Best Exercise Bike Under £500: Top 5 Exercise Bikes In The UK

Spin your life to enhanced fitness while sitting in the comfort of your home with the best home exercise bikes. Many studies have shown that home exercise bikes offer maximum benefits as compared to other cardio equipment. 

We have penned down the best budget home exercise bikes that will keep you in shape. 

Best Home Exercise Bikes In The UK [Reviews]

Wondering which one would be the right pick for you when it comes to selecting a home exercise bike? We’ve got you covered! After proper research, we have shortlisted these best home exercise bikes.

1. Exerpeutic Exerwork Folding Exercise Bike

  • It comes with a fully adjustable and sliding desktop to accommodate all standing or sitting positions
  • The bike also provides a storage drawer, soft foam armrest, and three angle adjustments
  • It uses aerodynamic technology to keep the seat cool and breathable even during intense workouts
  • The LCD will show your heart rate, calories burned, odometer, time, distance, and speed 
  • It offers easy storage features
  • The high torque, three-piece cranking system ensures a consistent and smooth pedalling motion
  • It has a plastic build

The Exerpeutic Exerwork 1000 folding exercise bike is ideal for the modern dynamic world. This exercise bike allows you to multifunction seamlessly. You can complete your business work while working out. You can keep your work documents, laptop, books, iPad, or any other device on the desk. 

No more missing out on your exercise regime when you have the Exerpeutic folding exercise bike. You can completely adjust the sliding desktop as per your requirements. The exercise bike comes with an 8-level tension resistance and 300 lbs weight capacity. 


  • Lightweight and semi-recumbent bicycle: It can accommodate people with a weight of about 300 lbs. 
  • Durable Construction: The steel frame and powder coated construction offer a safe and effective workout session. 
  • Multiple Resistance Levels: You can manually adjust the resistance levels to suit your workout needs. 

Expert Reviews

Even being a budget product, this exercise bike offers some of the premium features. It can effectively measure your heart rate while you are working out. It is a life-changing product for all fitness enthusiasts. 

We are thoroughly impressed with its features and specifications. If you are looking for an exercise bike that will fit into your busy schedule, then opt for this.

Why We Chose This Product #1

This product ranked #1 in our reviews owing to its multifunctional features and sturdy desk. You can even attend conference calls while working out. 

It is easy to operate and store owing to its foldable features. The large, thick AirSoft seat offers added comfort and convenience. The back and forward adjustability of the desk allows you to use it as a standing desk whenever you want.

2. WINNOW Exercise Spin Bike

  • The 8-level resistance will strengthen your muscles and improve your fat burning
  • The metal hand comes with a built-in sensor to monitor the heart rate and facilitate a healthy exercise routine
  • It offers a full-body exercise including your waist, lower limbs, and upper body
  • The internally controlled large flywheel produces a maximum sound of 20 decibels
  • The high-density padded cushions will keep you safe and comfortable
  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • It will suit the exercise needs of advanced users as well as beginners
  • It is a bit small for extremely tall people

WINNOW brings another great product in the home exercise bikes range. It comes with a large, multi-function LCD screen that is easy to operate and view. 

The slow dial technology allows you to quickly set up each item of your workout regime. The WINNOW Exercise Spin bike can mimic the driving environments of high-slopes, mountainous areas, and flat roads. 

You can adjust the movement and load in 8 different steps. The machine is specifically designed to meet the various physical strengths and offer optimum performance. The durable tunes provide improved safety and stability.


  • Compact and easy-to-move: The compact design makes it ideal for people living in small apartments. It is easy to transport and store.
  • Less Wear and Tear: The Magnetron Flywheel protects it from more wear and tear. 
  • Uniform force: The magnetic control wheel offers uniform force and resistance while you are working out.


Expert Reviews

Securing a 4.6 rating, the WINNOW spin exercise bike is incredibly budget-friendly yet sturdy. The features and durability offer a win-win situation for the price you are paying. 

Why We Chose This Product #2

We are quite impressed with the stability and performance of this home exercise bike by WINNOW. It facilitates your aerobic workout and creates a sound-free environment.

The WINNOW Spin exercise bike is a runner up to the Exerpeutic Exerwork. The digital monitor, high-resistance levels, and durable structure make it a top product on our list.

3. EVOLAND Exercise Bike

  • It is a cheap alternative to your hefty gym membership
  • Anti-slip, durable, and ergonomic handlebars to offer maximum safety
  • Variable resistance levels with adjustable handlebars
  • Anti-slip pedals and comprehensive warranty
  • Practical, comfortable, and functional
  • The chains can create a bit of noise

EVOLVED is another star brand in the industry of home exercise bikes. It allows you to record your daily exercise performance and track your progress.  The magnetic resistance mechanism creates a quiet and smooth performance. Supporting weights of around 120kg, this exercise bike caters to the fitness needs of all. 

The machine boasts a rugged steel construction and magnetic tension control to provide an efficient workout. 

