Best Exercise Bikes Under £300: Top 5 Budget Bikes In The UK

If you’re looking for a way to exercise from the comfort of your home, the best equipment is an exercise bike. In case nobody told you, it’s possible to shed a few pounds on an exercise bike while watching your favorite movies. 

To help you buy the best exercise bike for under £300, we’ve tested the best-rated exercise bikes. Let’s see which bikes deserve a place in your home gym setting! 

Best Exercise Bikes Under £300 In The UK [Reviews]

There are many exercise bikes for £300 on the market, which further complicates your buying decision. To help you bring home the best-budgeted exercise bike, we’ve reviewed the five best exercise bikes under £300. You can also go through the features, pros, and cons of each product.

1. Klarrfit Azura Comfort

  • This exercise bike is fully adjustable
  • The design is sturdy and durable
  • The rubberized bottom does not scratch the floor
  • It has a 4-step adjustable saddle
  • This product has a trouble-free assembly 
  • The resistance in the paddle will reduce with time
  • You might face discomfort while leaning back 

The Klarrfit Azura Comfort bike has an appealing look with curves, strong lines, and unique colors. This fat-burning exercise bike advertises itself as space-saving equipment. 

The eight resistance levels and 3kg of the flywheel will ensure a steady workout for a beginner. The non-slip pedals, wide padded saddle, and rubber pads stop the bike from moving or shaking too much while in use. 

The small LCD helps people with goal tracking. You are going to feel comfortable holding the PU foam handles. This top-notch bike can withstand heavy use without showing any signs of damage.


  • Adjustable: Completely adjustable
  • Flywheel: 3kg flywheel
  • Equipment weight: 19kg overall weight
  • Display: Integrated LCD and inbuilt sensors
  • Weight capacity: 220lb weight-bearing capacity
  • Comfort: Rubberized pads at the bottom

Final Verdict 

Taking the features and the performance into consideration, this is by far the best bike on our list. This product has a great summation of all the excellent components. One of the main plus points of this bike is its small footprint. 

Why Is This Our #1 Product? 

The Klarrfit exercise bike is one of the best bikes in terms of price and performance. Though there are plenty of options in the market, this one has the best features of them all. On top of all that, this bike features a sleek and slim design that can fit even compact spaces.

2. MagneTrainer ER

  • The size is compact and easy to store
  • It is suitable for old adults as well
  • The alloy steel construction is durable 
  • This bike does not produce much noise
  • You can also buy add-ons for this exercise bike 
  • It does not include handles
  • This bike may not be ideal for losing quick weight

This exercise bike is the most different bike on this list in terms of structure and performance. You can simply sit on your couch or a comfortable chair and pedal slowly. This equipment is also apt for people who are looking for very low-impact workout sessions at home. 

You must know that it has a Battery-powered operation. The setup of this product is easy, thanks to the limited parts and detailed instruction manual. 

You can also rely on its pedal that features adjustable Velcro straps for a comfortable fit. All in all, this bike has no significant flaws, and you can consider this for your home workout needs.


  • Equipment weight: 22 lbs 
  • Resistance: Adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Display: function large LCD 
  • Dimensions: 50.8 x 40.6 x 45.7 centimetres
  • Comfort: Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Adjustable: Stepless adjustment dial 
  • Material: Alloy steel 

Final Verdict 

If you are looking to increase your stamina and activity levels gradually, this bike is your best bet. Because of its convenient features, even older adults can use it. Also, the 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee are rare in the market these days. 

Why is this our #2 product? 

The MagneTrainer ER exercise is the best-rated product on this list. Along with having the highest rating, it is also one of the most cost-effective products. 

