Best Folding Treadmills: Top 5 Folding Treadmills In The UK

Is a traditional treadmill too big for your home?

If yes, maybe a folding treadmill can do the work. The most significant quality of purchasing a folding treadmill is to save space.

That’s why folding treadmills are most commonly called treadmill space saver.

Therefore, to help you find the best folding treadmills, we present you with the best machines in the UK with a buyer’s guide at the end. 

Best Folding Treadmills In UK [Reviews]

In this section, we will discuss detailed reviews of the best folding treadmills to buy in the UK. After extensive research, we selected the five products based on their price, star ratings, and customer reviews. Read along to find the best folding treadmills that match your requirements. 

1. Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Treadmill

  • Robust motor
  • Multiple incline levels
  • 24 inbuilt workout programs
  • It comes with a Cooling fan
  • Dual shock 10-pt. absorption system
  • 5-years warranty on frame
  • 2-years warranty on labour and parts
  • Relatively Heavy to carry
  • Expensive model 

Branx Fitness is the popular name for manufacturing treadmill units like Elite Runner Pro to give a tough fight in this competitive world. The Branx Fitness Foldable Elite Runner Pro is designed to fit in your garage gym or home without taking extra floor space. 

The treadmill delivers extensive training for both high and low body types. More specifically, the large runners won’t feel restricted or confined to light jogging due to the treadmill’s 21km/h maximum speed and extended running area. 

Equipped with dual shock adsorption, the treadmill keeps vibration & noise to a minimum and reduces stress on your knees and joints. Apart from that, the treadmill is equipped with a 6 inch LCD screen and embedded speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect to the apps like GymFit to monitor your exercise. 

Being foldable, the treadmill is highly portable. The feature is further enhanced by 4 wheels along with the hydraulic suspension that lower down the running deck slowly and safely. 

The Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro comes with 24 inbuilt-programs and 22 incline levels to improve your workout. Therefore, the treadmill offers you advanced features to perform even high-intensity workouts. 


  • Weight: 93 kg, hand withstand 160 kg of weight capacity
  • Bluetooth enabled: Connect with apps for workout coaching and to stream music through your smartphone
  • Transport wheels: Equipped with four wheels for easy transportation
  • Warranty: Five-years of warranty
  • Dimensions: 185 X 92 X 125 cm

Expert Reviews

The folding treadmill can absorb the runner’s impact while protecting their ligaments and knees from external injuries. With German-built springs and a double-ply belt, the treadmills reduce and absorb shocks. 

Why We Chose This Product #1

The powerful and versatile Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Folding treadmill is equipped with unique training options than other treadmills of its range. Moreover, the low impact design and solid frame make the treadmill highly durable. 

2. Y & Z Folding Treadmill

  • High-density carbon-steel material for safety
  • Sufficient running area for large runners
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Variable speed options
  • Does not include wheels for transportation
  • Measurements may vary

Whether it’s your home or office, your workout routine should never stop. Take it or store the folding treadmill in your home and office to enjoy workout sessions anytime. Made with high-density carbon steel, the material is non-slip and highly durable. 

The treadmill covers 0.2 sq. m of an area with a 500mm running platform. Thus, it offers enough space in the room and for you to work out efficiently. Next, the foldable design of the treadmill makes it easy to store when not in use. The stylish and elegant look complements your home interior. 

The speed range of the treadmill varied from 1 to 10km/h. You can use low speed for walking and variable speed for fast running. Therefore, the different running speed offers a streamlined form of the main control interface.  

With the remote control indoor fitness equipment, the treadmill becomes more uncomplicated and convenient to use. Besides, the flat support frame is designed for people’s safety while working.  


  • Weight: 30 kg, can load 200kg 
  • Folding Area:  0.2 square meters
  • Simplified host interface: Centralized control interface with multiple functions
  • Dimensions: 1180 X 600 X 1230 mm

Expert Reviews

The best folding electric treadmill comes with easy to use operations. There are fewer operations on the flat frame that performs various functions. The variable speed from 1-10km/h makes it easy for even a beginner to use the treadmill.

