13 Affordable Iron Rich Foods For Vegans And Non-Vegans

You must include iron-rich foods in your diet as Iron is a necessary mineral required for the body’s development and growth. It is an important part of a constituent of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin constitutes two-third of the body weight. If your body cannot make the required amount of iron, you are more likely to catch many diseases.

Iron is essential for your muscles too. The deficiency of this important mineral in the body results in a condition known as anaemia. If your body lacks iron, it affects the normal functioning of your tissues and muscles as well.

Not enough iron in the body lowers the hemoglobin’s proportion in our body. In such a case, our muscles and tissue don’t get a sufficient amount of oxygen and which ends up affecting the precise working of our muscles and tissues.

Iron plays a vital role in our life. It performs essential functions, including gastrointestinal processes, regulation of body temperature, improving immunity and boosting energy. 

You must pay attention to make sure this factor doesn’t go unchecked because of your busy routine. Keeping a check of our health and diet proves to be good to support healthy and happy life. Low iron in the body makes you suffer from many issues like heart palpitations, breathlessness, pale skin, and fatigue.

Shortage of iron in blood results in various health problems in infants to old. As the results of lacking iron in the blood are pretty frightening, you shouldn’t let the check on our daily diet uncheck. Enhance the intake of iron-rich foods to avoid falling prey to such issues mentioned previously in this article.

Amount of Iron Required

The amount of iron you require in your diet depends accordingly to your age, lifestyle and gender. Here we are providing a rough estimated guide for it.

In Infants

Zero to six months, the required amount of iron is 0.27 mg, 11 mg in seven to twelve-month-old babies.

In Females

An adult woman needs more iron than a man as they bleed every month, which increases the iron requirement for women. An adult woman needs around 18mg of iron each day. Females of age between nine to thirteen years need about 8mg per day.

For fourteen to eighteen years, it is 15mg and is increased to 18mg once you are somewhere nineteen to fifty of age. And if you have crossed your fifty, then you need 8mg of iron in our diet.

In the case of a pregnant woman, 27mg is required. Deficiency of iron during pregnancy often leads to low birth weight and premature birth. When lactating, the iron requirement is around 9-10mg.

In Male

For a young male between nine to thirteen years of age, the amount of iron required per day is 8mg. If you are fourteen to eighteen years old, then you need 11mg of iron each day. A man older than that requires 8mg per day.

In Children

From one to three years of children, the required amount of iron is 7mg, and from four to eight years, it is 10 milligrams.

It is better to fulfill your iron requirement by intake of iron-rich food.

Iron in Diet

People who cannot gain enough iron from their diet take iron supplements to fulfil their iron requirement. It is best to improve your iron proportion by eating iron-rich foods. Iron-rich foods tend to have other essential nutrients, including iron which work well together and encourage the overall body’s health.

We are not going to leave you in the middle of the road with no clues. For your ease in this article, we have piled up some affordable iron-rich foods irrespective of vegan, non-vegan and vegetarian’s discrimination.

Moving ahead towards the list of affordable iron-rich foods, we concluded that the intake of the following iron-rich food keep you safe from iron deficiency and lead to a healthy, happy life.

Iron-Rich Foods and Budget

We know that there are many iron-rich foods to maintain your iron in the blood, but sometimes problems lie with the budget. The question rise, do all iron-rich foods are affordable? No, not all. But you don’t need to blow your food budget to meet your iron need.

Despite that, iron-rich foods are essential for better health purposes and added to a daily diet. All iron-rich foods don’t need to be in your budget.

Often our budget doesn’t allow you to have some iron-rich foods included in your diet. It made us think, why not name some iron-rich food for you which are affordable. Not everyone can afford iron-rich foods to maintain their iron requirements for experiencing healthy life, and it’s not their fault.

You will be glad to hear that now you can maintain your iron need even if you have a low budget. We tried our best to tell you about foods you can meet your iron need even on a low budget.

