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The road to fitness is not that steep and rocky! Once you jump into it, you will start enjoying your life.  

At Fitness Road, we are dedicated to making you attain your fitness peak with ease and convenience. We select and review the best fitness products to help you make the best shopping decisions. Our reviews are unbiased, and our guides help all those obsessed with fitness and are looking forward to finding the right way. 

The site is dedicated to handy guides, tips, and training plans. You will find everything you need to start your fitness journey. The site is equally useful for those who love to exercise at home and those who love going to the gym.

Vaibhav Singh’s Story

Vaibhav is a professional ACE and EREPS certified fitness trainer. For years Vaibhav has devoted himself to helping hundreds of people in gaining ultimate physical fitness. He has a long, impressive journey of hard work and dedication for reaching where he is, which he loves to share with his clients.

As a child, Vaibhav was an active kid, who loved to play games, took part in sports, and most often engaged himself in physical activities. As he started growing up, he developed an interest in bodybuilding because he knew bodybuilding develops a person’s body aesthetically.

While he started his formal education in college, he found pleasure in spending his time in the gym. His love for fitness pushed him into leaving college and enter the world of fitness and exercise.

Though it was a difficult task for him to convince his parents, and more than them, to ensure that he has taken the right decision at the right time.

Anyhow, he started focusing on his dream career and started working in a call center to collect some dollars from which he could take some fitness courses. After years of intensive training, Vaibhav knew that now he can give his clients what they deserve after spending their hard-earned money.

With this confidence and enthusiasm, he focuses on building relationships with his clients. But Vaibhav hasn’t stopped yet; he is trying to make the fitness process more simple and straightforward for his clients.

Vaibhav uses his unique approach to muscle building, fitness, and weight loss techniques, which he has learned from his years of experience in fitness training while dealing with hundreds of clients. 

Vaibhav understands that every individual has his body requirements. His main objective is to assist beginners in achieving their fitness goals. He believes that no matter the age and health status of a person, he can achieve fitness to a level that can let him live a happy, healthy life. 

Vaibhav believes that a great personal trainer must play many roles simultaneously to meet the clients’ incredibly diverse expectations. He always takes each client personally. He takes a personal interest in his clients’ progress and is anxious when they do not progress as expected. This takes a lot of his time and effort, but for Vaibhav, his clients’ fitness is his top priority.