Why We Chose This Product #2

Being perfect fitness equipment, the folding treadmill should be suitable for families and homes with limited spaces. The sleek and compact design of this treadmill makes it a highly rated product.    

3. NERO PRO Foldable Bluetooth Treadmill

  • Easy to use operations
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Decent weight limit
  • Pre-assembled
  • Advanced consoles
  • Not suitable for tall users
  • Manual incline doesn’t allow to adjust the consoles

If you are looking for a decent folding treadmill at an affordable price, the NERO PRO can become your perfect workout companion. It’s not only affordable but compact in size to accommodate in limited spaces. 

NERO PRO is known for its good reputation in the UK. Made from solid steel; the treadmill is exceptionally durable. Also, it is lightweight, but it can support about 130 kg of weight effortlessly. 

Running on a 600-watt motor, the speed can range from 0-10 km/h. The powerful motor can spin the belt with enough force on the 105/35cm deck. Moreover, the treadmill’s running deck is adequately cushioned to protect and absorb shock and impact. 

Though the treadmill has a fixed incline electronic motorized level, you can use 13 in-built workout programs. Out of 13, twelve are pre-programmed, and one can be customized as per the user’s workout preference. Besides, the consoles have an LED display and keys for easy operation and progress monitor.   

Finally, you can connect the treadmill with Google maps via Bluetooth. You can enjoy a walk through the town or park while running in your room on the treadmill. Additionally, you have smartphone connectivity too. 


  • Weight: 24 kg, can handle 130 kg of weight effectively
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Connectivity to Google maps or your phone
  • LED Display: comes with quick keys and monitoring for time, distance speed, and calories.
  • Dimensions: 126 x 60 X 120 cm

Expert Reviews

The medium intensity home training instrument, Bluetooth NERO PRO, offers some amazing features along with Bluetooth to explore and experiment with. Overall, the frame is quite sturdy and compact, making it easy to store and fold to create more space. 

Why We Chose This Product #3

Designed as user friendly, the Bluetooth NERO PRO offers easy to use features on its LCD screen. The treadmill makes a great alternative to your home workout requirements at a pocket-friendly price. 

4. JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill

  • Comes with 20 incline levels for high-intensity workouts
  • Strong and sturdy built with a powerful motor
  • Cushioned running deck with shock absorption 
  • Bluetooth connectivity with USB port
  • Lengthy warranty cover
  • Can hold 120kgs of weight capacity 
  • Relatively heavier compared to most treadmills
  • Not recommended for heavy users

Featuring a distinct JLL folding design, the JLL T350 digital folding machine offers you a wide array of digital features maximizing your workout productivity. Large in size, the treadmill feels sturdy and strong due to solid steel construction. 

Come with 20 pre-loaded running programs; the folding treadmill allows you to customize your workout routine as per your choice. Out of 20 pre-programs, you can customize three of them. Also, you will find a heart rate program that adjusts the running speed as per your heart rate. 

For an intense workout, you can customize and experiment with the incline levels. With 20 incline levels, you can easily adjust them with handrails buttons and get ready to burn fats quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can also change the speed ranging from 0.3-0.8 km/h with easily reachable buttons. 

The running deck is undoubtedly the most important part of the treadmill, which determines the experience of your workout sessions. Fortunately, the JLL T350 treadmill has a large running deck measuring 41 cm in width and 121 cm in length. Also, it is cushioned with a 16-pt shock absorption system. That means the running deck will protect you from feet or joint injuries while reducing the impact. 

Other than that, you have Bluetooth speakers that are easily connected to a smartphone, iPod, iPhone, or Mp3. This treadmill is decked with numerous features. The UBS port even allows you to charge your devices like a smartphone as you play music.   


  • Weight: 59 kg, can hold 120kg of weight
  • Pre-loaded programs: 20 pre-loaded programs from which three are customizable
  • LCD monitor: Easy to track progress as it displays distance, heart rate, current time, and current speed.
  • Warranty: 2- year warranty for labour & parts and a 5-year warranty on motor
  • Dimensions: 158 X 70 X 128 cm

Expert Reviews

The JLL T350 offers you a wide range of features to make your workout session beneficial. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for anyone who bought a treadmill for the first time. Moreover, it protects the user from joint or muscle injuries.

