Best Folding Exercise Bikes: Top 5 Foldable Bikes in The UK

If you are looking for something to enhance your fitness and add an extra workout tool to your collection, then we have just the right equipment for you.

You either want a piece of workout equipment for cardiovascular exercises or to burn an extra amount of calories to get shredded at home. So a folding exercise bike is a great option! Imagine a bike at your home, which only occupies a tiny bit of space! Isn’t it a great idea?

According to research conducted, it has been found that performing cardio daily not only helps you lose weight but also helps you with cardiovascular health.

After much research and recommendations from three customers who previously owned these folding bikes, we have a list of the best folding exercise bikes that you can buy in the United Kingdom.

Buying Guide for Folding Exercise Bikes

Many questions would popup before buying an expensive product. Many of you have some doubts in your mind, like, is the product worth buying? Or what are the things we should check before buying something? Remove the tension out of your head as we have a solution to every product question. Let’s start

Weight and size 

Who doesn’t want a lightweight bike that covers less space? We know what is useful to you and your needs. When you buy a product, always check if that bike has less weight and the size shop short. All the carts we have mentioned are foldable and easy to install in any space in your room.

On the other side, if you are going for heavy and more oversized bikes, they are hard to transport. You never know if they have wheels installed in them or not because some heavy bikes are hard to transport and assemble. Due to the heavyweight, it’s hard to fold the bike as well. 

Resistance Levels

If you are thinking of using your bike for a more extended period, you must check the product’s resistance level. The longer it is the resistance, the better and perfectly it works. Many fitness bikes lose their resistance too early, which means their investment on the bike goes down the drain. 

Even if you are searching for aerobic exercise and not too worried about different resistance levels, then look for its lowest and the highest so that it’s easy for you to ensure the workout. 

Display and Stats

When you exercise on a bike, you must capture every moment of paddling. Nowadays, mostly all the fitness bikes come with their LCD. Still, you need to check whether the LCD is worth watching or not because many bikes show only your heart rate, and there are some other bikes with a versatile display that shows the time duration, paddle count, heart rate, and how much calories you have burnt during the exercise. 

These statuses are significant to track your every moment. Check before you buy a bike as it is beneficial.

Design Particularities and Extras

A spectacular design that’s what we all are looking for. After all, who doesn’t like beautiful designs? Nobody wants to buy a bike that’s unappealing as it shows down your room space and your personality. Many of you guys don’t want to continue outdoor exercises in winters, so these bikes are a reliable option for you. 

If you are concerned about your back and waist during exercise, you should look for a product that provides comfort while sitting. Many bikes don’t provide much comfort in the seat. It would help if you looked closely at the reviews of which bike is perfect for your fit. 

Additionally, there are many queries like where to hang the towel, does the bike have a mobile holder? If you are really into gadgets, then you should look for bikes that fulfill all your needs. 

What Are The Best Folding Exercise Bikes In The UK [Our Top 5 with Full Reviews]

1. Birtech Folding Exercise Bike

  • The bike is sturdy, healthy, and durable. 
  • It can support large weights easily. 
  • Pedals of the bike have a firm grip, which doesn’t let your feet slip. 
  • The bike is adjustable and suitable for different body types.
  • The seat is quite challenging and could have been softer.

It’s time to gift yourself or your friend something worthwhile and meaningful. This exercise bike has several benefits. With the help of this bike, you can keep your body healthy and fit. The product is simple and easy to install, and it is sturdy. While cycling on this bike, you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Do not worry; whether you are just a newbie to the gym or already are an expert athlete, this bike fits your needs. In terms of dimensions, the bike’s base size is 74cm*42cm, and the comfortable adjustable seat has a height of 75cm-77cm-79cm-81cm-83cm-85cm-87cm. 

The exercise bike has some exceptional features. It comes with an LCD with many settings such as time, distance, speed, step count, heart rate, and calories. Not only this, but it also has an armrest to keep your arm comfortable and safe. The bike wheels move very smoothly without any noise and are strong enough to carry significant weight.  

The bike seat is made of 3D soft leather and can also be adjusted to your preferred height to provide comfort during exercise. The best feature of this bike is that it comes with a foot strap that can lock into position, and this provides the best grip while peddling the bike. 

The twister plate of the bike helps in strengthening your core. These plates aid in the tightening of your muscles, which results in weight reduction. The back cushion offers comfortable support for your back.