3. Ultrasport F-Bike 200B Home Trainer

  • The product comes with a warranty
  • It offers precise and accurate readings
  • The bike has a sturdy construction
  • It is highly affordable and budget-friendly 
  • This foldable bike is easy to store
  • The backrest is quite comfortable
  • It has a silent operation 
  • It has a lower maximum weight capacity
  • The seat requires more cushioning
  • You have to take out the LCD screen and seat to fold it completely

The Ultrasport F-Bike is amongst the list of the best-budgeted home workout bikes. This bike is foldable, and that’s a cherry on the top for people who live in cramped up spaces. However, you can’t wholly fold it unless you remove its computer and chair. With eight stunning resistance levels, you can expect a great workout session on this bike. 

This bike has a 100 kg max user weight, which is a bummer for heavier users.  The LCD screen is not only easy to read, but it also accurately reports time, distance, speed, and calories. You will love the fact that this bike has a super comfortable cushioned backrest. 


  • Dimensions: 120 x 37 x 21.5 cm 
  • Operation: Battery-powered
  • Resistance: Eight levels of resistance
  • Display: LCD with computer functions
  • Structure: Folding mechanism
  • Resistance: Magnetic resistance
  • More features: Hand pulse sensors on handles 

Final Verdict 

Anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly product should not shy away from buying this product. Despite being economical, this product has all the bells and whistles of a premium bike. The various levels of resistance and comfort are unmissable. 

Why is this our #3 product? 

This product has all the plus points that allow it to enter our top 3 picks. Besides being pocket-friendly, this product has outstanding performance. Not to mention, the reviews for this product are mostly positive. 

4. YYFITT 2-in-1 Foldable Fitness Exercise Bike

  • This bike has as many as 16 resistance levels
  • The structure includes a phone and tablet holder
  • It offers a quiet and smooth paddling experience
  • The foldable design is space-efficient 
  • Its in-built wheels allow easy moving
  • You will feel comfortable with the saddle and the backrest 
  • The seat requires extra force for assembling
  • The nuts on the pedals become loose with heavy usage 
  • It has a tricky assembly process 

You can fold this budget exercise bike whenever you are not using it. This 2-in-1 bike acts as a semi-recumbent as well as an upright exercise bike. The overall dimension is 96 x 53 x 113 centimeters, and this product weighs about 18 kgs. 

A plus point of using this bike is that it has adjustable backrest heights. The comfortable backrest feature means anyone who has lower-back issues will find this bike to be fantastic. One of the features that are a sight for sore eyes in a mid-range exercise bike is the arm resistance bands. 

Another reason which makes this bike highly easy to handle is its front transportations wheels. With a weight capacity of 120 kgs, we say that most people will love to have this budget exercise bike at their homes. 

The only problem with this product lies with the complicated assembly process and the nuts, which loosen up with time.  


  • Structure: Foldable 
  • Material: Alloy steel 
  • Type: Upright and Semi-Recumbent type
  • Backrest: XL backrest is adjustable
  • More features: Arm resistance bands
  • Weight capacity: 120-kg weight-bearing capacity
  • Resistance levels: 16 resistance levels
  • Wheels: In-built wheels

Final Verdict 

Space-saving gym equipment is the call of the hour. The assembly process comes with troubles. Although, once the product is up and ready, you won’t have any worries. We like how the manufacturer has included a phone and tablet holder in the structure. 

Why is this our #4 product?

This product is 4th on our list because it can offer an excellent and satisfactory workout session. A mid-range product can rarely deliver such a stunning combination of quality and price. However, this product is not our first choice because of its drawbacks. 

5. JLL RE100 Recumbent Home Exercise Bike

  • The LCD is clear and readable
  • You will not face difficulties to move the bike
  • Its seats are cushioned and extremely comfy
  • The operation is quiet and soundless
  • Its recumbent design allows a supportive back
  • The manufacturer is offering a 1-year warranty
  • There are several levels of adjustment 
  • The display shows time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, and pulse
  • The exercise bike is a bit heavy
  • It may not be suitable for very tall people. 

