and to be able to maintain your weight.

Furthermore, you have to use foam for this exercise. It is not difficult as you just have to form a side plank posture with which you have to carry your body using the elbow. You need to move the other arm up and lift yourself from your elbow.

You can repeat the process again and again with the lift and loose of your arm by a defined number of turns. For intense exercise, you can hold a dumbbell in your free hand to further create effective shoulder muscles and a straight body posture.


  • A straight posture of the body is formed.
  • Strong shoulder muscles.
  • Proper development of the body.
  • Intense physical exercise for good health
  • Easy and effective.

2. Dumbbell Side Arms Lifting

In this exercise, the benefits are numerous, and the outcome is best than ever. Most professional athletes undergo this exercise for the sake of strong muscle development. It leads to a beautiful body shape.

In this exercise, you have to hold dumbbells in both arms of your body and stand straight. In this position, the thumbs would be towards your body, and the grip would come beside one. You have to make sure to keep your back straight. It can damage the body posture with a wrong exercise.

Once the posture is ready, lift both of the side arms of your body upwards. They should be more or less parallel to the ground. For shifting the weight, simply move it towards the lower back and slowly drop them back down and then up. 


  • Development of wings and strong shoulders.
  • Strengthens the arms and shoulder muscles.
  • Enables control over body balance.
  • Strong wrist formation

3. Neck Press

Are you a lover of strong shoulders? Is your focus on side delts than front delts? Then this exercise suits your cause the most as it focuses on your sides more because the weight is entirely shifted towards the neck back.

How to perform? Their certain simple steps, and you will be able to perform this exercise with ease. Hold the barbell at six inches distance of arms for a proper grip. Move your head under the bar and place it at the back of your neck so the entire weight would be transferred to the body.

Furthermore, Lift the bar upwards and then slowly move it downward on your neck again. You have to perform several sets before ending this exercise. Make sure to use proper gloves for a good grip over the bar. Do rake your time before this intense exercise.


  • Widening of shoulders.
  • Development of rear body
  • Strong muscle development of arms and forearms.
  • Excellent physical exercise.

4. Side-Front Arms Raise

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert in weight lifting and exercising. The development of the side and front is from scratch. This exercise doesn’t shift the load to core or body; rather, you have to depend upon your arms solely.

Take two dumbbells that you find suitable to lift. Afterward, hold them with a tight grip. Your feet and shoulders should be wide apart. Start lifting dumbbells from the side and bend your elbow. When the arms become parallel to your ground, take them to the front.

Keep your arms straight and extend them while holding the dumbbells. Then take them down in front. Lift them back up again but in the reverse order and continue this exercise depending upon the number of turns you have decided. 


  • Beneficial exercise for forearms
  • Development of biceps and triceps
  • No weight on the body so effect on growth
  • Formation of round and rock-solid shoulders
  • Great for the development of upper body muscles. 

5. Arnold Press

This exercise, although, seems easy as it is usually done by sitting. However, without a joke, it is one of the most difficult ones. What do you think? The reason is the lack of support of your legs. You would probably be wondering why.

Imagine holding high weight dumbbells, and you have to use them only using arms with no weight control by legs. For this exercise, sit on a flat chair hold the dumbbells in both of your hands which should be equally weighted.

Bent elbows as if you are blocking in a boxing match. Widen your elbows and then move the arms over your head and slowly take them down back to widening postures. Return them to the blocking position. Continue this exercise for a month, and the difference would be clear to you. If there is pain in muscles, then your posture might be wrong.


  • Makes your forearms and bicep muscles strong
  • Makes the wrist strong and wide
  • Intense exercise that reduces the weight of the body
  • The catalyst for side development of body

6. Cable Raise

In this exercise, you use a cable that is connected to the weight. It seems easy from looking but engages your entire body in action. The benefits of this exercise are numerous and are best suited for the development of the body.

You can use cables at different angles. In front raise, you have to move arms till your shoulders and then release back. Repeat it afterward. In lateral cable raise, you have to grip the cable, so your thumbs would be towards your body.

Raise the cable in such a way that arms become ground parallel and release it back again. This would make your shoulders faster than ever.


  • Development of round shoulders
  • Your wrist gets strong 
  • Engagement of whole body
  • Straights body posture.

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