Multi-Functional Fitness Bike for Total Body Fitness – This updated exercise bike has adjustable arm resistance bands, a twister plate, and a heart monitor.  

The Extra-large and Adjustable Seat is suitable for anyone – this indoor exercise bike has a comfortable seat with a backrest and padded seat handle. It can hold up to 250 lbs. 

User-friendly Design – Digital monitor display: distance, speed, time, and heart rate. Use the data to see how hard you are working and have fun watching those calories burn away to keep yourself motivated.

Space saver and easy to move – This exercise bike can fold up and easily fit into your wardrobe or room corners. It has little wheels to move the fitness bike around. It is portable and only occupies a small space.

  • Adjustable seating allows different trainers to use the exercise bike with a customized fit. It is easy to move your seat up or down or forward or backward to fit your body type effectively. 

What our experts say about the product – 

The product is perfect for you to install in your house as it barely covers much of your room space. The best feature of this bike is that it is foldable and also durable. The Metallica design makes the bike spectacular. It is, undoubtedly, the premier bike for your cardio workouts. 

2. SONGMICS Exercise Bike

Best Budget Option​

  • Easy to assemble
  • The bike is durable 
  • Peddles have brakes 
  • Quick delivery
  • Seat quality is poor 
  • Wheels make noise

The perfect item for you to purchase for your cardio exercise is the SONGMICS exercise bike. It’s time to strengthen your circulatory system, endurance training, and also promote healthy digestion. You don’t have to run on treadmills anymore, which may weaken your legs. You no longer have to cycle outside in the heat. There’s no doubt that this bike will give you the best cardio workout in your home. 

This bike can hold up to 100 kg of weight. It is comfortable for you to sit on and peddle all day. Its adjustable seats make the bike seating more user-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your discomfort. No matter how long you peddle on this bike, it will burn your calories.

The bike’s best feature is the LCD installed, which tells you your heart rate, exercise time, and speed. The bike dimensions are 78 x 41 x 113 cm (L x W x H). It is a folding bike, and when folded, its dimensions are 35 x 41 x 133 cm. It comes with an orange storage box.


  • Fold it up: Not everybody wants an exercise bike sitting in the middle of their living room all day, and that’s okay! Once you finish burning off some calories from last night’s feast, fold it up and roll it over to the closet with the help of its wheels. 
  • See everything: Read your speed, calories burned, pulse, distance, and current timing on the large display screen this foldable bike boasts; watch movies or TV on your phone or tablet with the attached electronics holder.
  • Floor Mat Protection: Gone are the days of dragging equipment across the floor; this fitness bicycle comes with a durable PVC floor mat, keeping your indoor training equipment in place, your floor protected, and your exercise silent.
  • Get fit in silence: Exercise to the max without waking up your family or blocking the sound of the morning news; with nine magnetic resistance levels on this exercise bike, you can increase your power without increasing your noise.

3. Ultrasport F-Bike and F-Rider

Best Quite Folding Bike

  • This bike is ultra-quiet
  • Sturdy construction
  • It has a good resistance range.
  • It comes with an excellent range.
  • Uncomfortable seat.
  • Pedals are positioned on a road bike.
  • Limited seat adjustment

The F-Bike by Utrasport is the perfect item for you to purchase as it will help you with your cardio exercises. It is an excellent way to do smooth endurance training. The bike comes with hand pulse sensors located on both handlebars. These sensors show your pulse and heart rate on the screen throughout your workout. All the data associated with your workout gets displayed in front of you. 

You don’t have to worry about difficulty; it is adjustable and can tackle different resistance levels. This means pro and beginners can continue their exercise easily on the same equipment. This is a perfect item for short people as the seat is adjustable. Your exercising efforts can efficiently be invested on this bike. 


  • Collapsible home trainer fitness bike with eight resistance levels, quick and easy to set up and foldaway – developed by F-Bike market leader Ultrasport
  • Indoor cycling with this fitness and cardio device for strengthening your circulatory system. Folded dimensions: approx. 131 x 43.5 x 45 cm
  • Robust stamina builder for sufficient muscle build-up using eight resistance levels
  • Training computer with LCD display, Functions: Time / scan / calories / speed / distance / pulse
  • Right muscle and endurance training – maximum user weight of up to approx. 100 kg
  • Note: Bike’s pedals need to be screwed in in opposite directions (right pedal clockwise, left pedal counterclockwise)
  • Folding bike home trainer with eight two-way ball bearings

4. Blackpool Manual Resistance Exercise Bike

  • It has a relaxing hand rest design.
  • Soft and comfortable seat
  • Anti slipped paddles are installed.
  • Thick bottom balance bar 
  • It doesn’t have wheels. 
  • Hard to transport
  • It makes too much noise while paddling.