Why We Chose This Product #4

Offered at an affordable price tag, the JLL T350 digital Folding treadmill also covers a lengthy warranty, which is not available on most treadmills. Thus, it makes the product worth including and purchasing for effective workout sessions. 

5. Fit4home Electric Treadmill Folding Running Machine

  • Ideal for homes with limited space
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 12 workout programs and one user-defined program
  • Cushioned running deck to reduce impacts
  • Lifetime warranty on motor
  • Not suitable for large size users
  • Speaker quality can be better

What do you expect from a folding treadmill? To fit in any limited space and also available at a budget-friendly price, right? Fit4home Electric Treadmill Folding Running Machine offers you both the qualities. The compact size can fit any space, and the price is quite affordable.

Also, it is among the lightest treadmill on the market while being exceptionally sturdy. Weigh just 28 kgs; the treadmill is easy to fold and store to save space. However, the compact quality is not just the unique feature of this treadmill; there is more.

With a 1.5 HP motor, the treadmill can offer the 12 km/h maximum speed. The powerful motor can spin the belt, which includes 3 manual incline levels. Meaning, it can quickly move from 0-7 per cent. Besides, the running area is wide enough and protects from impacts. 

The advanced consoles of the treadmill will let you monitor your workout progress. On the LCD screen, you can find several controls to access training programs. There are one manually customized program and twelve pre-loaded workout programs. However, the one manually customized program is specially designed for a beginner user. 

On the handrails, you can find the heart rate sensors. It will continuously monitor your heart rate and will alarm you when you need to stop exercising. 

The Fit4home Folding Treadmill comes with a safety locking feature. You can easily secure the machine with this feature even when it is stored in a standing position. Though the treadmill seems small, the resistance training is quite impeccable.  


  • Weight: 28 kgs, can hold a maximum of 110 kg of weight
  • Pulse sensors: Track your heart rate and show results instantly
  • LCD monitor: Display your workout progress
  • Safety Lock Feature: Keep the treadmill safe and secure from falling
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on frame & parts and lifetime warranty on motor
  • Dimensions: 140 X 65 X 135 cm

Expert Reviews

A folding treadmill is highly advantageous when it is equipped with easy to use features. The unit makes an ideal choice for beginners, from adjusting the incline levels to changing different workout programs. 

Why We Chose This Product #5

Being a decent and features-loaded folding treadmill, you can enjoy and experiment with intense workout exercises. Also, finding a treadmill at such a price makes this model worth considering.

Folding Treadmills: Buying Guide

While selecting a folding treadmill, you need to consider various factors. A folding treadmill makes a significant investment from your side; therefore, you need to keep the following factors in mind. 

Apart from the factor, make sure to check whether the treadmill can meet your workout requirements or not.

Without any delay, let’s discuss the factors one by one.


Foldable treadmills mean you can fold them easily to store or save space. But are they portable? Wheels are common to folding treadmills. You would have to transport the folding treadmill from the storage area to your home or any other place where you will work out. Therefore, many folding treadmills are equipped with wheels.

Other folding treadmills that don’t come with wheels are light enough to carry, making them portable. But, some high-quality folding treadmills weigh about 200 lbs. and without wheels are not portable.  

Therefore, the best solution would be to store the folding treadmill in the same room where you usually workout. A small but important tip, always add some area of clearance around the treadmill while you contemplate whether it will fit your space or not. 


Noise can be annoying when you use the folding treadmill at home or office. You would want a treadmill that doesn’t make noise as you workout and let you and others perform their tasks peacefully. 

Below, you will find some features of the treadmill which are responsible for noiseless operation:

  • Deck cushioning- Cushioning on the running deck reduces both sound and impact.
  • Size of track roller: If rollers are large in size, the belts will work quietly.
  • Belt thickness and material: The belt should be thinner. Also, one-ply materials generally make noise.