One of the best features of this exercise bike is that it has seven levels of seat adjustment. Whether you are tall or short, you can easily spot the right distance between the saddle and pedals. You can also find that the unit has pedal straps to secure your feet and prevent slippage. 

What’s more, this excellent exercise bike offers eight levels of resistance. Another great thing about this bike is that it has a 5kg flywheel that is two way. You can pedal forwards and backward, which allows more variety to your home workout. 

The pulse sense plates on this machine are easy to reach. You can expect the display monitor to project speed, distance, time, calories, and heart rate. Lastly, this is one of the most silent operating budget exercise bikes out there. 


  • Adjustability: Seven levels of adjustment
  • Weight capacity: 100kg max user weight
  • Resistance: Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Flywheel: 5kg flywheel
  • Comfort: Cushioned seats
  • Dimension: 140 x 29 x 82 centimetres
  • Display: Six function monitor display 
  • Operation: Battery-powered mechanism 

Final Verdict 

This bike is excellent for people who want to bring more versatility to their home workouts. The most catchy detail of this product lies in its several adjustment features and display. Since this machine is practically noiseless, you can also enjoy movies and TV shows during the workout. 

Why is this our #5 product?

The JLL RE100 model is the best amongst the many bikes from the JLL store. With a fair and valuable price point, most of you will find this product worth every penny. We were also impressed by its supportive back design.  

Exercise Bike Under £300 Buying Guide

There must be plenty of questions popping up in your mind before making any investment. Especially when you are looking for an intricate item such as an exercise bike, you want to ensure that everything is top-notch. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve put all the essential features in our buying guide. 

Extra & Design Particularities 

When you are buying an exercise bike, everything boils down to your personal preferences. You might want to consider all the design particularities of the exercise bike. For example, many people who are short on space often want a foldable bicycle. 

On the other hand, if you suffer from lower-back problems, you must get a bike with a cushioned backrest and saddle. Most people also prefer non-slip handlebars and pedals. If your bike has an adjustable velcro strap, it is a great bonus. 

Above all, there are some nice extras like phone or tablet storage space. Maybe if you are fond of music, you would like a bike with an in-built music system. 


The more programs your bike offers, the more you can get out of your home workout. There must be several programs on your bike to match your requirements. When you chose a program that aligns with your stamina and strength, it will sure-shot improve your fitness.

With more number of programs, you can be versatile and also have space to improve. Besides, switching between different programs can break the monotony and serve as a motivation. 

Resistance Level

If you want to take up a gradual approach to fitness, you might be willing to buy a bike with several resistance levels. Additionally, the bike should also offer a smooth transitioning between the resistance levels. 

The adjustable resistance level is helpful for days when you are low on energy or stressed out. Even if you’re looking for a beginner’s workout session, it is wise to check the lowest and the highest resistance. That way, your workouts won’t feel too easy or too hard. 

If you want more excellent resistance, you can even consider a bike with flywheels. The flywheels come in different weights and can be a bit tough to operate initially. You must also know that bikes with flywheels are not so apt for compact apartments because of their not so compact size. 

Stats And Display

The LCD and stats bar on your exercise bike must be easy to operate as well as easy to read. You might like a Display with LED backlights if you work out during the evening or in a dark place. 

Usually, the LCD will display speed, distance, calories, time. Thanks to the pulse sensors on their handlebars, many advanced bikes also project the current pulse rates. These stats can be vital if you are looking forward to an all-round fitness tracking. 


Most of the beginners are unaware, but there are plenty of varieties of exercise bikes. There are typically three types of exercise bikes – upright, recumbent, and spinning bikes. 

The upright bikes usually have smaller seats than the recumbent bikes. While using the upright bikes, you have to lean slightly forward and hold the handles while cycling. Through the years, these upright bikes have become more sophisticated and sleeker. 

The recumbent bikes are not designed to work or look like the regular outdoor bicycle. These bikes have a laid-back design, and the seats are generally set back from the pedals. Because of its unique design and shape, the handlebars are not necessary. 