The beautiful design of the cart will catch your eyes very quickly. This bike is of the best quality of metal, and pedals have a firm grip. The product comes with many specifications, such as the +/- resistance knob helps you adjust the belt to create a more effective workout.

Through cycling, you can burn five more calories than walking as walking consumes a lot of time and tires you quickly. As such, it’s better to use this bike for your home and save your time.

This cart can hold up to 100kg, so you do not have to worry about the bike holding power. The seat is very comfortable for your hips. Paddles installed in the bike can reach your legs with no issues. The bike is made of heavy-duty steel, which makes it stable and durable both simultaneously. 

For athletes, it is a perfect item to install a gym space or home. No worries if you don’t have a gym, as the specialty of a bike is foldable so that you can put it in any corner of your room.  


  • Efficient exercise bike for starters and fitness fanatics.
  • This bike is effortless to use, and you have the comfort and pleasure of using it in your home,
  • You can exercise when it suits you without paying gym membership fees.
  • This affordable, well-made piece of equipment is easy to use, lightweight, and portable.
  • Adjustable seat height and handlebar angle, compact design, fully adjustable resistance.

5. Britech Magnetic Stationary Upright Gym Cycle

  • The cart is foldable, which saves more space.
  • It is belt-driven, which makes less noise.
  • It has an LCD monitor to track your heart rates. 
  • It comes with a beautiful design.
  • It doesn’t have right gripped paddles. 
  • No wheels are installed on the bike.
  • The seat is not as comfortable as it looks.

Whether you are a beginner or pro, this Exercise bike can easily be suited to your needs related to the gym. Use this fit at home bike instead of going on roads with heavy bikes. What if you have another alternative for bikes where you do not have to go outside? Your all cardio exercises can be done quickly in your home with this gym cycle.

This bike is excellent for building your blood circulation, muscle strength, and body coordination. It not only strengthens your legs but also other body parts like the back and shoulders. Exercising daily on this bike strengthens your cards and inflates the stamina in your body. 

This new year/ Christmas, give your friend or yourself a gift. The bike comes with many standards and fitness options. The bike shows the fitness charts on an LCD, and you can easily measure your heart rate and time or adjust your paddling speed. You can also use the mobile while paddling as it has a mobile holder just after the LCD monitor.

The bike can load weight up to 120kg, and the dimensions are Size: 42cm x 65.5cmx 114cm. The adjustable seats have six positions and a height of 77.5cm-85.5cm. Bring this bike to your home and make your cardio workout more prominent and useful. 


  • Stable X-type Exercise Bike Design: X-type physical balance theory design ensures safety and stability. The bike is sturdy.
  • Folding Exercise Bike: These folding capabilities make the workout bike efficient, and you can fold up super small to your wardrobe or corners. It is easily portable, and you can move the fitness bike around. It occupies a little space.
  • User-Friendly Design: Monitor shows your speed, time, distance, calories. Using the data to see how hardworking you are and have fun watching those calories burn off to keep you motivated
  • Flywheel & Belt Drive without Noise: Exercise Bike made with a carbon steel body, and 1.5KG flywheel is very quiet to ride for the magnetic control flywheel, which allows you to watch television or listen to music while you are using it.
  • Adjustable & SOFT Seat: Wide & Comfortable seat maximum holds up to 120kg. The seat can also be adjusted to more closely approximate your situation( 6 positions: 77.5cm-85.5cm), providing a smooth and consistent pedaling motion.

Folding Bikes FAQs for Beginners

While looking for a product, many questions arise in our minds. We have come up with answers to questions that people usually ask about the bikes before purchasing to have an idea of what they are looking for.

Are folding exercise bikes suitable for exercise?

We have taken into account all your needs while reviewing and drafting the whole article for you. Yes, exercise bikes are an excellent experience, as attested by numerous people. These bikes match all your needs, though there are some cons.

Seeking a perfect product is hard in this new era of technology. An exercise bike helps you in your cardiovascular exercise. These folding bikes are specially designed to take care of your health. It is excellent for weight loss and helps your body get into proper shape and size. 