The great way to get our iron on at a low budget is to eat leafy green vegetables, but all of us don’t do that. The list of foods given below offers the best value for money and provides plenty of iron at an affordable price. Now we don’t need to stretch our finance to get the nourishment you need.

Affordable Iron-Rich Foods for Non-Vegans

Non-vegans are less likely to consume vegetables and or take some diet as vegans do. You can meet your iron need by eating the foods mentioned down. Non-vegans love to eat meat, chicken type of stuff and avoid veggies. 

We would recommend non-vegans or meat-eaters to take a look at the category of vegan’s food, too, as we can get to meet our iron requirement at a low cost that way.


Offal is organs meat. It excludes muscles. Offal includes liver, kidney, heart, tongue, etc. These organs are not expensive and highly delicious and nutritious. Offal has more nutrients than muscle meat contains. 

It contains a lot of vital nutrients, including iron. Suppose you haven’t ever eaten offal, then kick away your prejudices and try some offal because it’s worth it. It holds great flavours. There are many offal recipes you can enjoy. It is cheaper than other meats.

Offal contains some intense flavour, like kidney and liver are a great source of iron. Offal includes a valuable source of high-quality protein. It is not wrong if we say that offal is fully loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

It is a great source of iron. Its nutritional value is based on what you consume. Well, if we talk about cow’s liver, it contains 132 calories and 20g of protein. A cow’s liver has 12 milligram of iron which is good for your recommended dietary allowances.

Offal is full of all types of nourishment and has a reasonable price. You can also put it in soup or stew. Offal is high in iron and is available at a reasonable price.


Fish could be your favourite. Many of us love to eat fish, and you know what, you’d be pleasantly surprised to know that cheap types of fish are also a great source of iron. It includes haddock fish which is commonly known as cod.

They are a good way to get the iron you require. Shellfish is also good to go in this category. If you choose oily fish, you’d also benefit from their fatty acid content. The nutritional value of fish is based on what fish you consumed.

Let us explain this as an example. 100 gram of cod is about ninety calories. There are 15 to 20g protein and includes 0.4g of iron in it. Adding fish to your diet would allow you to enjoy the flavour as well as health.

Turkey meat

You can eat turkey all year; it is a different story that most of us eat it on Christmas or Thanksgiving. You can have turkey on a low budget as it’s not expensive.

Having turkey on your food table looks amazing. A roasted turkey not only enhances the beauty of your food table but also gives health benefits.

Dark turkey tends to contain an excellent amount of iron as compared to white turkey. It doesn’t mean white turkey won’t be enough for filling your nourishment need. It still has enough iron in it, along with its delicious flavour.

Talking about a turkey’s leg contains 120 calories with about 30g protein, 11g of fat and two milligrams of iron. Keep in mind that the amount as mentioned earlier is an educated estimate. Turkey also contains several minerals and vitamins, which play a vital role in the human’s body.

Cuts of Red Meat

Red meat is an excellent source to get your iron deficiency to get fixed. Red meat contains much iron and is safe if you add it as a part of your diet. Cheap cuts of red meat are never too expensive and are easy to afford.

Yes, it is vivid enough that red meat becomes less healthy if you decide to fry it or consume it with your other fried foods.

If you cannot buy whole red meat, there is nothing to worry about; you can choose the cheaper cuts of red meat from an older animal. Might you be concerned about the tenderness or the texture? Just remember that you can bring tenderness to any meat by cooking it rightly.

Older animal’s meat is not only cheap but has a tasty flavour as well. So, why are you waiting? Head for the cheap cuts of red meat rather than going for expensive steaks.

You can also go for minced meat. In 100g of minced beef, you have 4 milligrams of iron,4g of fat and 20g of protein as well.


Chicken meat is the type of meat that is eaten a lot worldwide. There is no one to deny that chicken is the most popular meat as compared to other meats. Chicken tastes delicious, and it is not too expensive.

They are a huge source of iron and can be added to your diet to maintain your iron proportion in the body. According to an educated estimate, chicken contains 1.3mg of iron. Heme iron is present in chicken. Our body readily absorbs this form of iron. Chicken boosts up the iron level in your body.