With the recumbent bikes, you can strengthen your lower body, improve cardiovascular health, and lose weight. This bike is usually for low-impact workout sessions, and therefore it does not stress the muscles or joints. 

The spinning bike focuses more on stamina and strength building. These bikes closely mimic the body positioning that the regular bikes handle. Also, the handlebar position is much lower, so you have to hunch a bit to use them. 

User Weight

User weight is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing an exercise bike. The weight-bearing of an exercise bike will differ from one model to another. In case you are weight-challenged, you need a big that has a higher weight capacity. 

In general, most bikes will hold 100-120kg of user weight. You should take your entire weight into account, along with the shoes and clothing. If you make the mistake of buying a bike that cannot bear your weight, you might face wobbling and squeaking. 

On top of that, people with weight challenges must choose a sturdy model. We recommend picking a bike with alloy steel construction for longevity. 

Weight and Size 

You can’t possibly forget the weight and size of the exercise bike itself while exploring your options. If you don’t have plenty of space in your home, you might want to consider a portable, compact, or foldable model. 

The smaller and compact bikes might not be apt for heavier weights, so you must keep that in mind. The bigger and heavier bikes are more sturdy. The heavy bikes might be challenging to move, but it indeed allows more usage. 

If you frequently shift your exercise, having wheels will be a plus point. If you are looking for a bike with flywheels, remember that they are bigger-sized. 

FAQs About Exercise Bikes

What Are The Different Types Of Resistance Or Tension? 

The indoor bikes offer resistance or tension that will make it easier or harder for you to pedal. An upright bike can have a large open flywheel where the resistance increases as you pedal faster. The air resistance bikes do not have adjustable resistance; you have to pedal faster to develop more wind resistance. 

Many of the bikes also use mechanical resistance that comes from the tension belt on the flywheel. You can alter the resistance from the adjustment from the tension knob, which is usually in the front. 

Most of the modern design exercise bikes have a magnetic resistance flywheel. This resistance system is similar to that of an elliptical trainer. Using the adjustment knob, you can set the magnetic brake system to your liking. 

The final type of resistance is electromagnetic resistance. In these types of bikes, you can change the tension settings with the touch of a button. The electromagnetic bikes are the most expensive indoor exercise bike variants. Though they are not light on the wallet, their performance and maintenance-free features are worthy. 

What Is The Difference Between An Upright And A Spine Exercise Bike? 

The unusual upright bikes have a free-spinning magnetic flywheel, and the pedals will stop moving as soon as you leave them.  These models have more comprehensive and comfy seats, more programs, console, etc. 

On the contrary, the spin bike has a shape that is very similar to a road bike. The pedals and the drive system is engaged with the pedals and flywheel revolving as well. The spin bikes are most useful for intense indoor training. Also, most professional cyclists prefer this bike for indoor training. 

Do Indoor Bikes Need Maintenance? 

When it comes to maintaining the indoor bikes, you don’t even require to put in any effort. Maintaining and cleaning these indoor bikes is as simple as driving them while watching TV. The traditional chain-drive equipment requires occasional oiling. 

The electromagnetic bikes have trouble-free maintenance requirements. Make sure you are cleaning the exterior of your machine with a cloth to wipe the sweat. You must also know that the tension belts are relatively inexpensive and easy to buy and replace. 

With just a little inspection and care every week, your bike will last for years to come. 

Does A Heavier Flywheel Offer Better Results? 

Most exercise bikes do not require a hefty flywheel since their only purpose is to create enough momentum for pedaling. A flywheel of 8-10 lbs on an upright bike is more than sufficient for a beginner or casual exercise. 

The spin bikes use heavier flywheels that have a mechanical link to the pedal. These bikes can have flywheels as heavy as 44 lbs. The heavyweight offers plenty of inertia to keep the pedals moving. Because of this heavyweight, the spin bikes feel more like a road bike. 

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