You can easily customize your tension levels as per your training needs. The machine facilitates easy, as well as intense training. The built-in digital display allows you to record your time, distance and calories burned.


  • Foldable Design: The training bike is compact and folds very small. It can be installed at your home or office to incorporate a healthier lifestyle.
  • Sturdy Built: Despite its low price, the machine has a decent build that offers optimum protection.

Expert Reviews

You can fold away the machine and store it in your small apartments. The LCD monitor, unmatched resistance levels, and steady built leave us completely amazed. It also offers a hassle-free assembly and sleek design. 

You can perform all types of intense workouts without the fear of breakdowns. The only issue with the EVOLAND spin bike is that it causes a bit of noise compared to the previous two machines.

Why We Chose This Product #3

If you are looking for a cheap home exercise bike that is sturdy and durable, then the EVOLAND spin bike is a complete winner. 

You will easily get the bike at affordable prices on Amazon. This home exercise bike ranks third on our website owing to its affordable price and commendable features. 

4. YYFITT 2-in-1 Exercise Bike

  • It comes with an unparalleled 16-level resistance feature
  • At only 18 kgs, it is a lightweight and compact machine
  • The heavy flywheel provides a smooth and noise-free cycling experience
  • High-end, curved crank arm to prevent the user’s heels from knocking against the crankset
  • Anti-slip block pedals with a safety strap to ensure a safe pedalling
  • It facilitates easy to intense exercise adjustments owing to its 16-level magnetic resistance
  • Adjusting the seat may require a bit of a force
  • With heavy usage, the pedal nuts may loosen a bit

YYFITT brings a two-in-one home exercise bike that fits your budget and training needs. You can use it as a semi-recumbent or upright exercise bike to strengthen your muscles and core. The YYFITT brings a plethora of features to meet the standards of premium home exercise bikes. 

It comes with a pulse sensor and a comfortable handlebar to keep your arms well-rested while you are working out. The LCD computer screen also features a tablet or phone holder. 

The machine has robust resistance bands to facilitate upper body training and intense workouts. The back pad will provide optimum support to your back during the exercise.


  • Comfortable Seat: It comes with a comfortable seat and XXL back pad to keep you comfortable throughout the workout session.
  • Optimum Balance: The back handlebar allows you to maintain your balance while getting on or off the bike. It also provides stability during the exercise.
  • Easy Moving: Built-in wheels to ensure easy moving throughout the house.
  • Space Saving: You can fold the machine to half its size to save on your storage space.


Expert Reviews

Priced fairly low on Amazon, this exercise bike comes with an adjustable frame. We loved how the bike performs under pressure and effectively maintains the safety of the user. The back pads and paddle strap are an added benefit.

Why We Chose This Product #4

Even at this low price, the machine features a Pulse Sensor and 16-level resistance. This exercise bike also comes with an extra nut to prevent the pedal from loosening. You can tighten the nut whenever you feel the need for it.

5. Sportstech Professional Exercise Bike

  • It comes with anti-slip pedals and a foot holder to prevent your feet from accidentally slipping
  • The additional yet comfortably padded saddle endures longer training sessions without any discomfort
  • The machine features a unique and futuristic design
  • The control panel of the machine allows easy navigation to all the functions
  • The multifunctional and high-quality console offers the most effective training
  • The standing feet guarantees optimum floor-balancing
  • The uniquely designed saddle delivers the ideal pressure distribution
  • The pedals are adjustable to all foot sizes
  • It is a bit pricey compared to our previously recommended home exercise bikes
  • No holder for water bottle or phones

This spin bike from Sportstech comes with an adjustable padded seat for both tilt and height. The machine also features padded handlebars that can be adjusted as per your height requirements. Sportstech brings innovation in the range of exercise bikes with a sweat-resistant material. 

It comes with a belt drive system that is easy to maintain and offers the maximum power transmission. It facilitates variable exercise options and improves your endurance. 

This home exercise bike also comes with transport wheels and a heartbeat training mechanism to boost your workout sessions. 


  • 13KG Balanced and Strong Flywheel: The balanced flywheel ensures less wear and tear with zero noise production 
  • Step-less Resistance: You can regulate the step-less resistance as per your training needs. The power button allows you to quickly pause your training in times of emergency. 
  • Sweat Resistant: Intense workouts bring in a lot of pain and sweat. The extra armrest and sweat-resistant features will keep you comfortable. 

Expert Reviews

Indulge in intense workouts without the slightest bit of pain. The Sportstech spin bike is the fifth entry to our best home exercise bikes list. It boasts a contemporary, modern design with a high-quality built. The suspended and adjustable seat guarantees comfort for all. 

Why We Chose This Product #5

The machine requires minimum to zero maintenance compared to other home exercise bikes. The extra suspension and paddle bags offer better joint protection and added comfort. If you are willing to spare a few bucks, then this machine won’t disappoint you.