Affordable Iron-Rich Foods for Vegetarians

Vegetarian avoid consuming animal meat but eat animal-derived products like eggs, milk, and other such products. It is to be said that high protein foods tend to be an excellent source of iron, but it is different in dairy products.

Dairy goods are high in calcium and are best to be part of our diet. Calcium is said to impair the ability of your body to absorb iron which makes it essential for us. Here are some iron-rich foods with a reasonable cost for vegetarians


Eggs are not the best source of iron. A large egg contains 1mg of iron which isn’t much, but still, eggs offer much of the body nourishment. They are versatile and should be added to daily meals.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is pure love. Our chocolate craving is never-ending. Chocolate makes you feel amazing and good. Most widely-sold brands add milk to chocolate, so we have to put it in the list of vegetarian category.

High-quality sugar doesn’t contain higher sugar content. It has low sugar content, and this makes it a bit healthier. Dark chocolate is full of flavonoids as well as is a great source of iron.

Dark chocolate is nutritious. A 28-gram serving contains 3.4 milligrams of iron. Make sure to buy real dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is an antioxidant as well. Dark chocolate encourages your iron level in the body.

Affordable Iron-Rich Foods for Vegans/Non-Vegans/Vegetarians

Plant-based foods are full of iron. Several plant-based foods high in iron are available, but we would prefer those here, which are affordable.

We picked some of the best iron-rich plant-based foods, which are cheap enough, so you don’t have to compromise on your finance.


Beans, lentils, and peas are a staple food worldwide because they are low cost and are pretty affordable. Legumes are full of goodness.

Legumes are full of iron and are vital for your health. Lentils, beans and others are versatile and delicious. They are full of energy.

Legumes can be part of any meal, and honestly, they are just so good in taste as well. Depending on the type of legumes you eat, it provides you with about 3mg to 8mg of iron.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy green and dark vegetables are a great source of strength. You can make a salad of different leafy vegetables, and there you go! Healthy and iron-rich food are prepared.

Naming some of the leafy vegetables for your ease won’t be bad. Kale, Swiss chard, and spinach are good options and contain many health benefits.

You can also eat the leafy green vegetables raw, but we doubt that eating them raw all the time would be healthy then. However, you can consume them raw but avoid doing that all the time.

The amount of iron present in leafy vegetables such as spinach is 2.7 mg in 100 grams. Beet greens are also a good source of iron. Leafy greens treat many diseases caused by iron deficiency thus, prove to be essential.


Nuts are another good source of iron. A hand full of mixed nuts help to meet the daily iron requirement. Nuts like cashew, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, and walnuts contain a good amount of iron. They have generally termed iron-rich dry fruits. We ate listing down the percentage of iron these nuts contain.


Peanuts are a rich source of several minerals and iron. They have a delicious taste and are widely eaten during winters. An ounce of peanuts contains 1.3mg of iron. You can have them daily or can fuse them in your food. Who doesn’t like peanut butter? We always crave it, either its breakfast or dinner, and we can’t say no to a satisfying and smooth peanut butter scoop. This delightful spread contains dry-roasted peanuts. It also delivers you some quantity of iron.


Since high school, we all have almonds as they enhance memory, so our mothers have been giving us a handful of almonds since childhood. They are known as the powerhouse of nutrients. An ounce of almond contains 1.5mg of iron. You can have raw and roasted almonds.

Cruciferous vegetables 

These vegetables are variations of cabbage, crucifers, and mustard. They have compact flowers. They are curly and dark green. Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli are examples of cruciferous vegetables and a fair iron source.

Keeping cruciferous vegetables part of your diet would be so healthy and is good to go as a part of your healthy diet. A single stalk of broccoli contains 1.1mg of iron.

Many more foods are enriched iron foods, including tofu, seaweed, whole grains, seeds, and many more. Always keep a check on your diet. Make sure it contains all the vital vitamins and minerals required for a healthy body. 

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