Why are you purchasing a folding treadmill? You do not want your treadmill to take the whole space in your small room. A folding treadmill will save space. Therefore, it is crucial to decide whether you have sufficient space to store the folding treadmill or not.

You can find some folding treadmills which are compact in size to store easily anywhere. You need to measure your room’s size and then the folding machine to accommodate and save the overall space easily. 

Belt Material

In any treadmill, belts are most likely to wear out first than any other material. Mostly, the belts of folding treadmills use poly-blend or monofilament for the back surface and PVC coating for the top surface. 

The poly-blend material will reduce the noise due to low friction levels. However, the material won’t last long in comparison to monofilament. That’s why the backing of the belt will wear out first.  

Using urethane or other more robust material can make the treadmill noisier. However, if you want your belts to last longer, a small amount of noise is bearable. Also, if the belt does not make contact with the deck’s surface, the noise will diminish. 

The last thing, thinner belts are more durable compared to thicker belts. The reason is that they do not trap excess heat, which allows the system to last for a long time. Only heat is responsible for the wearing down of materials on the treadmill. 


Among several durability standards of a folding treadmill, you need to look for the one that can serve you with its services for a long time. For that, check the warranty. The folding models with a lifetime motor and frame warranties are more durable than those with one-year warranties.

Next, you should check the maximum weight capacity the treadmill can hold. Less durable folding treadmills can hold less weight capacities. Additionally, the highly durable folding treadmills can easily hold 400 pounds of weight capacity. 

Lastly, check the track roller’s diameter. The folding treadmills models with small rollers are less durable. The small rollers are designed to make the treadmill compact, but they result in less durability. The belts will quickly start wearing out. Therefore, rollers with 3-inch sizes offer more durability for a folding treadmill.

Folding Treadmill Horsepower

The powerful motor makes the key factor while choosing the best folding treadmills. While saving space, some models of folding treadmills come with a less powerful motor. Mostly the cheaper models are equipped with a less powerful motor in comparison to expensive models. 

The recommended power for running is 3.0 CHP and for walking is 2.5 CHP. If your folding treadmill cannot offer that much power, it will not perform efficiently when you switch between the speeds. Also, the cheap motors are vulnerable to breaking and trapping heat. 

Security Locks

Folding treadmills comes with security locks that keep them secure in the folded position. Ensure the security lock is of high-quality as a low-quality lock can result in accidents when the treadmill opens suddenly. 

Folding Treadmill Features

You can limit the features of a folding treadmill as per your budget. However, there are some must-have features that you need to look out for in a folding treadmill. 

Firstly, there should be a display that will allow you to monitor your workout progress. Without the display option, you will never know how much distance you have covered, how long you have been exercising, or how many calories you have burned.

Also, you need to ensure that treadmill is equipped with variable speeds. Without these, you won’t be able to progress and enhance your workout routine. 

Lastly, the incline feature. Though it’s a non-essential feature on a folding treadmill, it challenges you to perform intense workouts at home. Look for the folding treadmill with at least 15 % incline possibilities. 


Technology covers several aspects of a folding treadmill. The first is app compatibility via Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect to various running and workout apps and take part in a competition with other members. Also, some folding treadmills come with an integrated speaker and MP3 compatibility. 

On all folding treadmills, you will find a heart rate monitor. It is highly beneficial as the screen will continuously track your heart rate to alert you when to stop. 

Folding Treadmill FAQs

What Is The Difference Between Non-Folding And Folding Treadmills?

Most people are faced with the question of whether they require a non-folding treadmill or a folding treadmill. The significant difference between the two is definitely the folding capabilities. You can fold and store the folding treadmill easily to save space in comparison to the non-folding treadmills.

On the other hand, the treadmills require to be more stable in their frame design. The folding frame design is less durable and stable compared to the non-folding treadmills. That is why when you look at the premium treadmills, only some of them come with a foldable frame design. 

No matter what you choose, remember that non-folding treadmills require more effort to move but offer more stability. Nevertheless, the folding treadmills can be easily carried & stored and comes with their own unique features.