Home Exercise Bike Buying Guide

There are a few things you should consider when you opt for a home exercise bike under 500. Read ahead as we discuss these. 

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are many designs under which an exercise bike under 500 can fall. 

Spin or Racer Bike

Most spin classes feature this kind of a bike. If you want to complete high-intensity indoor workouts, this is the bike for you. You can also get this to take part in online spin classes. 

Upright Bike

With this kind of bike, you will have to keep your hands on the handlebars. It is very similar to a road bike and will require similar posture from when you are using it. It can help with muscle strength, cardio, and even fat loss at home. 

If these are your goals, this is the right bike to opt for. The seat on this bike is also well-padded. Hence, you will be able to sit on it for a long time to get some great long-distance biking done. 

Note that the seat itself is small and you will have to sit up straight when you are on it. You will also find a pedal similar to a regular road bike. Do note that this is also a relatively much cheaper option than other home exercise bike types. 

Recumbent Bike

This is another design in-home exercise bikes. It comes with a unique shape that is different from the other bikes in the list. The bike comes with back support so that your upper body is supported as you cycle. 

It also has a large seat that will keep you comfortable during cycling. You will also not face any muscle soreness in the upper part of your body as you bike. The paddle is located just in front of the body, which gives an impression of being seated in a chair. 

You can go ahead and ride this bike hands-free. You can also read or use your phone as you exercise. If you often have trouble balancing on a bike, this is the right option for you. The seat is close to the ground, which makes biking much easier. 

Because of the convenience, you will end up burning more fat than you would have on other bike types. 

Air Bike

This bike is designed to make you work very hard. You will be panting once you are done with it. With this, you will be using both your arms and your feet. Your feet will pedal while your arms will work the handlebars moving forwards and backwards. 

The difficulty level is also progressive. As you add more effort, the resistance on the bike will increase. Hence, you will find yourself working much harder and burning more fat in the process.

The frame of the Bike

There are two kinds of frames that an exercise bike can have. 

Non-Folding Exercise Bike

This bike will take up your space and is heavy as well. It is an effective frame and is often used in gyms. If you have a designated workout area at home, you should go ahead and incorporate this bike into it. 

Folding Exercise Bike

This type of bike is perfect for your personal usage at home. The advantage of this frame is that you will easily be able to pack it. These bikes are easy to carry and are lightweight as well. You won’t require too much space to store them away either. 

For instance, once you are done using it, you can simply store it under your bed. 


This is one of the most important factors to consider when you purchase a home exercise bike. Ensure that the quality of the bike is good. You should also ensure that it will deliver a good performance. 

This is crucial as exercise bikes take your weight and handle the shaking, pushing, and cycling that you put it through. Hence, it should be heavy-duty to be able to stay durable despite the usage. 


This is another feature that you should look forward to a good bike. Look for a bike where the resistance levels are not very hard to adjust. The more levels you have, the easier it is for you to progress as well. 

Use the controls to see that the bike has good resistance.


You will have to see that the design of your bike is ergonomic and comfortable. The seat is what your focus should be on. If the seat is very hard, it may result in pain near the tailbone. Pay attention to terms like gel and foam to get an idea of just what your comfort levels in a bike seat are. 

Many people also prefer adding cushions to their bike once they purchase it. 


This is another factor to consider when you are buying a home exercise bike. If you want to exercise both your upper and lower bodies, you should opt for handlebars which allow this. On the other hand, if you want to replicate road biking, you should opt for a handlebar that drops down.

This will help you put the focus on your lower body. 


Another key feature of a home exercise bike is that it should hold its ground as you pedal it. This stability is important to make your exercise session pleasant. If not, you will find your bike moving forwards and backwards and disturbing the pace of your workout. 

This is necessary to ensure comfort, safety, and reduce noise as well. The bite should remain stable if you pedal in a sitting or standing position. Another way of ensuring that your bike will be stable is to pay attention to its weight. 

The heavier the bike, the more stable it will likely be. A stable bike will also prevent any excessive movement on the floor that can result in scratches. It is a good idea to get a mat and place it beneath your home exercise bike in any case. 

FAQs About Home Exercise Bikes

Are home exercise bikes any good?

Yes. Home exercise bikes are effective in burning calories, improving overall fitness, and circulation. These bikes can help to reduce obesity and maintain strong joints. 

They will help to tone down your body and strengthen your muscles. Most home exercise bikes are compact, which makes it easy to store in your homes. 

Does pedalling lose belly fat?

Yes, pedalling can help to burn the calories around your belly by affecting your muscle mass and basal metabolic rate. As you press on the pedals, your body is meeting resistance which helps to lose those extra pounds in your stomach region.

Is an exercise bike good for seniors?

Absolutely. These bikes facilitate aerobic exercise, which gets your heart pumping. You can comfortably sit on these bikes while exercising.

Home exercise bikes are great for seniors as they help to reduce your blood pressure and strengthen your weak joints. These bikes also minimize stress and maintain your energy levels.

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