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Vaibhav is a fitness trainer, certified by ACE and EREPS. Inspiration for anyone willing to reach their fitness goals. 


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8 Easy Homemade Weight Gains Recovery Recipes

Suppose you are trying to weight gain or struggling with any weight loss. No worries! This article is best for ...
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What Does Turmeric Taste Like?

As the popularity of organic ingredients rises, we demand ingredient that is flavorful and functional. A great example of a ...
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How to Clean Your Boxing Gloves: 7 Easy Steps

Boxing gloves are cushioned gloves that a fighter uses for boxing matches and practices. These gloves are the essential fighting ...
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9 Elliptical Cross Trainer Benefits on Body and Health

A cross trainer is an exercise machine used to walk, run, or stair climb with low impact. Due to this ...
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Cross Trainer Vs Treadmill: Benefits, Advantages, Disadvantages

Cross trainer and treadmill are both commonly used cardio machines. If you want to keep yourself fit without going gym ...
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6 Exercises to Build Muscles Quickly

There is nothing more frustrating than being enslaved to the gym and not seeing the results. Often, people rush from ...
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How to Punch Harder – Punch Like A Professional Boxer

Throwing a punch is an act that we often wish to carry out, but here we are not talking about ...
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Full Body Compound Workouts For Strength & Muscles

What if we tell you what you can do right now that can have an immediate and positive benefit outcome ...
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How to Skip Like a Boxer?

Skipping rope, though it seems like a childish game you once played in elementary school, is quite a workout. It ...
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6 Best Front and Side Delt Exercises

Have you ever thought about why it is often said that exercise is way better than running? Or it is ...
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8 Best Vibration Plates Exercises

A vibration plate is one of the most effective tools renowned for physical exercises. This equipment is in continuous to ...
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Do Abs Toning Belts Work? Myth Or Miracle?

The reason you are reading this article is enough of a reason that you are a fitness freak, or you ...
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5 Best Punching Bags In UK

For an aspiring boxer, a mixed martial arts instructor, or a trainer in fighting, no equipment is more important than ...
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5 Best Fitness Trackers For Kids In UK

We've all been kids, and we know it's hard to get a child-focused. During the workout, fitness trackers become our ...
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5 Best Massage Guns In The UK

Massage guns are compelling devices that help in muscle recovery. They are very popular among trainers and professional athletes. Massage ...
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