What Are The Disadvantages & Advantages Of Having A Folding Treadmill?

Folding treadmills are generally safe and specifically designed to use at home or office. If you are searching for folding treadmills, you should check out the advantages and disadvantages before you make a decision.


The biggest advantage is that you can quickly move them to store in any corner or closet. Some treadmills will fold vertically to save the floor area. Therefore, they are the best choice when it comes to saving space.

Next, they are easy to clean around the folding treadmill. When you use the regular treadmill, you cannot move them to clean the area. On the other hand, a folding treadmill makes it convenient for you to clean the whole area.  

Another reason why folding treadmills are becoming so popular is that the machine offers stability while you exercise. No one would purchase a machine that is not stable enough to stand on it. 

When you have to talk about the folding treadmill’s technology features, there are numerous. The treadmill comes with a visual display and timer to monitor the distance travelled and specifically your calories. 

Also, they come with adjustable speed as per your workout preference. Though most of the features are included in regular treadmills, it has added benefit of being foldable.


All treadmills, whether folding or non-folding are heavy. Therefore, you need to be careful while folding as it can harm your neck, hips, knees, or back. 

Some folding treadmills require support and holding up to the floor to come down and crash on the ground. However, you can look for folding treadmills with an in-built feature to control the drop speed. 

You need to watch out for the security feature. This is crucial if you have pets and children around. If the folding treadmill is not secured correctly, it can lead to dire consequences. So, you need to make sure whether the folding treadmill can stay in its folding position securely or not.

How To Maintain Your Folding Treadmill?

Maintaining a folding treadmill can be a tedious task. However, regular maintenance ensures that your machine is working efficiently. Let’s discuss how can you take care of the folding treadmill.

Lubricating Your Treadmill

Most of the cleaning instructions are provided in the instruction manual and by your treadmill manufacturer. The lubricating process requires paraffin or silicon-based lubricant application on the treadmill’s belt underside where there is more contact with your feet.

Before applying the lubricant, lose the belt and then tighten it once you have applied. The frequency of lubrication will depend on the use of the treadmill.

Vacuuming Inside

Turn off and remove the plug of the treadmill before vacuuming the motor compartment. Also, be careful around electrical components and avoid touching them through the vacuum nozzle. Do vacuum inside your treadmill once a year. 

Wiping Treadmill After Use

Workout means sweating, which results in moisture build up on the machine. Therefore, to prevent rusting of metal parts and the growth of fungi or bacteria, wipe the treadmill with a wet cloth after every use. 

Keeping A Check On Deck And Belt

Make sure to check the running deck and belt to detect any wearing signs. Also, check if they are aligned and centred. However, the belt doesn’t require to be aligned all the time, but it should not rub or scarp on the sides.

What Will Last Longer On Folding Treadmill, LED Or LCD Screen?

LED is a light-emitting diode and LCD is a liquid crystal display. The LCD screen can make it difficult to read, especially if you do not look at it directly. On the other hand, LED is the latest technology which offers a clear screen with high-contrast at different angles. 

The LED screen is more durable and lasts longer as it can handle the vibration of the machine for a longer period. Also, the repair cost for the LED screen is less compared to the LCD screen. When the LCD screen gets damaged, you need to replace the whole console. And when the LED display is broken, you can replace the individual parts. 

What Should You Know About The Folding Treadmill’s Warranty Policy?

The warranty for folding treadmills includes the following categories, labour, parts, electrical, deck, motor and frame. Many reliable folding treadmills offer lifetime warranties on deck and frame. The most expensive part of a folding treadmill is the motor; therefore, you should always look for the motor warranty.

The warranty on parts can be from 3 months to about six years. There are some treadmills that do not offer a warranty on electronics. However, you should inquire about the parts warranty as they are expensive.

Lastly, the folding treadmill’s labour warranty is 1-2 year. Some folding treadmill brands offer in-home repairs, which are highly valuable. But not every other brand offer this facility. If your folding treadmill company does not provide an in-home feature, you can expect to pay for the shipping cost of your damaged treadmill.

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