Many of you are aware that cycling daily helps you lose the extra stomach fat and eliminates your love handles. So we can say that these bikes are only designed for your health and fitness. 

Can we lose by using a foldable exercise bike? 

No doubt, you can quickly lose weight fast while exercising on a bike. When our team of writers was researching the bike, we learned that cycling for 30 mins helped burn around 311 calories at a moderate pedaling speed. Cycling is a great workout option, as it doesn’t require a lot of effort, to lose fat fast.

Most of us have goals to be fit and active and wish to reduce that weight quickly. Most of the time, we waste our money on bicycles, which are not so durable, and during winters cycling outside in the snow and harsh winds is almost impossible for everyone. To burn the fat quickly, these bikes are a perfect purchase. 

How long should you ride an exercise bike daily?

Many of us have seen these bikes in the gym. When you enter the gym, they are easily visible because riding these bikes helps you warm your body. Anyway, always start pedaling at a low intensity for 3-5 minutes. After that, when your body is warm enough, you can switch it to intermediate for three to five minutes. 

Most people start their pedaling at high intensity, which makes them tired very early. That’s why fitness trainers always suggest to start with low intensity and slowly progress to higher intensities. This helps you stay on a bike for a more extended period because the longer you stay, the faster you burn fat. 

Is an exercise bike terrible for your knees? 

Many people have osteoarthritis in both knees. Experts say that doing regular cycling can make your knees nearly pain free. Some people complain about knee pain while riding or even sprinting up hills. One of the best innovations was to have fitness bikes professionally fitted. No doubt cycling offers a better relief, as compared to riding bikes outside. 

When we ride bikes outside our homes, we may fall. Old age people are especially susceptible due to the pain in their knees. This may lead to a severe injury, as falling can affect other body parts, that’s why having a bike in your home is perfect for every aged person.

This is always an opposing side of a product, and it might be bad for knees if the person exercises in the wrong way. For better use, you have to make sure that you adjust the bike’s leg length correctly. When we did some research online, we found some complicated methods, but later we narrowed it down to more comfortable options to get you into the ballpark. 

Just answering your problems is not good enough; showing up with solutions as well as excellent for your read. People sit on the saddle at the gym, with one foot on the pedal, to secure the optimum position. Don’t forget to straighten your legs at the maximum extension. With a foot in the correct position, ball in the foot by bending your knee slightly. If the heel on the pedal is not correctly positioned, it can have side effects. 

How long is a good workout on an exercise bike?

On a stationary bike, around 30-40 mins workout is enough for your cardio exercise. Just make sure you have a pre-drafted timetable, where you have categorized your daily workout schedule because anything done in excess has serious repercussions. But if you want to lose weight faster, you can add more cardio to your exercise regimen. Within 10 minutes of cycling, you can lose up to 40-80 calories.

Riding a fitness exercise bike is much different from regular bicycles as the former takes a lot of your time and effort, whereas fitness bikes are more convenient in your use. It may seem like a regular fitness bike through its looks, but it has its convenient fitness benefits. Besides, the bike is easy to use and install in your workspace or garage. Overall for a good workout, this is a perfect item for all ages.

Final Words: Should you Buy a Folding Exercise Bike?

After a lot of research on these bikes, we finally concluded which is perfect for your needs. The above article mentioned everything you need to know about a specific product, even its pros and cons or special features. No matter your needs, there is a bike for all your cardio exercises. Nowadays, people will advance with time because technology is replacing the old era where people have to go through many struggles to achieve a goal. 

What if everything related to your cardio is within one product? Yes, it is true that these cardio bikes fulfill all your needs and make you fit and healthy. While reviewing the products for this article, our team of experts has answered many doubts that people usually ask, like the product’s specifications, or is it worth buying it? But in the end, we have come up with the solution as always. 

Cardio exercise helps you in losing weight, which hinders your quality of life. Many people suggest that lifting weights at the gym will help you to reduce fat. Well, we say that sweating in the gym doesn’t make you fit and fat-free; that’s just words people use to motivate you. In the actual world, weight can be lost by doing a cardio workout right in the comfort of your home. As the name says, it helps you in reducing your body weight. 

So let’s make your buying worthwhile, with these products mentioned above. We hope that you have a great shopping experience. We wish you great luck! 

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