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Vaibhav is a fitness trainer, certified by ACE and EREPS. Inspiration for anyone willing to reach their fitness goals. 


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5 Best Punching Bags In UK

For an aspiring boxer, a mixed martial arts instructor, or a trainer in fighting, no equipment is more important than ...
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5 Best Fitness Trackers For Kids In UK

We've all been kids, and we know it's hard to get a child-focused. During the workout, fitness trackers become our ...
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5 Best Massage Guns In The UK

Massage guns are compelling devices that help in muscle recovery. They are very popular among trainers and professional athletes. Massage ...
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5 Best Boxing Gloves In The UK

Boxing is a sport where we do not need a lot of equipment to take part in real competition. The ...
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5 Best Skipping Ropes In The UK

When our exercise routine starts to stale, skipping rope is a good way to change things up. It’s a great ...
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5 Best Freestanding Punching Bags In UK

 Whether we are an athlete or a gymnast, kicking and punching is the best way to increase our muscle strength ...
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Best Home Gym Mirrors: Top 4 Studio Mirrors In The UK

A home gym isn’t complete until the walls aren’t covered with large mirrors. Your fitness routine has a great effect ...
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Best Vertical Climber: Top 5 Vertical Climbing Machines In The UK

Tired of running on the Treadmill? Provide your workout a lift with the Vertical Climber. An exercise that combines the ...
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Best Ad Toning Belt: Top 5 Abs Toning Belts In The UK

Looking for the perfect toner to tone your abs? If so, then you just arrived at the right spot. Abs ...
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Best Weighted Jump Ropes: Top 5 Weighted Skipping Ropes In The UK

Jump ropes are great for routine exercise. However, if you want to burn more calories and boost your cardiovascular strength, ...
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Best Balance Board: Top 5 Wobble Boards In The UK

Looking for a perfect tool to build your body’s balance and take your fitness to the next level? If so, ...
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Best Dipping Belt: 5 Best Dipping Belts In The UK

Are you worried about maintaining your perfect physique? If yes, then you have just come to the right place for ...
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Best Weighted Vest: 5 Best Weighted Vests In The UK

If you are someone who cares a lot about how perfect your body looks and for achieving that perfect body ...
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Best Adjustable Dumbbells: Top 8 Home Workout Dumbbells In The UK

Dumbbells nowadays promise good reliable grip and strength to the users. You can use them at home or the gym ...
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Best Exercise Bike: Top 5 Exercise Bikes In The UK

When you think of a good home gym, you cannot negate the importance of an exercise bike in it. Exercise ...
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